Are AirPods Pro Worth It In 2023? – Best Tips

By John Adebimitan

The Apple AirPods Pro noise cancellation is simply blissful. If only that, it is still worth it.

The AirPods Pro have been around for a while now but one question many still ask is “are AirPods Pro worth it?” With so many people awaiting second-generation AirPods Pro expected to be released in the fourth quarter of this year, should you wait or just stick with the AirPods Pro?

There are a lot of people who still prefer the older AirPods versions or other Bluetooth devices to the AirPods Pro. But are AirPods Pro worth it in 2023? Let’s find out.

Are AirPods Pro Worth It In 2023?

At this time, everyone just wants something that makes life easier and simpler for them, including Bluetooth earphones.

Apple listened to the complaints and defects found in the regular AirPods and implemented these corrections in the AirPods Pro. With its top-notch noise transparency and noise cancellation features, really good sound quality, and amazing design, anyone would say the AirPods Pro are worth it.

But a lot of people believe that they can get the same quality from other brands of Bluetooth earphones for a cheaper price.

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Are AirPods Pro Worth It for Android?     

They just work better with Apple devices. For Android phones, the pairing process isn’t as convenient and while you will lose a couple of features, they won’t be anything you would miss too much.

It all comes down to what you value in a Bluetooth earphones.

If you are going for the premium sound quality, long connectivity range, and awesome noise cancellation feature, then they might be worth it for your Android device if you can’t find any good alternatives that deliver the same value for your phone.

But the thing about the AirPods Pro is you can only access its settings through an Apple device.

You will not be able to customize its buttons or change the name of the AirPods Pro while using an android device.

Many other Bluetooth devices, like the Samsung Galaxy Buds 2 have all these features available and more, but as earlier said, it all boils down to what you are looking for in your Bluetooth earphones.

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Are AirPods Pro Worth It If You Already Have AirPods?

If you already have AirPods that you are comfortable with, then you may not need to get the AirPods Pro unless you are looking to explore, or your old AirPods are not satisfactory for you.

The AirPods Pro has cooler features although their more expensive. While the AirPods Pro offers active noise cancellation, AirPods offer a noise reduction effect and don’t have memory foam/silicone ear tips.

The AirPods Pro is water-resistant, has a pressure valve inside it, and has adaptive EQ while AirPods do not.

Although customizable, the AirPods Pro is shorter than the AirPods in range.

Are Refurbished AirPods Pro Worth It?

When a customer returns a product, and the manufacturing company rectifies the problem and puts it up for sale again, that is when you call the product ‘refurbished’. Retailers tend to use refurbished in place of the word “used”.

Refurbished AirPods

If you are getting your refurbished AirPods Pro from Apple, yes, it is worth it, as you get some warranty coverage on the product. But if you get them from a third party, you will be taking a risk.

Which AirPods Are Better? The Pro or Regular?

Many prefer the AirPods Pro to the regular and vice versa because of personal experiences. You can decide which is better based on your own needs, but these are some points to consider when making this decision;

Which AirPods Are Better? The Pro or Regular?
  • The AirPods Pro has better sound and calls quality than the regular AirPods.
  • Siri works on the AirPods Pro and is always ON and useful when your hands are busy.
  • The noise cancellation and noise transparency features are better on the AirPods Pro compared to the regular AirPods.
  • The AirPods Pro has IPX4 water and sweat-resistant feature, which means you cannot swim with them, but they will do just fine in the rain.
  • The AirPods Pro is a stronger and better fit and is less dangly for most compared to the regular AirPods. They are also much more comfortable.
  • The AirPods Pro detects your device quickly and you can easily switch between your multiple devices, compared to the regular AirPods.
  • Your AirPods Pro may develop a crackling sound after a few months of usage, but you can easily get a replacement directly from Apple.
  • Your music/ video audio pauses whenever you take the AirPods Pro out from your ears, unlike the regular AirPods where your audio continues playing even when your AirPods are not in your ears.
  • The AirPods Pro is quite expensive compared to the regular AirPods.
  • Battery life is shorter than expected on the AirPods Pro.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do AirPods Pro Hurt Your Ears?

AirPods Pro ear tips can sometimes hurt your ears.

This could be because you’re using an ear tip that is bigger than your ears or that you have a silicone allergy.

If the silicon ear tip is causing your ear to hurt, you should check for a silicone allergy and maybe switch to memory foam tips instead.

Do AirPods Pro Fall Out?

Yes, the AirPods Pro falls out sometimes, but this is mostly because of wrong ear tip sizes. The AirPods Pro comes with three different sizes of ear tips, small, medium,
and large.

If none of them fit you, you can go to an Apple store for a fitting or use memory foam tips. If none of these work for you, you can just send them back to Apple and they will send you a replacement.

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