Is There Really a WIFI Calling App That Uses Your Number?

By John Adebimitan

You might have wondered if there is really a WiFi calling app that uses your number. Sometimes, you’re stuck in a place with a weak signal, but you have access to WiFi and you need to make some calls, or maybe you just want to save money off your mobile data subscription.

If there was an app that allowed you to make and receive calls with your number using WiFi, it would really be a huge help in such situations. Well, is there? Let’s find out!

Is there really a WiFi calling app that uses your number?

The answer is yes. There are a few apps that allow you to use your cellphone number when calling or sending text messages with WiFi. let’s have a look at some of your options.


Vonage is a VoIP app that allows you to make and receive calls over WiFi. And yes, you can use your phone number. The app has many other features, but this is the most relevant to our discussion. The only downside to using Vonage is that you can only use your number for outgoing calls. Incoming calls ring the app instead.


WhatsApp is another way to make and receive calls using WiFi, and you can sign up with your number as well. One downside is that you can only call or text people with WhatsApp if they also use the app and when they are online. You also can’t call landlines or cell phones.


Another WiFi calling app that uses your number is Viber. This app works like WhatsApp as it allows you to enter your phone number when creating an account. You can make free phone calls, video calls, and also send text messages here. The downside is, just like WhatsApp, you can only use it to contact other people who use the app.

On a side note, Telegram and Signal are two other WiFi calling apps that use your number, so you might want to check them out.

Best WIFI calling apps that give you a free phone number

If you would rather have an app that gives you a custom phone number that you can use for WiFi calling, here’s our list of best WIFI calling apps that give you a free phone number.

Google Voice

Another VoIP app you can use for WiFi calling is Google Voice. With Google Voice, you can merge several phone numbers into a single number that you can call or text from. You can link your cell phone number, work, or home number to one account, and have your calls routed to your numbers whenever they come in. It’s a great way to manage multiple numbers if you have those. Google Voice doesn’t work as a standalone, so you will have to link your phone number to your Google Voice account.


This is a great option for people who live in the US or Canada. You get a free inbound number and the option of calling both local and international numbers. The great thing about TextNow is that you can call other people regardless of whether or not they have the app installed.


There are some similarities between TextFree and TextNow, but they are quite different. You get to pick a phone number, but only WiFi-based calls between two users are free, and also receiving calls. To make a call to a regular number outside of the app, you would need to pay for it.

Can I force my phone to use Wi-Fi calling?

You can enable WiFi calling on your iPhone or Android, by following steps.

On your iPhone:

  • Step one: Go to the Settings app on your iPhone.
  • Step two: Click on “Phone” settings.
  • Step three: If WiFi calling is OFF, switch it ON.

On your Android:

The WiFi calling settings vary slightly with Android phones, depending on the manufacturer. To find yours, you could simply open Settings and search for “WiFi calling”. It is likely under your “Network and Internet” settings. If you can’t find it there, it might be hidden in your Phone app as is the case with some Samsung phones.

To find it in your phone app, click on the triple-dot icon at the top right of your screen and click on settings. Then enable WiFi calling.

Which WiFi calling app is best?

We believe WhatsApp works great if you need a WiFi calling app that uses your number considering most people who have smartphones have and use the app; but we can’t say for sure which app is the best, because each one has its unique features. We can only tell you what each app does, and then you end up choosing which ones best suit your needs.

Is TextNow free to use?

TextNow is free to use because it has ads in it. If you are someone who does not mind the ads, you can use the app with no hassle. However, if you would rather not deal with the ads, then you could decide to upgrade to a paid plan.

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What is the best free calling app?

Here is a list of our favorite apps that let you make phone calls for free. FreeTone, Talkatone, and TextNow.


This app gives you a free phone number after you create an account. You can make and receive calls through that number for free, as far as it is within the US or Canada. International calls are paid for, but there is an option to earn international call credit by watching sponsored ads.


Talkatone also gives you a free phone number. It looks just like your regular dialer and has the SMS feature. The app gives you access to unlimited call credits for calls made within the US and Canada. To make international calls, you’d need to purchase credits for that. You also have other fun features like password protection, call blocking, and even the chance to make your custom voicemail greeting!


We mentioned this app earlier in the article. And as stated, it works well for people living in the US or Canada. You can also make international calls when you complete surveys or pay for credits. As far as US and Canadian calls go, it is free. You could decide to pay a subscription fee to get rid of the ads, but it is not mandatory.

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