10 Best FPS Booster Software for PC [Game Boosters]

By John Adebimitan

A game booster software is a program designed for a smoother gaming experience especially when using Windows 10. For that extra punch when gaming on Windows, gamers rely on FPS booster software for PCs. This is because Windows 10 is an all-purpose operating system, unlike Xbox whose operating system is wholly dedicated to gaming.

These game boosters perform quick clean-ups to free memory and close background apps. Some go as far as offering overclocking options and fan speed modifications. Here are six of the best FPS booster software for PC on the market. These FPS booster software for PC will dedicatedly boost your gaming experience.

Best FPS Booster Software for PC

  • Razer Cortex: Boost
  • WTFast
  • Advanced System Optimizer
  • MSI Afterburner
  • Game Fire 6
  • GameBoost
  • Wise Game Booster
  • EZ Game Booster
  • Smart Game Booster
  • Roblox fps booster software for PC

Razer Cortex: Boost – Best game booster app download for PC

This is the most popular FPS booster software for PC. How does it work? It simply helps to shut down background apps while you are gaming.  This way, your computer’s GPU, CPU, and RAM are focused only on the game you are playing at the moment.

You don’t have to manually prompt it to boost. Set to auto-boost, it will automatically be initiated once you open a game. This FPS booster software for PC ensures higher FPS rates and faster load time. You can also tailor its settings to your needs if you are a tech geek.

The Razer Cortex booster is easy to use and gives access to some special benefits such as FPS monitor graphs and game rewards amongst others.

WTFast – Best game booster for PUBG Mobile PC

WTFast is a great choice of FPS booster software for PC if you experience frequent lag and high ping. It optimizes your PC in a very short time. It is best used when playing games online since it solely focuses on increasing internet speed for smooth gaming experiences.

With this booster, you will enjoy increased FPS rates and decreased ping such that you don’t lag when engaging in multiple-player sessions. Although it’s a paid software, it offers a free trial and channels your PC’s resources in a way that affords you a lag-free performance.

Beings partners with tech gurus like ASUS and MSI, you can trust their effectiveness.

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Advanced System Optimizer – Best game booster for PUBG Mobile PC

This is a multipurpose booster. It cleans up junk and temporary files in an attempt to keep your PC up and running. It accomplishes this feat effortlessly. It is easy to use. All you need to do is prompt it to scan all files and clear all unnecessary ones.

With it, you can effectively multitask without worrying about a lag in performance. You can play your games without disturbance and experience quicker response rates.

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MSI Afterburner – Best Windows 10 gaming optimizer tool

The MSI Afterburner is a great FPS booster software for Windows 10 PCs. It gives you control over your fan speed, GPU voltage, and GPU frequency which allows you to unlock your graphic card’s full potential. With it, you have access to overclocking options. You can also record your sessions using this software.

It has a hardware monitor system that gives real-time information about voltage, temperature, clock speed, and overall usage. You can as well monitor FPS, and all of that is free.

Game Fire 6 – Best Game Mode software for Windows 10

This is a powerful tool for an improved gaming experience.  It detects background apps and processes that are not in use and that must be temporarily disabled when gaming. It displays a list of apps that you can disable before you start playing your games.

Be assured that any process that will affect your gaming experience will be detected by this program. Not only does it cease processes that might interfere with gaming, but it also channels all necessary resources for optimized gaming.

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GameBoost – Best FPS booster software for pc

This is one FPS booster software for PC, with many positive third-party recommendations. It ensures that all PC components are functioning at peak capacity, while enhancing animations, screen drawings, and refresh rates. It also improves internet speed during online gaming.

It has an easy-to-use interface. You won’t get spam messages since it is a paid app. You pay an upfront fee of about $25 with no need to pay a monthly subscription. It also offers overclocking options. But unlike the MSI Afterburner, it offers a more automatic approach.

No one enjoys gaming on a lagging PC. To easily resolve this issue, invest wisely in FPS booster software that caters specifically to your gaming needs. Paid apps are often preferred to free apps but any would do the job.

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Wise Game Booster

Wise Game Booster optimizes your PC for gaming by suspending unnecessary processes temporarily, either individually or at once, to refocus your PC’s resources on gaming.

Wise Game Booster eliminates the risk of you stopping the wrong process on your PC because it suggests possible actions for each optimization and service. However, beginners should use it cautiously.
Wise Game Booster also optimizes your PC for other services that aren’t necessarily gaming but still require many PC resources like video editing or 3D rendering.

It’s My Games menu doesn’t have specific processes for your games, even though they can be quickly accessed. An added feature for the software would be the ability to save individual sequences, set performance thresholds, and whitelist some actions and processes. All in all, Wise Game Booster is a good fps software booster for PC. You can get it here.

EZ Game Booster

EZ Game Booster is also an effective fps booster software for PC. It comes with an attractive black and white toned user interface that makes it easy to use, with panels on the left and right, allowing for more details to be viewed and features that can be modified.

It improves your gaming experience significantly by helping you identify unnecessary PC processes that are going on in the background and ending them, freeing up your RAM, CPU, and video cards for use by the game you want to play. It also has a defragmentation tool that helps you speed up the game you’re running and loading.

EZ Game Booster optimizes some Windows tools like Windows Task Manager, DirectX Diagnostic Tools, Performance Monitor, Power settings, and game controllers to boost your PC’s responsiveness and increase gaming performance. You can download the EZ Game booster from their website here.

Smart Game Booster

Smart Game Booster gives you optimal gaming performance by increasing the fps you’re gaming in by redirecting your PC’s CPU and GPU resources to achieve a smoother animation and reduce screen tearing and game latency. In addition, by simply clicking the Boost button, you can modify your CPU and GPU for overclocking and whatever needs optimization for better performance.

It also stabilizes your PC by disabling unnecessary background apps, updating drivers, and releasing more disk space. In addition, the Smart Game Booster comes with anti-malware that protects your online gaming activity while streaming. 

It is the best choice for beginners who want to let go of the reins and let the software deal with the details, but it contains fewer tweaks for more experienced users who want to make their own customizations. All in all, it is an efficient fps booster software for PC. You can download Smart Game Booster from their official website here.

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Roblox fps booster software for PC

Roblox is a popular competitive online gaming and app creation platform that allows users to create their games and enjoy a wide variety of single and multiplayer games created by others without having to build the game codes.

A majority of its users in the US are kids below the age of 16. Roblox offers a variety of genres like action, simulations, adventure, horror, racing, and shooting on its free-to-play platform. Roblox doesn’t need in-app purchases or real-world currencies, but many games require users to make microtransactions like a game pass, add-ons, or upgrades.

Due to Roblox’s prominence and the increase in subscribers, game makers now produce new, high-quality games to match the demand. Unfortunately, these games require more computer resources to run them perfectly; increased fps, a bump in resolution, etc.

Low-end PCs would have a more challenging time running these more advanced games at a higher frame rate, so that they would need an fps booster software for Roblox. And this is where the Roblox FPS Unlocker comes in. 

The Roblox FPS Unlocker helps your PC by limiting your system’s process and ending background programs to give your CPU and GPU more juice to run games in Roblox at higher frames per second. In addition, Roblox FPS Unlocker removes the limitations placed by Roblox in games to give you a better experience. You can download the Roblox FPS Unlocker here.

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