AirPods Pro 2 Battery Life Review

By John Adebimitan

So you’re probably wondering just how strong the AirPods Pro 2 battery life is if you want to buy a new Apple AirPods Pro 2. If you have the AirPods Pro 2, you’re also probably wondering if the battery life on your earphones is the standard, as we noticed on some of our tests.

So here is our very own AirPods Pro 2 battery life review and some of the most interesting things we have discovered. Feel free to contact us with any questions or issues with the AirPods Pro 2.

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AirPods Pro 2 Battery Life Review

In our tests, the battery life of the 2nd generation AirPods Pro lasted 5 hours and 43 minutes with active noise cancellation enabled, just shy of Apple’s stated 6-hour battery life for the same setting.

AirPods Pro 2 Battery Life Review

The accompanying charging case offers an additional 24 hours of listening pleasure or 19 hours and 30 minutes of conversation. When it’s time to juice up, you have several charging options at your disposal.

You can opt for wireless charging using a Qi, MagSafe, or Apple Watch charging mat, or plug in a Lightning cable for a wired connection.

Although this battery performance is fairly standard for true wireless earphones, it’s important to remember that battery cells degrade over time.

Apple has attempted to combat battery deterioration with a battery optimization feature. Your iPhone learns your listening habits and charges the earbuds to 80%, reaching 100% just before it predicts you’ll need them.

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This is a positive move, but inevitably, your AirPods will have a limited lifespan if used frequently.

Each charging and discharging cycle affects the Li-ion battery cells’ longevity, and wireless charging accelerates this process.

Ultimately, no wireless earbuds are completely sustainable, so you might want to consider a pair of eco-friendly headphones.

I’ve observed that the battery levels for the earbuds and their case now remain visible on my iPhone’s battery widget for a much longer duration than before.

AirPods Pro 2 Battery life review

Previously, they would disappear after being in the case for a while. This improvement offers a better indication of when it’s time to recharge.

Additionally, a brisk five-minute charge provides approximately an hour of battery life, making it convenient for those moments when you need a quick power boost.

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The overall experience feels more natural and user-friendly, keeping you connected and entertained with elegance and ease.

AirPods Pro 2 Case battery life Review

The charging case for the AirPods Pro can be a bit frustrating at times, as it’s not always clear how much battery life is remaining.

When you take the AirPods out, you can check the power level on your iPhone’s battery widget, but other than that, you’re left relying on the small LED on the front, which only glows green or amber.

AirPods Pro 2 Battery life review

Over a week of rigorous use, I only needed to charge the case twice, but I did experience a moment when it was completely dead. An early warning feature would be a welcome addition.

As for charging the case itself, Apple has somewhat inconveniently included a USB-C-to-Lightning cable. Unless you have a new iPhone 11 Pro or a recent MacBook, you may not have the required charging block (since there isn’t one included in the box).

On the bright side, most new AirPods buyers will likely have a standard Lightning cable handy, so charging shouldn’t be an issue.

Remember, this is a wireless charging case, so you can simply place it on a charging pad for a hassle-free experience. Although it may seem minor, investing in a wireless charging ecosystem can be quite beneficial.

How to know if AirPods Pro case is charging

Energize your MagSafe or Wireless Charging Case for AirPods by placing it on a Qi-certified charging mat. Ensure the case’s status light faces upwards and the lid is closed.

AirPods Pro 2 Battery
credit: phone arena

The light will display the current charge level for 8 seconds. If you have AirPods Pro (1st or 2nd generation) or AirPods (3rd generation), simply tap the case while it’s on the mat to check if they’re charging (amber light) or fully charged (green light).

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You can also use an Apple Watch charger for MagSafe Charging Cases accompanying the 2nd generation AirPods Pro.

Just like before, place the case with the status light facing up and the lid closed. The light will indicate the current charge level for 8 seconds.

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