Android Phone Won’t Download Pictures In Text Messages

By John Adebimitan

You receive pictures, and you try downloading these pictures, but your Android phone won’t download pictures in text messages.

Quite a lot of people have complained about not being able to download images or play files sent to them via text messages. It is possible that the network might be affecting it, or there is something wrong with the file. Although MMS is a convenient way to send videos and images, it can be infuriating when your Android phone won’t download them.

Android Phone Won’t Download Pictures In Text Messages? Best Fixes

1. Restart Your Smartphone

Anytime your Android phone won’t download pictures in text messages, try rebooting it. I know, right? like seriously rebooting! It seems so basic, but this is the most effortless action you can take. Regardless of whatever issue you might be having with your phone, restarting it works.

As with the majority of electronic gadgets, putting OFF and ON your mobile phone resolves a plethora of issues. In addition, it allows the OS to address any bug that may be causing the problem.

So press the power button, and when the menu comes up, select Restart/Reboot. Once the phone turns on, check to see whether you’re still having the issue.

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2. Verify the Network Connection of Your Phone

Downloading pictures via text message requires a reliable internet connection. If your phone has no internet connection, your Android phone won’t download pictures in text messages.

  • Go to your notification panel
  • Toggle ON your Wi-Fi or mobile data if these are not already turned ON
  • You could also toggle the airplane mode ON and OFF to see if it helps.

Afterward, try downloading your picture.

3. Enable MMS Auto-Download

Another way to fix the “Android phone not downloading pictures in text messages” issue is by enabling MMS auto-download. Doing this allows you to send and receive multimedia messages with your Android phone’s standard messaging program. Additionally, you may configure this software to auto-download MMS as soon as they arrive.

  • Go to your default messaging app
  • Click on the three-dot at the top-right corner
  • Open Setting, then Advanced
  • Next, click on the button next to auto-download MMS and turn it ON

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3. Delete Previous Messages

If you are unable to download pictures or videos, return to your default messenger’s settings. Try deleting your old messages, and it will free up some space on your phone. We have had cases where phones start downloading MMS files after we freed the memory of older MMS messages.

4. Change to a Different Application

There are quite a lot of popular apps with which you can send photos anytime, like WhatsApp, Facebook, Snapchat, and Telegram, and they don’t charge anything; you could also change the default messaging app to something like Facebook messenger.

So you won’t have to deal with your “Android phone won’t download pictures in text messages” issue. All you’ll need in most of these cases is a stable internet instead of standard texting services that charge additional fees for MMS.

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5. Try Factory Resetting your Phone

This should be your last resort. If you’ve tried every option above and nothing seems to provide the solution you want—as in your Android phone still won’t download pictures in text messages, the only option you have is to factory reset your phone.

Remember that this will completely delete all your data, apps, and settings, returning your phone to its default state. Meaning your Android phone will go back to normal.

However, ensure you back up all your data before doing this. Most phones prompt you to back up your information, so you won’t have any problem when restoring them.

  • So go to Setting
  • Click on System and select the Reset option
  • Select Reset/Erase data
  • Click OK, and your phone will be wiped clean

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Android Phone Won’t Download Pictures In Text Messages? Causes

If your Android phone won’t download pictures in text messages, a few things could cause this to happen.

  • The default setting on your messaging app
  • Apps interfering with your phone’s messenger
  • Unstable internet connection
  • Your phone is on data saver mode

The only way to tell what the issue is is to try one fix first, and if that does not yield the desired outcomes, try the other.

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The MMS feature is one of the default features that come with every phone’s messaging system. So if your Android phone won’t download pictures in text messages, it can be because of different things, and I’ve outlined them all in this article.

Try any one of the possible fixes above to get your phone back to normal.

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