Best Mini Projectors for iPhones & Android Mobiles

By John Adebimitan

Once in a while, you just need to cast your movies or presentations from your iPhone to a larger screen. You may just desire a better viewing experience or would want more people to view the content you’re enjoying.

Mini projectors have become more popular because they do virtually everything a regular projector does, but are compact and travel-friendly. Some advantages include the following: they are handy, efficient, and offer clear picture quality.

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The challenge many iPhone users have when they are choosing mini projectors is that they can’t seem to find the perfect balance between size and features. This makes it hard to know what to expect in mini projectors for iPhones. In this article, we’ve come up with a list of the best mini projectors for iPhones, keeping budget, features, and sometimes even sizes in mind.

Best Mini Projectors for iPhones (Pocket Projectors)

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Magnasonic PP60 – Best Mini Projector for iPhone

It is smaller than a mobile phone, it is lightweight, and can even fit in your pocket. Although its resolution is 640 x 360, it can project up to 1080p depending on the iPhone. You can use the provided adapter cable to connect the HDMI port on the mini projector and the charging port of your iPhone.

It can be mounted on a tabletop and also comes with remote control for stress-free adjustments. Although the battery is rated 2,100 mAh, it can barely last 2 hours while in use. However, you can charge the projector while using it simultaneously.

Another downside is that it does not have a USB port for connection of external hard drive directly. This makes it a bit more difficult to display pictures or play other media. That could be something to look forward to in subsequent models.


  • Comes with a protection bag
  • Lightweight and portable


  • Absence of USB port
  • Limited brightness

PTVDISPLAY PTV-P8I – Cheap Mini Projector for iPhone

Nothing makes a projector so desired more than its ability to connect via several interfaces. With its multiple interfaces, you can connect via either the HDMI port or its 2 USB ports. It also has a microSD card slot.

It is Bluetooth enabled; allowing easy wireless connection to external speakers to further project the audio quality of whatever you are casting from your iPhone.

In terms of performance, it is easy to connect and use. The mini projector promises a 1080p HD resolution with crisp picture quality no matter how large you want the screen to be.

With a 4500 mAh rechargeable battery, it will keep working for at most 4 hours. However, we noticed that after some time, the battery drained much faster.


  • Has multiple external interfaces
  • 2 years warranty


  • Short RF range
  • Fragile remote control
  • A slower processor makes the projector hot after some hours of use

Kodak ‎RODPJS75 Ultra Mini – Best Wireless Projector for iPhone

Everything about this projector, its shape, color, and portability, justifies its inclusion in this list of the best mini projectors for iPhones. It is also not too pricey. As an owner, you have more freedom when using it because there are HDMI, USB, and microSD card ports on the mini projector.

It has just one button, making onboard control as effortless as it could be, even for a first-timer. It does not require any complicated connections. It supports multicolor picture quality and its 30 ANSI lumen guarantees great brightness. However, the video quality it produces depends on the video quality of your iPhone.

We noticed that its picture quality isn’t too great when the room is not dark, but it still does the job.


  • Compatible with iPhones, Android devices, and laptops
  • Portable and lightweight
  • Built-in speakers


  • Not Full HD
  • Might need several reconnections to work smoothly

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Vamvo ‎S1 Ultra Mini – Best Mobile Projector for Android

If you want an almost silent mini projector, this is your ideal pick. When in use, you would normally not hear the sound of its fan. It can fit into your back pocket but can display to a screen as large as a room’s wall. With one full charge, it can work for about two hours.

It supports Aux, USB, and HDMI inputs.

It has a single touch button and remote control. With these features, you can sit back and adjust brightness, sound, image scaling, amongst other settings.

It is a folding lens projector that automatically shuts down when folded and turns back on when opened. The picture quality isn’t as great as other mini projectors on this list, but it is still perfect for indoor use.


  • Compact and travel friendly
  • Budget-friendly mini projector
  • Quiet operation with almost no fan noise


  • No keystone correction
  • Does not support wireless connectivity

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AKASO WT50 – Best Mini Projector for Mobile Phones Under $1000

With 50 ANSI lumens, you can get vibrant colors and crystal-clear picture quality while watching your favorite shows.

The lens was designed to project up to an angle of 120 degrees.

The package includes 360 degrees rotatable support bracket. Just as expected of any product on this list of best mini projectors for iPhone, it also supports multiple interfaces with HDMI, USB, microSD card, and wireless connections.

It has a large 5000 mAh capacity battery that promises to keep it working for at most 4 hours on a single charge.

It is pricey but delivers value for your money.

Its advanced DLP technology gives it distortion correction and autofocus settings. It can either be adjusted on the remote control or the touchscreen on the mini projector.


  • Great picture quality
  • Wi-Fi is easy to set up
  • Built-in speaker


  • The remote control lags
  • Keystone correction does not work with HDMI connection
  • Pricey

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