Advantages and Disadvantages of all-in-one PC

By John Adebimitan

Whether you’re an architect, an artist, a content creator, or a game designer, the idea of having an all-in-one computer is fascinating and intriguing.

A high-definition computer that offers you the functionality of a desktop computer and the portability of a laptop. You’ll have a large display to design your work and a built-in central processing unit with a large RAM and every other part of a traditional desktop computer. But still, there are Advantages and Disadvantages of all-in-one PCs, and this article will be discussing just that here.

Advantages and Disadvantages of all-in-one PC

Here are some of the biggest Advantages and Disadvantages of all-in-one PC that we have noticed in our time using them.

Advantages of all-in-one Computers

Here are some reasons why you should get an all-in-one computer, whether you’re in the creative industry or you simply fancy having a sleek, rugged, and space-minimizing PC.

Saves Space

Since all the components of the AIO PC are built-in except the keyboard and mouse, it will save you space when setting up your workstation.

Advantages and Disadvantages of all-in-one PC

Saves Money

When you’re setting up your workstation, you should consider buying an all-in-one computer because it’ll cost you less than buying each component of the traditional desktop computer.

Stylish and Organized

Organizing your workstation when you have an all-in-one computer is much easier. Since you need fewer cables to your computer and a power source, it makes your office less clumsy and better organized.

Disadvantages of all-in-one Computers.

As with all electronics, there are some disadvantages to buying an all-in-one computer. But you need to carefully examine if you can work optimally, given the numerous advantages of AIO computers, before you buy one.

Difficulty in Upgrading

Upgrading your all-in-one computer is not as easy as the tower computer, which requires you to install a larger RAM size simply. But the all-in-one computer comes with built-in components, upgrading the RAM capacity is not as easy as the traditional desktop.

Advantages and Disadvantages of all-in-one PC

Replacement of Faulty Parts is nearly impossible.

Unlike the regular desktop, the AIO PC is soldered together, making it almost impossible to replace any faulty part. In an instance where your all-in-one computer screen is cracked, you’ll most likely replace the entire computer.

What is an all-in-one computer?

All-in-one computers are computers that integrate all the components of the traditional desktop computer all-in-one. So you have the monitor, and the PC, and in some cases, they come bundled with a free Keyboard and mouse. Some all-in-one computers don’t come with keyboards and mice as part of the bundle, though.

Purchasing and using any one of these AIO PCs will have you wondering why you didn’t get it earlier. But just like every other electronic device you buy, getting an all-in-one computer has its advantages and disadvantages. We’ve written this guide to help you know more about an all-in-one PC, its advantages and disadvantages, and some of the best all-in-one computers you can choose to buy. But first, let’s discuss things you should consider before purchasing an AIO PC.

Factors to Consider before You Buy an all-in-one Computer.

Before you buy an all-in-one computer; you need to consider some factors. You should buy a computer that meets your professional needs as well as your recreational demands.

Ease of Installation

Unlike traditional desktop computers, setting up an all-in-one computer is easy and straightforward. Depending on the brand you decide to buy, some come with detachable stands, with which you can quickly fix your computer.


When you compare the cost of buying and setting up a desktop computer, it’s best to purchase an AIO computer. If you want to set up a workspace either at home or your workplace, you’ll have to buy each component, such as the monitor, the speaker, the CPU, the keyboard, and the mouse, separately. But when you buy an all-in-one computer, all the other components are built in.


Since most AIO computers weigh less than 10 kg, moving them around is easier than moving a traditional desktop computer.

Best All-in-One Computers

iMac Pro

Without a doubt, the iMac Pro all-in-one computer is one of the best in the market if you don’t mind the steep price. It comes with premium components that are built to last.

Working on your iMac Pro is near perfect thanks to its 27-inch (5120 x 2880) Retina display screen. Fashion designers and other creatives will find this AIO PC a great addition to their working setup because it boasts 500 nits of illumination, higher than older versions of iMac.

If you’ve got a ton of work that demands high processing speed, then the iMac Pro is made to cater to your workload. It comes with AMD Vega 64 (16GB HBM2 RAM) and 128GB DDR4 (2,666MHz) RAM capacity.

Besides, the AIO PC storage is 2TB Solid State Drive. For all these premium features and more, the iMac Pro weighs just 9.7 kg, making it easy to move around your workspace.

Microsoft Surface Studio 2

The Microsoft Surface Studio 2 is another AIO PC that meets your work and play needs, whether you’re a digital artist, a photographer, or a gaming enthusiast. It has a perfectly made 28” screen size, wide enough to accommodate multiple tabs while working. Although it is highly priced, if your work demands a higher Intel processor, then it’s worth every penny.

Another great feature of the Microsoft Surface Studio 2 that’s not common to other AIO computers is that it doubles as a digital drafting table. It comes with Surface Pen and Dial support to draft your ideas.

DELL Inspiron 7790 – Cheapest All-In-One Computer

Although the current Dell Inspiron 7790 is not as expensive as the iMac Pro or the Microsoft Surface Studio 2, it is formidable and fast enough to give a seamless all-in-one PC experience. Its 27-inch FHD (1920 x 1080) touchscreen display gives you a clear picture of whether you’re working or playing.

You can get much work done without experiencing lagging because it comes with the new 10th generation Intel Core i7-10510U processor. Even more, you can open and work on different tabs and computer applications without hassles as it has 16GB DDR4 2666MHz RAM capacity and 1TB of 7200 rpm 2.5″ SATA ROM alongside 512GB M.2 PCIe NVMe drive.

Connecting to the internet is easy and fast with the 802.11ac Hi-fi Wi-Fi wireless technology. You can also download and install the Dell Mobile Connect app to integrate your phone, so you could send and receive messages, make phone calls, and use your favorite applications on your AIO PC screen.

Since more people are beginning to work remotely, buying an all-in-one computer is a good investment. If you need a workspace that is designed to inspire you to work while offering the high-end features of your sophisticated traditional desktop computer, then you should consider getting an all-in-one PC. You’ll not only have extra space that you can customize to your style and preferences, but you’ll also save some extra bucks.

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