A Complete Samsung UR55 Review

By John Adebimitan

Access to reviews can be useful when you want to make a purchase decision. For example, if you are considering getting a Samsung monitor, this Samsung UR55 Review will come in handy.

In case you are wondering, this review is our assessment of the design and performance qualities the Samsung UR55 monitor offers. Ensure to read till the end if you want to find out all the things we discovered about the monitor.

Samsung UR55 Design Review

Based on its appearance, the Samsung UR55 looks like a simple productivity tool. Like most Samsung monitors, the Samsung UR55 is simple yet elegant enough to fit in gracefully to an office setup.

Its slim bezels are the design component that contributes to the Samsung UR55’s glimpse of stylishness. Aside from its aesthetic purpose, this monitor’s thin bezel will also come in handy when you want to set up a dual monitor.

One thing to note, however, is that while the monitor’s side and top bezels are extremely thin, the bottom bezel isn’t. I would guess the reason for this is that it had to accommodate the “SAMSUNG” branding – which doesn’t look too bad, by the way.

Aside from its size difference, the bottom bezel also has a silver strip which is different from the matte black finish on the side and top bezels. However, look beyond the bezels, and you will discover that the matte black finish is the same on the entirety of the monitor’s chassis.

This approach is not bad, given how simple yet elegant the monitor looks.

As for its chassis, the Samsung UR55 is mostly built with plastic. As a result, the Samsung UR55 doesn’t feel premium, but the effects of its plastic build don’t go beyond that.

The chassis panel is rigid and doesn’t give in or flex easily. Likewise, the monitor’s stand is solid enough to establish a firm grip on flat surfaces, thanks to the metal below its plastic shell.

However, if you nudge the monitor slightly, you will still notice some screen wobbling. Another displeasing thing about the Samsung U28R55’s stand is that it only offers tilt.

Hence, it can be tricky to position the monitor in a way that allows you to get the best viewing angle. The stand’s lack of a height adjustment option also doesn’t help. As a result, it generally feels like a poor oversight from Samsung.

Other than that, every other thing seems okay. Its semi-circle ArcLine design doesn’t occupy much space. It also supports the monitor well, and there’s very little wobble.

Another thing to admire about the Samsung U28R55 is its sleekness. The Samsung U28R55 is 6.3-inches thin with its stand and 1.9-inch thick without the stand.

In terms of weight, the Samsung U28R55 weighs 5.3 kg without the stand. Meanwhile, it weighs 6.2 kg with the stand.

One more design feature you will find useful is the single joystick below the SAMSUNG branding at the center of the bottom bezel. This joystick lets you turn the monitor On/Off and navigate its on-screen menu.

Samsung U28R55 Display and Picture Quality Review

The Samsung U28R55 comes with a 28-inch IPS panel. Its IPS panel offers a screen resolution of 3840 x 2160 and a pixel-per-inch density of 138 PPI.

These features make the monitor a good fit for productivity tasks. They also make the monitor good enough to check almost every box regarding brightness and picture quality needs.

Speaking of brightness and picture quality, we will take a look at every associated feature that supports the efficiency of the Samsung U28R55’s display.

The first feature worth noting is the monitor’s excellent contrast ratio. Even though the Samsung U28R55’s 2,883:1 contrast ratio isn’t up to the 3000:1 contrast that Samsung promises, it is good enough.

Moreover, this contrast ratio is likely to vary between individual units. So you may get a unit that offers the exact contrast ratio Samsung promises.

If you are wondering why I’m making such a big fuss about the contrast ratio, I will explain why. A display’s contrast ratio is the difference between the brightest white and the darkest black it can produce.

This is generally one of the main components determining picture quality in displays. If a display has a good contrast ratio, it will be able to produce deep blacks, making it ideal for viewing content with dark scenes in dark rooms. 

In the case of the Samsung U28R55, we can say it has a good contrast ratio. Hence it produces deep and clear black contents. It’s a good thing that the monitor has a good contrast ratio because it doesn’t offer a local dimming feature that can help improve its contrast ratio.

When I reviewed the monitor’s brightness levels, I discovered that its brightness was also lower compared to the brightness Samsung advertised.

The Samsung U28R55 has an okay brightness of 270 cd/m², but this brightness level may sometimes be inadequate for combating glare. As a result, you will enjoy using the monitor more in a dark to moderately lit environment.

That being said, the Samsung U28R55 also has a good color accuracy to back its brightness levels. In addition, the Samsung U28R55’s display has a wide color gamut of 86.8%.

This means that the Samsung U28R55 can accurately reproduce a wide range of available colors.

Unfortunately, the Samsung U28R55’s mediocre viewing angles could make the colors look washed out on the screen. You may begin to notice some gamma shifts almost as soon as your viewing position is a bit off the center of the screen.

This monitor’s mediocre viewing angle will become more obvious if you mount it above eye level.

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Samsung U28R55 Display and Motion Performance Review

Since the Samsung U28R55 features a 4K display, it offers an extra level of picture detail that makes it excellent for entertainment. However, you may want to reconsider if you intend to use the monitor for playing fast-paced action games.

The reason for this is due to the refresh rate the Samsung U28R55 is capable of offering.

To help you understand how the refresh rate fits into the context of this Samsung U28R55 review, I will explain what it means.

The Samsung U28R55 features the basic 60Hz refresh rate, which is often good enough for most use cases. However, it doesn’t offer the smoothest gaming experience.

Another important thing to consider is response time. The Samsung U28R55 offers a 19.9 ms response time, which is a bit higher than the average good value of 12 ms. Clearly, the Samsung U28R55’s response time is a bit slow.

As a result, you will notice some motion blur in fast-moving scenes, which isn’t a great look for gaming.

Fortunately, the input lag on the monitor is excellent, so you should be able to enjoy slow-paced games. To make it clearer, input lag means the delay between the time you enter input into the monitor and the time the monitor registers the input you’ve made on its screen.

The Samsung U28R55 offers an input lag of 10.2 ms, less than the average <15 ms god value.

Samsung U28R55 Sound and Connectivity Review

The Samsung U28R55 comes with a DisplayPort 1.2 and two HDMI 2.0 slots. It also features a 3.5mm analog jack that allows you to connect headphones to the monitor.

It’s good that the monitor has a port for connecting headphones because it doesn’t feature speakers for sound output.

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Samsung U28R55 Review Conclusion

The Samsung U28R55 is a good budget-friendly 4K monitor. It has a large screen and excellent picture quality, making it a good option for productivity and entertainment.

Furthermore, the Samsung U28R55 can produce deep black colors, which makes it good for viewing dark scenes. However, it doesn’t get bright enough to overcome screen glares in bright environments.

It is also hard to position the screen the way you want because of its poor ergonomics and inadequate viewing angles. The monitor is also not the best for playing games because of its slow response time.


  1. Large screen
  2. High display resolution
  3. Good contrast ratio
  4. Excellent color accuracy
  5. Crisp picture quality


  1. Allows only tilt adjustment
  2. The screen glare is an issue
  3. Inadequate viewing angles

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