101 Offline and Online Small Scale Business Ideas in Nigeria

By John Adebimitan

Have you ever been seriously broke to a stupor? Well, I have! The experience opened my eyes to see problems around me as business opportunities.

You should not wait until you do not have money to start a business. There are many business ideas in Nigeria and I will briefly take you through a hundred small scale businesses in Nigeria.

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Small scale business ideas with low investments and high profits

1.      Tutoring

This could be a great offline and online business in Nigeria for you.  If you love teaching, advertise your services using social media or ask friends to refer you!

2.      Babysitting

This can be a great business if you love kids (as much as I do). It might surprise you to know that there is a family in your neighbourhood in need of the service!

3.      Elderly care

Elderly care is in great demand and a good business idea you might want to explore!

4.      Ushering

Ladies and gents, get in here. Need I say more?!

5.      Catering

The goal is starting small and expanding gradually. C’mon, it is food and everyone loves a good cook.

6.      Freelance writing

Freelance writing is a great idea for online business in Nigeria. You can make cool money online from the comfort of your home (or bed) from doing what you love. You can use websites like Upwork and Fiverr to source online jobs.

7.      Hairstyling

While as a student, you can still generate money as a hair stylist. And your work on others can do your advert for free!

8.      Cleaning services

You can create a cleaning business anywhere. This is another very profitable small scale business in Nigeria!

9.      Blogging

Focus on a niche and make an impact (and money) with just a laptop and internet connection!

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10. Web design

This is a great online business in Nigeria that pays some serious cash.

11. Serenade services

Go on the adventurous side and make memories for people on their special days.

12. Personal shoppers

If you are a fashion freak, get on this train and make money while resurrecting your client’s fashion game.

13. Food delivery services

Offer delivery services to people who order from restaurants and stores that do not offer such.

14. Car wash

This is another business opportunity to explore.

15. Poultry farming

You can raise and sell domesticated birds like chicken, turkey among others.

16. Phone repair

This business idea is in high demand and you can get on the train.

17. Bead making

Become a business owner by establishing your bead making business and start making money.

18. Tour guide

You can set this business up if you stay around an attractive spot crawling with visitors.

19. Personal trainer

Get onboard the “fit-fam” lifestyle and offer your services!

20. Massage therapy

You can work with clients as a masseuse for a price.

21. Consulting services

Develop yourself, find a niche and share your knowledge with others for a fee of course!

22. Real estate

You can go into real estate business and make money by selling landed property for a commission.

23. Computer training

Train people in computer applications and get paid for that.

24. Shoemaking

It’s already self-explanatory!

25. Football viewing centres

All you need is space and a big screen and people will pay to be there!

26. Flower business

This is not common and a great business opportunity to deal with clients and help them pick flowers for their home decor or special events.

27. Dance lessons

Make money from holding dance tutorials.

28. Music lessons

You can offer lessons in musical equipment for a fee.

29. Project writing services

Charge clients a fee for writing their academic papers and projects from your home.

30. Interior design

Offer your interior design services to clients to bring their fantasies to life.

31. Frozen food sales

This is a hot business that is sure to fetch some cool cash your way.

32. Cooking gas sales

This is a niche that is worth expanding into as more and more people are making use of cooking gases.

33. Printing services

You can establish a business to cater to clients’ printing needs

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34. Bag making

If you are good and creative, this is a great business opportunity for you.

35. Social media influencing

Make money from your large followers on social media by advertising products of contracting brands. This allows you to work for yourself while still drinking the milk of working with big brands. As long as you can have an audience on either Facebook, Instagram, or YouTube, you will get brands that will pay to access your audience.

36. Digital marketing

Help connect businesses with customers through effective marketing on the digital space and get commissions. There is social media marketing, Facebook ads, Google Ads, Reddit ads, Pinterest, Instagram influencer marketing, and a tone of skills that companies in Nigeria are looking for.

37. Crèche

This idea can be explored to provide a good atmosphere where babies, toddlers, and young children can thrive.

38. Bulk SMS Services

Offer your services to clients who can buy from you for a fee.

39. Software development

It is the internet age and you can take advantage of this by developing software that meets needs. You could either start off by working with a company to get hands-on experience or go head-on into it from scratch.

40. Recharge Card Printing

Everyone makes calls so it will always be needed.

41. Photography

Through your services, you can capture memories for clients or sell your photos on the internet.

42. Nail care business

Give people a beautiful atmosphere for some “manis and pedis” and make it an amazing experience.

43. Online dating service

Help become Cupid’s messenger by bringing people together to find love. Creating blogs with suitable keywords attracts people who are interested in finding love.

44. Resume writing services

Charge clients a fee to help them rewrite their resumes!

45. Makeup services

Transform clients’ faces for any occasion using your mastery in makeup.

46. Car rental services

Offer car rental services to people to help them move conveniently around.

47. Ice block production

You can have an ice block production outlet and become a business owner.

48. Pest control

This is another business idea that can be explored.

49. Laundry services

This small scale business in Nigeria can grow big with consistency and hard work.

50. Gift basket/hamper services

Go creative and have a hamper service outlet that combines meaningful items and makes a surprise delivery to people.

51. House painting

You can decide on either interior or exterior or a combination of both for a fee.

52. Pet sitting services

Have a pet sitting service in Nigeria that will cater to the pets (like cats, dogs) of owners going for a trip.

53. Bakery business

Cater to the desires of the “Sweet Tooth Association” and make every bite count with your business.

54. Event planning services

Take the stress of planning events off clients and work with vendors to make the event successful.

55. Online advertising agency

With your agency, you can carry out advertising campaigns on social media outlets for brands and get paid.

56. Mobile and electronic accessories

You can explore online and offline sales of accessories like pouches, chargers, cables, air pods, earphones among others.

57. Local transportation business

You can make a difference by making local transportation easier and more convenient. Take a cue from Uber, Taxify and make yours even better.

58. Web hosting services

With the increasing popularity of the internet, a lot of web hosting services will be needed and you can explore this business opportunity.

59. Spa business

Who doesn’t love a good spa session to relax and de-stress? Go for it and give your clients an experience they will never forget.

60. Telemedicine

With your medical degree, you can consult with patients from the comfort of your home and make extra bucks while at it!

61. Gym business

Have a space where people can achieve their fitness goals. With the right equipment and trainers, you are well on your way.

62. Social media profile management

You can make some money by helping high profile celebrities and businesses manage their social media profiles.

63. Animal feed production and sales

You can be involved in the manufacturing of animal fees like poultry and chicken feed, goat feed, cattle feed, dog feed, bird food, and many others. It is a lucrative business.

64. Public speaking

If you love speaking public speaking and you have an idea to impact, nothing stops you from organizing programs and earning some money.

65. Videography

This is another business idea you can explore to capture moments through storytelling.

66. Fish farming

There are so many business opportunities existing in the fish farming business and you can take advantage of the ones that appeal to you.

67. Food truck business

You can use local events to attract customers to you, especially when they need a quick bite.

68. Gardening

Set up your gardening business and provide your services to people around you.

69. Moving services

With a truck and some moving supplies, you can start making money from the service you offer.

70. Mobile fresh juice business

This lucrative business idea can be explored as there is a huge demand for freshly squeezed juices and smoothies.

71. Clubs and bar

Who doesn’t love a place where they hang out and have a good time?

72. Recruitment agency

Help firms screen candidates for employment opportunities for a commission.

73. Pool cleaning

Hotels, clubs, homeowners, among others will need the service.

74. Travel agency

Help connect people with their dream destinations and make their travel arrangements stress-free.

75. Pure and bottled water production

Draft strategies for breaking through the numbers already in the market and you can make some cool cash.

76. Investment business

With your knowledge and experience in the investment market, you can help people make wise investment decisions.

77. Wine production

With its huge market, it is mostly imported. You are sure to make some money producing locally.

78. Exercise book production

As long as there is education and schooling, this will always be a lucrative and productive business.

79. Snail farming

With a relatively cheap cost of start-up, you can be well on your way!

80. Nylon bag production

With a lot of people going into nylon cutting and sealing, get a huge advantage by going into its production.

81. Beddings production

You can break into the niche of exotic designs of beddings with unique materials.

82. Sale of fairly used clothes

If you are in the market for a small business in Nigeria, this is it.

83. Home service barbing

You can do house calls for those who do not have the time to go to the salon.

84. Internet services

You can own a business that offers internet service like job applications, exam applications and so on especially for people that do not have the time to do so.

85. Customized cards production

Go beyond the boring ad regular cards and display customized cards that will grab attention!

86. Development of online courses and tutorials

This business can lead to the production of eBooks and online video tutorials of your topic of expertise.

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87. Graphic designing

This is a good opportunity to be explored if you have the skill and creativity needed.

88. Ecommerce stores

The internet is big and you can pretty much sell anything without paying rent as in the case of physical stores. To learn about Dropshipping, hit the big blue button at the bottom of this page to get started.

You can either use Alidropship (Wordpress) or Oberlo (Shopify) for dropshipping. These two, each and app and plugin can do wonders in your move to start an online business for cheap.

89. Language Translation services

If you are bilingual or multilingual, you can earn some money by translating scripts or plays

90. Candle making

Open a homemade candle store and make creative candle designs with unique fragrances.

91. Hair care products manufacturing

You can produce hair care products like shampoo, conditioners, hair oil, among others with natural ingredients.

92. Yogurt production

Need I say more on this?

93. Toothpick production

Demand for toothpick is usually high, so get onboard the train!

94. Honey production and sales

This small scale business can fetch you some money!

95. Natural skincare products

Go into the production of skin care products using natural ingredients like honey, coconut oil, shea butter among others.

96. Landscaping services

Offer lawn mowing and landscaping services, even without the need for a business plan to people around you.

97. Errand services

Have a service that helps clients go errands like laundry picking, grocery shopping, among others and earn money.

98. Farmers’ Market vendor

You can sell plants and other similar items at a local farmers’ market near you with little start-up cost!

99. Security service

Have a security service that offers protection to clients for a fee or you can sell security gadgets.

100.Career counseling

Work with people and help them find careers they love.

What do you think of these ideas and suggestions of businesses to get into? Most of them aren’t complex, and they cost really little to start.

101. Play games Online

Can you really earn money by play games online without investment? Yes, infact, we are now seeing a new crop of entrepreneurs, gamers who play Esports. Here are the best games that make real money.

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