5 Best Game Boosters for Android [Phone Cooler Apps]

By John Adebimitan

Ever had to uninstall one of your favorite games because it’s slowing down your Android phone? What if you find a way around it while still making use of the same phone?

You can now play all your favorite adventure games with the help of a reliable game booster for Android, even if your Android phone is old. These Best Game Boosters for Android will serve as cooler apps for your devices.

One downside to using some game boosters for Android phones is how quickly they can drain the battery. However, the game boosters recommended here will not drain your battery, rather, they will improve the speed of your Android device.

Best Game Boosters for Android

  1. Game Launcher for Game Addicted
  2. DU Speed Booster
  3. Game Booster: One Tap Advanced Speed Booster
  4. Game Booster: Phone Cooler
  5. Game Booster/ Play Games Faster and Smoother

Game Launcher for Game Addicted – Best Game Booster for Android

A good game booster must be able to shut down background apps and scan the phone for better performance.

With the ‘game launcher’, you get both and much more. Additionally, there is a ‘do not disturb’ feature that allows you to enjoy your game without interruption of calls and other notifications.

Game Launcher for Game Addicted

It doesn’t drain the battery too much, and your phone’s memory doesn’t necessarily have to be large for you to enjoy your favorite games. Another feature of the game booster is the ‘child’ mode that disables the home button and other buttons when playing.

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DU Speed Booster – Best Online Game Booster for Android

This app is naturally a phone cleaner but, in the process, frees up spaces that were formerly occupied by junks. After that cleaning, your Android phone will be optimized for any high-speed engagement.

DU Speed Booster - 5 Best Game Boosters for Android [Phone Cooler Apps]

When the Speed Booster is enabled, any problem that could lead to the lagging of devices will be removed. It is a cleaning app game booster that will prevent crashes and screen blackouts when high-speed games are being enjoyed. The app has other features like one-tap optimization, battery saver, virus scan, and internal memory management.

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Game Booster: One Tap Advanced Speed Booster – Best Cooling App for Android

Designed strictly for Android users, this advanced speed booster was designed to smoothen your gaming experience. If your Android device has smaller RAM, this is the best game booster for you. It removes any possibility of lag or slow performances.

It will remove any unnecessary apps that will naturally prevent your phone’s memory from speeding up when playing games.

Game Booster: One Tap Advanced Speed Booster

It completely optimizes the CPU, RAM, storage, and other features that contribute to lightning-speed gaming. The app will not drain your battery, and it also optimizes your devices for other purposes apart from gaming.

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Game Booster: Phone Cooler – Best Android Phone Cooler App

When the Android phone overheats, it possibly will lead to lagging. Under such circumstances, any high-end game will crash.

The phone cooler app works at cooling the phone’s temperature and reducing apps that normally cause overheating of the device. It has a Space Cleaner and a Memory Cleaner that cleans the phone’s junk memory in a way that frees up the smartphone for an easy game launch.

It reminds you to delete obsolete apps and files so they don’t take up too much space on your device.  You can also set a reminder for cleaning your phone’s junk so you don’t have to manually do it.

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Game Booster/ Play Games Faster and Smoother – Best Online Mobile CPU Cooler

This game booster has the potential to improve your phone’s performance by up to 200%. While it is different from phone cleaners that deputize as game boosters, this app will optimize your Android’s background service when you’re using high-speed apps like heavy graphics games.

Game Booster/ Play Games Faster and Smoother

It can work with rooted and non-rooted phones.  With it, you get to play games without disturbance of calls and unnecessary notifications. It also saves your battery life and helps you manage your phone’s memory regardless of any hardware limitations on your Android phone.

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How to Download and Install a Game Booster on Android Devices

  • Before following any of these steps, be sure your internet is set to ‘on
  • On your phone, open the menu and find the PlayStore. Or Simply click any of the links in this article to go straight to the game download page.
  • Tap on the Playstore App. When you are in, type the app name in the search bar
  • When you see the app you are looking for, open it and tap on download
  • Upon download, proceed to install the app. After installing the game booster, find it on your phone’s menu options. Tap on the app and enable a one-tap option if it has
  • Before playing your game, be sure to enable the game booster, and you should then be ready for a great gaming experience

Most gamers worry about inconsistent hardware issues when downloading high-tech games with above-average graphics. While you may not be able to control the hardware issues, you can download any one of the best game boosters for Android devices recommended in this guide.

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