7 Best Games like Harvest Moon with Marriage

By John Adebimitan

Everyone loves romance – at least most people. Harvest Moon is one of the most popular games that allow characters to fall in love and even get married. While enjoying other interesting activities, you get to meet your soul mate, make them fall for you before you finally walk them down the aisle. I have put together some of the best games like Harvest Moon with marriage that you’ll love. So you better sit back and get ready to be amazed.

Best Games like Harvest Moon with Marriage

  7. SIMS 4

1. MY TIME AT PORTIA – Best Games like Harvest Moon a Wonderful Life

Your grandpa’s workshop has depreciated and it’s your job to restore the farm to its former glory. All you have to do is grow crops, rear animals, expand the workshop, acquire more tools, create items, commissions and familiarize yourself with the inhabitants of the town, Portia. There are other activities to engage in, such as cooking, fishing, attending in-game festivals, playing mini-games, and explore the land as you like. Valuable items are available for looting but you’ll have to be prepared for the obstacles you’ll meet.

2. STARDEW VALLEY – Best Games like Harvest Moon for Android and iPhone

In this game, you’ll have to take over your grandfather’s dilapidated farm. You just have to perform simple activities such as rearing animals, planting and cultivating crops, crafting items, selling items, and getting familiar with the villagers.

Romance is another interesting feature of this game and you’re not only allowed to get married but also have children. Stardew Valley also has a multiplayer mode so you can perform fun activities with friends and even form relationships with them. The game is also available for Android devices and iPhones running some of the latest iOS.

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3. WORLD’S DAWN – Best Apps Similar to Harvest Moon

If you’re a fan of Harvest Moon, then you’re going to love World’s Dawn. It’s one of the best games like Harvest town with marriage – if not the best. At the start of the game, once you arrive at your new town, you’ll be given a home and you’ll be instructed to get familiar with the inhabitants of the town. As you explore the town, you will gather enough resources which you’ll use to start your new life.

To make an individual fall in love with your character, you’ll have to speak to them daily and give them nice gifts to woo them. You better get prepared because World’s Dawn is definitely going to sway you.

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As a player, you’ll play the role of Sophie, a young lady with mystic powers that gives her the ability to combine items and create something different. But she has no guardian or mentor to teach her how to use her powers effectively.

One day, she stumbles on a magical book that plays the role of a mentor. Sophie then takes it upon herself to restore the book’s human form and memories. There’s a lot of adventure for you in this magical story.

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5. ANIMAL CROSSING – Best 3ds Games like Harvest Moon

Animal Crossing is a very popular game series developed by Nintendo. You live in a town inhabited by anthropomorphic animals. You have no specific goal but you must engage in activities such as fishing, planting crops, and getting yourself acquainted with the other villagers. In this game, you get to customize your characters from scratch, this means you get to choose the gender, name, clothing, and even the hairstyle. You can decorate and expand your house with items you’ll acquire in the game.

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6. RUNE FACTORY 4 – Best Games like Harvest Moon with Marriage

Here’s another amazing game like Harvest Town with marriage. This game is the 6th member of the Rune Factory game series. Your creative skills will be needed in this game as you’ll be crafting equipment for your character. Cook palatable meals, catch fish, battle monsters, get married, and have a child! You get to live your life like a King and do whatever you want with it. You can even get other villagers including your child to fight along with you. Enjoy your new and exciting life at Selphia!

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7. SIMS 4 – Best Games like Harvest Moon and Animal Crossing

At the beginning of the game, you’ll create a neighborhood of customized characters called Sims and make them explore various personalities. As the mood of the SIMs changes, the gameplay also changes. When creating your SIM, there are so many features you can edit; the hairstyle, hair color, fitness, and even the SIMs’ stage of life (baby, toddler, child, teenager, young adult, adult, and elder).

The exciting thing about SIMs 4 is that there are more things to explore. You also get to control the heart of your Sims, so you determine who falls in love with whom. Of all the games like Harvest Town with marriage, this one requires more creative skills. So be ready for creativity.

There you have it, amazing games like Harvest Moon with marriage. The games are self-explanatory and the activities are quite simple to carry out. But I must warn you, once you start, you’re hooked! Don’t stress it, just relax and have fun with the games.

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