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By John Adebimitan

Reliance on an Android phone has occasionally resulted in disappointment, and the issue of a Huawei and Samsung Android phone restarting again and again is not uncommon.

In this article, you will learn the possible causes of your phone restarting again and again and how to fix it. Use the information here as a guide to resolving the restarting issue on your Samsung or Huawei phone. Let us get started!

Huawei and Samsung Android phone restarting again and again? Possible causes

Your Huawei and Samsung Android phone restarting again and again could be a result of one of these reasons:

1.     Your Android phone might be overheated

Many Android phones are programmed to shut down immediately if the heat created inside is not dissipated. Unfortunately, overheating can occur when you use Wi-Fi and GPS, set your screen to the brightest, or view movies for hours, especially during the hot summer.

2.     Liquid entered your phone

The presence of water or any liquid in your device will cause malfunction and even result in the Huawei and Samsung phones restarting again and again. Therefore, when water or any liquid enters your mobile device, it should be dried immediately.

3.     Hardware fault

Your Android phone restarting again and again may result from a hardware issue. For example, the circuit board might have developed a fault, and it could even be the screen.

4.     Presence of a software bug

Some third-party applications you download or install may be corrupted. If these programs are not compatible with your device, you will experience your Android phone restarting again and again.

It could also be that there is a background app running; you need to turn it off when you notice it. Here’s how to do that;

  • First, uninstall any apps you no longer need, particularly those that feature sophisticated widgets, control wallpaper, audio, background, and the like.
  • Then go to Play Store to confirm that all apps are up to date. 
  • To uninstall background-running applications, go to your phone settings, click on More, then Applications, and finally Running. If there is an app you do not necessarily need, uninstall it, and if you can’t, try freezing the app.

5.     When the battery is not tight

Removable batteries may become too loose with time because the battery connectors are in poor condition or the phone’s back cover is bent. Because of this, even the smallest gap between the battery and pins can cause the Android phone to restart again and again.

6.     Android system apps have been disabled

You may unknowingly have disabled the system programs essential to the Android OS, which could be the source of your Android phone restarting again and again. Try enabling system apps from settings.

7.     Your phone’s power button is stuck

Occasionally, water gets lodged in the power button, which might lead to your Huawei and Samsung phone restarting again and again. First, you need to check that nothing is stuck in the button and see whether your case is placing any force on it.

Now that we’ve seen the possible reasons for your Huawei and Samsung phone restarting again and again, let’s look at the working fixes.

Are Huawei and Samsung phone restarting again and again? Working fixes

To fix your Samsung phone restarting issue, you should consider these points.

Fix 1: Enter Samsung’s Safe Mode

Safe mode is used for debugging third-party programs incompatible with the Android Operating system. As noted earlier, one of the possible causes of an Android phone restarting again and again is a third-party program having a problem with the Android OS. Therefore, the best approach is to uninstall the most recently installed apps. 

Enter Samsung's Safe Mode - Android phone restarting again and again - Samsung, Huawei

Enter Safe Mode to see if the most recently installed app caused the issue, and then long-press the apps on the homepage to remove them. 

To enter Safe Mode:

  • Power off your device completely, and then power it on again.
  • When the Samsung logo shows, press and hold down the Volume Down key.
  • If done properly, “Safe Mode” will appear on your screen’s bottom left corner. If it doesn’t show, repeat the previous steps.
  • You can leave Safe Mode by restarting your device, which will reboot normally.

Fix 2: Update your Samsung OS

An Android OS is updated to correct previous faults and issues. As a result, you can try reinstalling an updated version of Android OS on your device. Below is one method for updating Samsung OS to fix your Android phone restarting again and again:

Update your Samsung OS
  • Go to Settings on your Samsung phone.
  • Locate and select Software updates/System updates.
  • If you haven’t disabled automatic updates before, select Download and install; otherwise, select Check for system updates. Afterward, the available update will download to your phone.
  • After downloading the update file, follow the on-screen directions to have it installed on your phone.
  • Lastly, restart your phone. Confirm if your Samsung phone is functioning smoothly and does not repeatedly restart anymore.

Fix 3: Perform Samsung Factory Reset

This process is also referred to as a factory reset on Android. If an Android OS fails for unknown reasons, we must wipe the cache sector to restore the device to its original state.

Before reverting to factory settings, it is critical to back up all your phone data, including images, call logs, contacts, and other crucial information. Also, note that factory reset might take a little while, so it is advisable to do it when your Samsung phone is 100% charged.

Perform Samsung Factory Reset
  • Charge your phone to 100% capacity and then turn it off. 
  • Hold down the Volume-up, Home, and Power buttons simultaneously, which will take you to Recovery mode.
  • To select the Wipe data/factory reset option, use the Volume (up and down) buttons.
  • Once more, use the Volume (up and down) buttons to choose the Wipe cache partition option.
  • To return your Samsung phone to its original state, select Reboot System Now

Fix 4: Make use of a System Repair tool

If you have tried clearing up space in your storage and even rebooting your device, but the issue of the Huawei and Samsung phone restarting again and again is still there, it may be that your Samsung phone is experiencing a system problem.

You could use DroidKit, an Android system repair tool. It may be your best option because it can resolve various Samsung phone difficulties such as your Huawei and Samsung phone restarting again and again, overheating, Samsung black screen of death, Samsung screen not touching, and so on. 

To do that, Install DroidKit on your PC, launch it, and select System Fix mode.

Connect your Samsung phone to the PC and tap the Start button on the System Fix screen.

DroidKit will begin matching the Samsung PDA code; start downloading the firmware for fixing.

After downloading it, select Fix Now to begin the repair procedure. Follow the instructions on your screen to put your Samsung phone in Download Mode. It will then begin to remedy the system problem, and once done, the screen will display System Fixed Successfully.

Here are working fixes for Huawei phones:

Fix 5: Use the phone at a moderate temperature

You should use your Huawei phone at an appropriate temperature and close any power-hungry background apps. This is because using the phone at exceptionally low or high temperatures for an extended period can activate the temperature protection mechanism, thereby causing the phone to restart over and over.

Fix 6: The Reset option

Errors in system software might cause sporadic reboots, so to fix this, you need to reset your smartphone. Remember to back up your files with HUAWEI Cloud first, then go to “Settings,” “System & updates,” and click “Reset” to reset your Huawei.

If the restart issue continues, go to the closest Huawei customer support center.

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What if the Android phone keeps restarting while charging? – Tips to fix

If your Android phone keeps rebooting as it charges, you could try these tips to fix it.

1# Confirm if the issue is from the software:

As before, to verify if there is a glitch in the software, you need to perform a factory reset on your phone. Do not forget first to back up all your important files and data.

After completing the factory reset, you should be patient not to start downloading and installing apps on it. Next, check if the restarting issue still occurs when you charge your Android phone. If your Android phone still restarts while charging, try the next option.

2# Clean the charger port:

To start with, clean the charging port of your phone. You can use a container of compressed air to do that. After cleaning the port, you should also try changing the battery.

3# Use the original charger to charge your phone:

Your Android device might restart while charging if you use a charger that isn’t compatible with it or when you connect it to your PC’s USB port.

Therefore, try using the original charger and avoid powering your phone immediately after you charge it after the battery has died. When you power your Android device as soon as you charge it, the current might not be sufficient to turn on the device, and it might cause a frequent restart problem.

But if the Android phone restart issue persists, you need to visit your phone’s authorized service center.

What if the phone keeps restarting after a factory reset?

If none of the alternatives mentioned earlier work, and even after a factory reset, the constantly restarting issue persists, it might be a hardware problem. Take your Android phone to a reputable repair shop or contact your device’s support for a skilled technician to work on it.

When you notice your Huawei and Samsung phone restarting again and again, it is natural to feel frustrated, but do not fret. The tips we’ve discussed in this article should help.

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