Amazon Prime not working on TV? Best fixes for Firestick, Samsung, LG, Sony, & other smart TVs

By John Adebimitan

Is your Amazon Prime not working on TV? One notable advantage of Amazon prime is the unrestricted access you have to an unlimited number of movies, soap operas, and shows. Amazon Prime offers such a flexible service that you can connect whatever you’re watching to a TV. However, there are times when Amazon Prime stops working on TV, and we’d be sharing practical steps to have this fixed.

Amazon Prime Not Working on TV? Possible Causes

Amazon prime is not working on your TV most likely because you have a poor internet connection, the software is out of date, you don’t have an active amazon prime subscription, or you just have insufficient memory on the TV to run the application. As a rule of thumb, we recommend restarting your Sony, LG, Samsung, or any other smart TV to see if this can be fixed. If it doesn’t work, you can read on to see some fixes we recommend trying.

In summary, the causes include:

  • Poor internet connection
  • Software out-of-date
  • Inactive subscription
  • Insufficient memory on TV
  • App misbehaving

Fix 1: Check Network Connection

This would be the first thing to try if you have to deal with the “Amazon Prime not working on TV” issue. Most smart TVs are strong, and it is rare for programs like Amazon prime to stop working. That is why the internet is the first culprit if Amazon prime is not working. Check if there is an internet connection. If confirmed, is the signal strong enough? To fix this, reconnect the internet and continue watching your shows.

Fix 2: Uninstall the App and Re-Install It on Your TV

LG, Samsung, Sony, and other Smart TVs are programmed to work with the latest corresponding software from app developers.  Uninstall the outdated app and re-install the new app. Once installed, try reconnecting again. This should fix the issue.

Amazon Prime not working on Smart TV? Best Fixes

Fix 1: Soft Reset the Smart TV

To soft reset your smart TV, turn ON the smart TV >> remove the power cords from the power outlet >> wait for at least 1 minute >> Plug the TV back into the outlet and turn it ON >> If done correctly, your issues with Amazon prime not working on TV should be gone.

Fix 2: Reconnect Modems and Power Cords

Disconnect any internet cable or modem >> Turn the modem OFF for up to 50 to 70 seconds. This resets the internet connection (assuming the internet subscription is active) >> reconnect the internet, then try to open Amazon prime video once again.

Fix 3: Update Software

Update the app or software from the app store. The app you have may just be outdated, hence the noticeable glitch.

Fix 4: Clear Cache Memory

To do this, go to Settings and locate the Cache Memory option >> delete the ‘cache’ memory option >> you can switch OFF your TV for a few seconds and re-boot it for better performance.

Fix 5: Reset Factory Settings for Extreme Cases

If after checking every parameter off the list, you are still not able to watch Amazon Prime on TV, you might want to perform a factory reset. Please note that this method will wipe off everything on your smart TV. Have your files backed up before proceeding with the reset.

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Amazon Video Not Working On Firestick? Best Fixes

Fix 1: Ensure Your Subscription Is Still Active

One of the most common reasons why your Amazon prime is not working on Firestick is the subscription expiring. So you would want to log into your account to confirm that you have an active subscription and that you are on a plan that supports this feature.

Fix 2: Restart your Firestick & modem

Disconnect your internet router or modem for 20-40 seconds. Alternatively, you should restart your Firestick so you can start the connection all over again. In most cases, this should fix any connection challenge you may be facing.

Fix 3: Check for Updates

From time to time, app developers update their apps to fix various bugs and other minor issues. Your Firestick has been designed to work best with the latest apps (Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime Music, etc). So, if you don’t have the latest apps for the show you’re looking to watch, you might have to download these and see if this fixes things for you.

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Amazon Video Not Working On Sony & Samsung TV? Best Fixes

Fix 1: Free Up Some TV Memory

Delete anything (apps, movies, pictures, or songs) that may be eating large chunks of storage spaces on your TV.  Low memory is one of the most common reasons for Amazon Prime not working on Sony and Samsung TVs, and chances are that this is the issue with your Amazon Prime.

Fix 2: Clear TV Cache

This is a problem with most Samsung and Sony TVs. Any time you watch a movie or continued from where you left off, the cache memory is gradually getting filled. If this accumulates, it can prevent your Amazon prime from working on TV. Simply go to Settings and clear the cache memory.

Fix 3: Restart Your Internet Connection

Since the internet is the easiest culprit, it is advisable to restart your Wi-Fi router or your hotspot and see if this works. A quick way to pinpoint this issue is checking if other devices can use and watch videos on Amazon Prime without issues.

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