5 Best 24-inch Touch Screen Monitors

By John Adebimitan

Touchscreen displays, like touchscreen laptops, provide users with the tablet experience of interacting directly with the display, allowing them to swiftly tap, swipe, pinch, and zoom in/out when using a mouse is inconvenient. This may not seem important to average users, but it can make a huge impact for professionals, particularly those in the creative and service industries.

In a Hurry? Here’s Our Top Three

Choosing a good touch screen monitor can be overwhelming, but to make it easy for you, we’ll be putting out a list of our best 24-inch touch screen monitors.

Best 24-inch Touch Screen Monitors

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Dell P2418HT – Best Dell 24-inch touch screen monitors

Our first pick on our best 24-inch touch screen monitors list is the Dell P2418HT 23.8″ Touch Monitor. This Full HD monitor with a 23.8-inch LCD screen not only has a superb resolution (1920 x 1080), contrast, and color, it also comes with a high-quality articulating stand that can be extended, swiveled, and oriented up to 60 degrees.

Compared to cheaper VA or TN LCD touch panels, the IPS LCD promises improved color and contrast accuracy. There’s also DisplayPort support, which isn’t typically available on touch screen monitors. However, some users have complained about the touch screen lagging and also not being bright enough.

Acer UT241Y

The second pick on our list of the best 24-inch touchscreen monitors is the Acer UT241Y. It’s a beautiful FHD (full high definition) touchscreen with a narrow bezel that’s designed in the current style. In DisplayPort Alternative mode, the UT 1 comes with a USB Type-C to USB Type-C cable and a USB Type-C connector that supplies data, power, and a visual signal. On the back, it contains a built-in 3.0 USB hub and two Type-A ports.

The touch screen display is non-glare and not glossy; it does not reflect light sharply and does not show fingerprints easily. It also has a high level of sensitivity to touch. The foundation allows for entire tilt angle freedom, which is critical for touch screens. There have been complaints, though, from some users about the touch screen not working or being unresponsive.

ViewSonic TD2423D

The next monitor on this best 24-inch touch screen monitors list is the ViewSonic TD2423D monitor. The TD2423d is perfect for retail, education, and enterprise areas, with a tough, scratch-resistant 10-point multi-touch Full HD 1080p touchscreen and versatile connectivity.

It is a freestanding tablet with a narrow bezel, a muted black finish, a solid adjustable stand, and a scratch-resistant 7H surface. When connected to their Apple devices, macOS users can now use the vTouch driver to access a full range of touch and gesture commands on this ViewSonic touch display.

The interactive display uses infrared (IR) touch technology to provide a natural and intuitive touchscreen experience. Multiple users can concurrently write or draw on the display’s surface using styluses or their fingers, or both at the same time, thanks to 10-point touch support.

Also, there is a 3-year warranty coverage with access to customer service staff in the United States. We have, though, had times when the screen gets blurry while in use.

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Acer UT222Q

The next pick is the Acer UT222Q. The Acer UT 21.5 Full HD LCD monitor has a sleek design and a stunning 1920 x 1080 pixels resolution, allowing you to enjoy HD content in the comfort of your home. Enjoy Windows 10 touchscreen capabilities, browse the web, click photographs, create, and play on the intuitive and engaging 10-point LCD touch screen! The wide-angle tilt stand allows you to tilt the monitor to the ideal angle for whatever you’re working on.

Also, AMD Free-Sync technology synchronizes the display frame with the graphics card frame, preventing screen tearing and enhancing game performances. Also, by lowering glare, repelling fingerprints, and resisting scratches, the 7H hardness screen with a specific anti-reflective coating ensures reliable operation in all lighting circumstances. However, some users have complained about random clicks on the monitor while working, making it unusable for a while.

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Dell S2340T

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The last pick in our best 24-inc touchscreen monitors list is the Dell S2340T 23-Inch 10-point Multi-Touch Monitor. The Dell S2340T is a pricey 23-inch IPS monitor that has a tablet-like appearance with 10-point touch technology and a few essential features like a webcam and USB 3.0 and Ethernet connectivity. It also has good color and grayscale accuracy, as well as responsive touch functionality.

Furthermore, the glass above the panel has a two-megapixel webcam and a twin microphone array built-in. A silver twin hinge system enables height and tilt adjustment, as well as the option to lay the panel flat and parallel to the desktop surface.


While most creative workers prefer larger screens, portable monitors have a place in the content creation sector. A portable display created primarily for video editors, designers, and music producers will be extremely beneficial to nomads in particular and if you’re someone that prefers a portable monitor, you can go through the list of our best 24-inch touchscreen monitors for guidance.

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