The simplest way to learn office applications

Computer tutorials based on pictures, not words.

Each In Pictures tutorial employs hundreds of screenshots that show exactly what to do.

The screenshots are black-and-white, with color accents. Why? Because this makes it easier to focus on what's important.

Another good thing about our tutorials is that they're free! No charges, no payments, just click and start.

Comprehensive courses
Each tutorial is a full course of study. Skills are built task-by-task. At the end of each section is a practice exercise.

Doubling as user manuals
Our tutorials also function as user manuals. Simply click a specific task, and the tutorial shows how to do it.

Where's the video?
Our tutorials employ screenshots, because our research showed that they should be as simple as possible.

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Looking for older In Pictures tutorials, on MS Office 2003, OpenOffice 2.0, PHP, and MySQL? You can access them here.