4 Best Phone Numbers to Call for Music in 2024

By John Adebimitan

You’re stuck in traffic, bored. What if you could dial a number and hear your favorite tunes? Well, you can! Welcome to the unique world of Phone Numbers to Call for Music.

From innovative dial-a-song services to nostalgic 80s hits, there’s a music line for you. You might even enjoy the melodies on customer service hold lines.

So, why wait? Dial in, and let the music play!

4 Best Phone numbers to call for music

You’re probably wondering, ‘What are the best phone numbers to call for music?’

Let’s start by looking at Dial-A-Song and Callin Oates, both popular and unique music services accessible via a phone call.

We’ll also explore the All-Star Line and the Rick Astley Line, additional options for a musical experience over the phone.

1. Dial-A-Song

If you’re a music-lover, Dial-A-Song at 1-844-387-6962 is your go-to phone number, offering a unique experience by playing a song instead of a typical answering machine message. This innovative service, brought back to life in 2015, switches songs periodically, keeping you on your toes.

Here are three reasons why you might love Dial-A-Song:

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  1. Constantly Changing Selection: The songs are constantly changing, so you get a surprise every time you call.
  2. Unique Experience: It’s a fun break from the norm, offering music instead of a standard recorded message.
  3. Easy to Use: Simply dial the number and enjoy the song. There’s no cost or subscription involved, making it a fun, easy way to enjoy music anytime.

2. Callin Oates

For an infusion of nostalgia, dial 1-719-226-2837, and you’ll be treated to the delightful sounds of Callin Oates, a phone line dedicated exclusively to playing Hall & Oates songs. This unique service was born out of a work project and has since gathered a loyal following, receiving around 2,000 calls daily.

It’s a simple yet genius concept, you call, and you’re immediately greeted with a selection of four Hall & Oates songs. You’ll get to choose from hits like ‘Rich Girl’, ‘Maneater’, and ‘I Can’t Go for That’. The line even has a Twitter account for updates!

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Whether you’re a die-hard fan or just looking for a quick musical pick-me-up, Callin Oates serves up a hearty dose of 80s nostalgia right to your earpiece.

3. The All-Star Line

Next on your dial-a-tune adventure, there’s a phone line that plays just one iconic song – Smash Mouth’s ‘All Star.’ This line, known as ‘The All Star Line,’ caters to fans who just can’t get enough of the 90s hit. It’s your go-to number when you need a quick pick-me-up or a nostalgic trip down memory lane.

Here are 3 things you’ll want to know about The All Star Line:

  1. Its numbers are: USA: +1-830-476-5664, UK: +44-19-2532-0399. You can dial in from either side of the pond.
  2. It once received over 90,000 calls in just a month! That’s a lot of Smash Mouth love.
  3. Some users say the full song doesn’t play before the line cuts off, adding a little suspense to each call.

4. The Rick Astley Line

Looking for a good laugh or a nostalgic blast from the past? You’ve got to try The Rick Astley Line, a fun hotline that’s got ‘Never Gonna Give You Up’ on repeat. It’s available in various countries, so you can enjoy the 80s classic wherever you are.

Here are the relevant details:

CountryPhone NumberAdditional Info
UK+44-11-7325-7425Own dedicated line
USA+1-760-706-7425Own dedicated line
Australia+61-3-8652-1453Own dedicated line
New Zealand+64-9-886-0565Own dedicated line

The line’s creator is open to adding more numbers if you pledge on Patreon. So why not have a laugh and enjoy some Rick Astley today?

Frequently Asked Questions

Are There Any Fees Associated With Calling These Music Phone Lines?

Usually, standard call rates apply, but it depends on your service provider. Always check your phone plan before making any calls to avoid unexpected charges.

What Inspired the Creation of Music Phone Lines Like Dial-A-Song and Callin Oates?

These were created as unique means of sharing music, blending nostalgia for telephone services with a love for specific artists or genres.

How Often Are the Songs on Dial-A-Song Switched Out?

The tunes aren’t changed each time you call. However, they’re periodically swapped out, providing a fresh musical experience when you dial 1-844-387-6962. Enjoy the surprise!

Are There Any Other Similar Music Phone Lines Like the All-Star Line and the Rick Astley Line?

Yes, there are other music phone lines like Dial-A-Song and Callin Oates. They play different songs when called, offering a unique listening experience. However, availability and song rotation may vary depending on the line.

Have Any of These Music Phone Lines Faced Legal Issues Due to Copyright Infringement?

No public records indicate any legal troubles for Dial-A-Song, Callin Oates, the All-Star Line, or the Rick Astley Line.

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