AirPods 3rd Gen vs 2nd Gen: Which Are The Biggest Differences?

By John Adebimitan

Are you trying to decide between AirPods 3rd gen and 2nd gen? Well, I have been in this situation before, so I know it can be hard! Trying to figure out which pair of headphones is best for you and your lifestyle is a challenge. With the recent release of the third generation model, people are wondering if they should upgrade or stay with their second-gen model.

In my experience researching both generations of AirPods on the market right now, there’s quite a lot that sets them apart. In this article, we’ll break down all the key features including design aspects such as sound quality and battery life in order for you make an informed decision when selecting your perfect pair. By reading through this piece together, I’m sure you will finally get clarity on whether those shiny new 3rd gen ones are worth investing in—for yourself or someone else! So let’s dive into all things AirPods 3rd Gen vs 2nd Gen right now!
So, Airpods 3rd gen vs 2nd gen The biggest differences between AirPods 3rd Gen and 2nd Gen are improved sound quality, longer battery life, faster pairing with Apple devices, and the addition of spatial audio.

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Airpods 3rd gen vs 2nd gen

The biggest difference between AirPods 3rd Gen and 2nd Gen is the addition of Apple’s new H1 chip, which allows for hands-free “Hey Siri” activation. This means that you can now access Siri directly from your AirPods without having to press any buttons. Additionally, the 3rd Gen also has improved battery life with up to 4 hours of listening time on a single charge and 24 hours of total listening time with the charging case. The audio quality is also slightly better due to an updated driver design as well as active noise cancellation support.

AirPods 3rd Gen vs 2nd Gen: Which Are The Biggest Differences?

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AirPods 3rd Gen vs 2nd Gen Design and Appearance

The design of the AirPods 3rd Gen is more closely aligned with the Pro version than the 2nd gen. The stem has been shortened, and they have a glossy finish for them to be even more eye-catching. They also come in new colors like navy blue and pink. Additionally, their charging case features Qi wireless charging compatibility – something that was not available on the 2nd gen models.

In terms of appearance, there are some subtle differences between the two generations. The AirPods 3rd Gen is slightly larger than its predecessor, but this difference isn’t immediately noticeable when comparing them side by side unless you’re looking very closely. The edges around each earbud are smoother and less pronounced in comparison to last generation’s sharper corners.

  • AirPods 3rd Gen – Glossy Finish & Colors Available (Navy Blue, Pink)
  • Airpods 2nd Gen – Matte Finish

The caps for both sets of earbuds have been updated as well and feature an improved fitment system for better grip when inserting into your ears. Another slight improvement can be seen in their weight – while still being lightweight at just 5 grams each, those wearing glasses may find that it’s easier to keep these newer buds securely seated due to their additional heft compared to earlier versions

Airpods 3rd gen vs 2nd gen

AirPods 3rd Gen vs 2nd Gen Sound Quality

The Third Generation Delivers Better Audio

When it comes to sound quality, the third generation AirPods are a clear step up from their predecessors. Apple has made significant improvements to both the hardware and software of the latest model. The deep bass levels are noticeably improved in comparison with 2nd Gen models. This is due to an upgraded speaker driver that is able to handle a wider range of frequencies without distortion or imbalance. Furthermore, Apple has implemented an adaptive equalizer system that automatically adjusts sound based on your current environment for optimal listening pleasure.

Noise Isolation Has Been Enhanced

AirPods 3rd Gen headphones also come equipped with active noise cancellation technology which helps reduce external sounds by up to 25 decibels (dB). This feature can be adjusted using the accompanying app so you can tailor noise cancelation level according to your preferences. Additionally, they also have increased ear tip design features like double vents and airtight seals which provide superior isolation from surrounding distractions.

Sound Quality is Adjustable For Every Ear

One perk unique to 3rd Gen AirPods is its adjustable EQ settings which allow users customize their own personal sound profile via a few taps in the app settings menu. With this feature you can create custom profiles tailored specifically for each individual ear, making sure everyone gets their perfect fit no matter what size ear canal they have or how they prefer their music delivered.

  • You could adjust low frequency tones if you prefer more ‘thump’ out of your beat drops.
  • Alternatively increase midranges if vocals need extra presence.

. These fine tune audio tweaks provide enhanced clarity and dynamic range that was unavailable until now—making audio experiences much more enjoyable for all listeners alike!

AirPods 3rd Gen vs 2nd Gen Battery Life

AirPods 3rd Gen Battery Life:

The AirPods 3rd Gen have significantly improved when it comes to battery life. With an estimated listening time of up to six hours on one charge, these newer earbuds outdo their predecessors by providing a whole hour extra of your favorite tunes! As if that wasn’t already impressive enough, when used with the redesigned wireless charging case – which can hold multiple additional charges for over 30 hours of total listening time – you’re practically free from worrying about running out of power mid-track. Plus there’s a nifty quick charge feature too; a short five-minute boost gives back an entire hour worth music or conversation.

AirPods 2nd Gen Battery Life:

On the other hand, let’s take a walk down memory lane and check in with the AirPods’ 2nd generation. These handy little gadgets could offer up to five hours of listening time per single charge – still pretty decent but clearly falling behind compared to the third-gen model. Combined with their own wireless charging case, they also promised more than 24 hours of audio playback. Quick-charge was available in this older version too – albeit slightly less efficient as ten minutes would replenish only around three-hour’s worth playtime.

AirPods 3rd Gen vs 2nd Gen Durability and Water Resistance

When discussing the durability of Apple’s AirPods, it’s important to note that both the 2nd and 3rd generations are designed with heavy use in mind. The build quality is top-notch on both models, a testimony to Apple’s commitment to deliver high-quality products that end users can rely on. However, reviewers have noticed a slight edge with the 3rd Gen AirPods; its robust construction suggests they’re less prone to scratches and scuffs than their predecessor. They also seem heartier when dropped or accidentally knocked around – not that anyone would want this happening regularly!

As for water resistance, there has been a significant upgrade between these two models.

  • 2nd Gen: The second-gen AirPods were not marketed as water-resistant which was disappointing for many fitness enthusiasts who love listening to tunes while working out.
  • 3rd Gen: In contrast, third-gen AirPods come rated IPX4 under IEC standard 60529. This implies they can withstand sweat and minor splashes of water – definitely good news for joggers!

It’s worth mentioning though, that despite this rating, you still wouldn’t want them submerged in water nor should one consider wearing them during aquatic activities because after all ‘resistant’ does not mean ‘proof’. This improvement certainly makes them more adaptable compared to their predecessors but prudence must prevail while using these nifty devices near liquid sources.

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