AirPods Out of Sync With Each Other? Causes & Best Fixes

By John Adebimitan

Are your AirPods out of sync with each other and you’re looking for a quick fix? The short answer is, the AirPods may need some power juice, they need to be reset and re-paired and your phone’s connectivity might be the culprit.

As the best-selling wireless earbuds, AirPods leave very little room for complaints from its users. However, they have had a slew of issues coming from users, which include rapid battery drain, the annoying left or right AirPods not working issue, and the constant AirPods out of sync with each other problem.

So yes, if you have found one of your AirPods not working or connecting, a few simple steps which I’ll show you will give you a lasting fix to the problem. But first, let’s see how AirPods synchronization works and why your AirPods are going out of sync with each other.

How Do AirPods Keep in Sync?

Both AirPods keep in sync through their independent Bluetooth channels. The W1 chip handles the automatic synchronization for reliable wireless connectivity between each device. 

This is why the AirPods don’t usually need an external Bluetooth device to get synced. You only need your iPhone, iPad, Mac, or other device’s Bluetooth to pair with the AirPods and send audio data.

AirPods Out of Sync With Each Other? Causes

The AirPods are not charged? Perhaps you left the AirPods in the case while they’re still connected to your device. If one of the earbuds is not charged, it wouldn’t pair with the other. So, the solution is charging the earbuds through the case.

You just replaced one of the AirPods

Perhaps one of your AirPods got damaged and you just had it replaced. The old one may not connect to its new buddy automatically. You can hold the setup button on the charging case for up to 10 seconds and they should both enter pairing mode with a flashing white indicator light.

Before pairing the earbuds to your phone, ensure you Forget the former connection you have and re-pair your AirPods.

Bluetooth issues on your device

The problem might not be coming from the earbuds but your phone – specifically, the Bluetooth connection. You can simply turn OFF the Bluetooth connectivity on your phone and turn it back ON in about a minute.

AirPods Out of Sync With Each Other? Best Fixes

I have come across several reports about this problem on Apple Support forums, which indicates that it is not an isolated incident, but rather a more or less common issue. What can you do in these cases?

Fix 1: Ensure the AirPods are charged

As I mentioned earlier, if the AirPods batteries are down or drained, they may not connect or get in pairing mode. So, you have to charge the devices.

Thankfully the case of Apple’s AirPods acts as a mobile power bank and enables mobile use for days.

To charge your AirPods, simply put them in the case and you can use them for two hours of phone calls or three hours of music on just 15 minutes charge.

If your charging case and AirPods have no power left, you can charge the AirPods by placing the charging case on the charger.

Ensure the status indicator is facing up and that the lid is closed. The status display will tell you the current state of the charge in some seconds.

Meanwhile, if you have AirPods Pro, tap the charging case while it’s on the charging mat to see if the AirPods are charging. The device will show an amber light when it’s charging and a green light when it’s fully charged. 

If you don’t have a charging mat handy, this case can also be easily charged via the Lightning connector as described above.

Fix 2: Reset and pair again

Unpairing, resetting, and re-pairing your AirPods can fix many issues including the synchronization problem. This is how it’s done:

  1. On your iPhone, go to Setting >> Bluetooth >> AirPods.
  2. On that screen, click on the “i” sign and then on “Forget This Device
  3. Next, hard-reset your AirPods by simply pressing and holding the pairing button. You have to keep it pressed for at least 15 seconds and you will see the light turn amber and then white.
  4. Now you have to pair again from Settings >> Bluetooth. You’ll see them under the “Other Devices” list.

Fix 3: Make a somewhat more “hard” reset

If what I have explained above does not work for you, it’s time to try something new. Press the pairing button that is on the box for at least 40 seconds.

When you do, you will see the light on the box flashing from amber to white for several cycles.

Once this is done, it is time to re-pair your devices from Settings >> Bluetooth.

Fix 3: Reset your networks

If you still haven’t been able to get both AirPods to work, it’s time to reset the networks. Here’s another method that might work.

Go to Settings >> General >> Reset >> Reset network settings, and pair the AirPods again by going to Settings >> Bluetooth.

Fix 4: Get it repaired or contact Apple Support

If you’ve tried all of the above, which involves charging, and re-pairing in different ways, and only one AirPod works, take your AirPods in for repair.

Take it to an Apple Store or consult Apple’s technical service from its official application or its website.

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Other Related Questions

Why are my AirPods out of sync with TikTok?

The problem could be due to errors from the TikTok app. To clear the error, restart the application and you should be able to reconnect to your AirPods. If the problem persists, try to update your TikTok.

Why are my AirPods out of sync with YouTube?

This issue can come up when you have your Apple earbuds connected to your Apple TV. Many have also reported the issue while using their iPhone and iPad Pro. I think it’s a bug from YouTube as other platforms such as Netflix, Plex, among others don’t have this issue.

Why are my AirPods out of sync with Apple TV?

The new Apple TV firmware seems to be the problem. Try updating the firmware and turning OFF spatial audio and the issue should be resolved.

Should AirPods have an audio delay?

The AirPods transmit signals using short wavelengths. So, the further your device goes away from your AirPods, the worse the audio delay will get.

How much delay do AirPods have?

The first generation of AirPods that use the W1 chip has a latency of around 274 ms. Newer AirPods with the H1 chips has a latency of around 178 ms while the AirPods Pro has a latency of just 144 ms.

How do I stop the Bluetooth delay on my iPhone?

To stop the Bluetooth delay, return your AirPods to your charging case, wait for about 30 seconds, pick them up and continue using them.

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