MySQL Basics In Pictures
  1. Type:

    cd programs

    then press ENTER.
  2. Type:

    cp /usr/lib/cgi-bin/random.cgi

    then press ENTER.

    This command string will copy the program to the /usr/lib/cgi-bin directory, and at the same time rename it to random.cgi.

    The cgi-bin directory is where you'll place programs, or "scripts," to be run by the Apache web server.

    Regardless of what language the program is actually written in (it could be Perl, PHP, C++, or another language), random.cgi is referred to as a CGI script.

    CGI stands for Common Gateway Interface, a common way to run scripts of different languages on a Web server.

    The Apache Web server program on your Linux computer will run the scripts in the cgi-bin directory. For instance, the random.cgi script is now found at: