Apple Watch Stainless Steel Vs Titanium

By John Adebimitan

Apple Watch stainless steel and titanium models are essentially identical in every manner. They are both 41mm or 45mm in size and are made of stronger metal than the aluminum Apple Watch.

The differences are minimal, yet they could be the difference between what you buy and what you don’t buy. Here is an Apple Watch Stainless Steel vs Titanium comparison article that should help you make an informed purchasing decision.

Apple Watch Stainless Steel Vs Titanium? Which should you go for

The choice between Apple watch stainless steel and the titanium Apple watch is up to you. It depends on whether you are looking for brushed or polished metal. If you want it in gold or something more sophisticated like a Hermés watch face. And whether you’re ready to spend an extra $100.

If you prefer the brushed metal aesthetic but need something more durable than aluminum, the titanium Apple Watch Series is the way to go. However, the Apple watch stainless steel watch will suit you if you desire polished metal, a Hermés band, or a sturdy metal for $100 less than titanium.

Stainless steel Apple Watch pros and cons

Apple Watch Stainless Steel

The Apple Watch’s stainless steel is the most glittering of the metal options for the Apple Watch. The gold variant resembles a luxury watch, and it is the only case material available with the Hermés design. It’s a shame that scratches on it are so visible.


  • Polished appearance
  • Available in silver, gold, and graphite.
  • Available in Hermés design
  • Cheaper pricing.
Apple Watch Stainless Steel


  • Easily noticeable scratches

Titanium Apple watch pros and cons

Users have the option of a tougher metal casing with the Apple Watch Series that comes in titanium. The main distinction is that titanium has a brushed texture that conceals scratches, but it does not come in gold.

Titanium Apple watch


  • The brushed finish conceals scratches
  • Available in Silver or space black colors.
  • The subtle color makes it less flashy.


  • Gold option unavailable.
  • More costly
Titanium Apple watch

Is titanium better than stainless steel?

The adjective “better” is relative and depends on the factors you value more. The obvious advantages of titanium over steel are that it is much lighter (45% lighter), and it is a more exotic metal that sounds cool. It’s also considerably more difficult to manufacture, so it has some cache because it’s harder to produce.

Steel is heavier, but it is more scratch-resistant. Titanium, however, hides scratches quite well due to its dark color and generally brushed finish, whereas steel does not.

Each tiny scratch will be seen on polished steel, detracting from the overall brilliance of the watch. The scratches are more visible on a brushed finish steel clock, while titanium does a good job at concealing scratches.

Are titanium Apple watches worth it?

Yes, they are. Titanium Apple watches are less prone to chipping and scratching. They do not oxidize and corrode from sweat. They will not also cause rashes if you have sensitive skin or skin allergies, and more importantly, they are lightweight. A titanium watch’s key advantages are its robustness and lightweight. Furthermore, the titanium watch case will not break nor corrode when exposed to saltwater. Titanium watches are light on the wrist and are comfortable to wear.

Apple Watch Stainless Steel Vs Titanium Vs Aluminium – Which is Better?

The difference between these three is in the materials. Titanium is a lighter material than Apple watch stainless steel. It’s stronger and, often, a superior choice for durability than aluminum. Also, the brushed texture conceals scratches quite well.

Steel is less prone to dent. You can also choose graphite or gold because they are less likely to scratch (as the color treatment adds some resistance). With that stated, if you’re simply acquiring your watch for everyday usage and don’t care about appearances, aluminum is great. If you’re careful, the case and screen will last a long time.

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Does the silver stainless steel Apple Watch scratch?

Yes, Apple watch stainless steel does scratch. Stainless steel is an iron-carbon alloy that is harder and brighter than aluminum. However, because of its shiny surface, scratches are more visible. Stainless steel does not scratch easily, but it can be more difficult to conceal scratches once they occur. These so-called microabrasions can show on shiny stainless steel very quickly once you start wearing one, especially on the silver version.


For most people, one of the most important decision criteria will be whether to acquire the brushed metal aesthetic of the titanium Apple Watch case or the polished look of the Apple watch stainless steel. Whichever path you take is determined by a personal preference.

If you don’t like slight scuffs and scratches, go for the brushed titanium Apple watch, as it conceals micro-abrasions better. But if you want your Apple watch to look like a piece of exquisite jewelry, then the high sheen of the Apple stainless steel watch will suit you. So what do you say of our Apple Watch Stainless Steel Vs Titanium comparison?

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