Excel 2010 In Pictures

Practice: Manipulating Data

1 Right-click the link below:


TIP: All Excel 2010 spreadsheet files have the .xlsx extension.

When the menu appears, click Save Target As.

2 Save FlowerShop.xlsx on the desktop.

3 Open FlowerShop.xlsx.

4 In the Per-Bouquet Revenue worksheet, insert new blank rows above:

Cost of Goods Sold
Gross Revenue
Net Revenue

5 Change the name of Sheet 2 to Bouquet Sales.

6 In the Bouquet Sales sheet, insert a new column for April...

...between the March and May columns.

7 Copy the Bouquets Shipped and Bouquets Sold In Store sales figures for March...

...and paste them in for April.

8 Using the Fill Handle, drag the formula from Total Bouquets Sold in March (cell D6)...

...so the formula applies to April.

The formula in cell E6 should total April's sales.