8 Best PS4 Controllers with Paddles [Cheap Options]

By John Adebimitan

Paddles can be customized and modified to respond to a wide range of inputs. This generally helps to improve your performance while reducing your hand use and movements.

Getting the best PS4 controllers with paddles can be very challenging as there are not many big companies producing quality high-end game controllers with this feature. So we tested a couple of controllers and now have this list of the best PS4 controllers that come with back paddles.

Best PS4 Controllers with Paddles [High-end, Cheap and Custom Options]

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Elite Series 2 – Best controller with paddles for XBOX gamers

This customized Xbox Elite Series 2 controller features a vibrant robot design while retaining all the great features of the standard Elite controller. Furthermore, this controller features a red color on its front and a soft touch finish.

Elite Series 2 - Best controller with paddles for XBOX gamers

Hence, it will be your best option if you’re looking for a gaming controller with paddles, a single color, and a statement-making appearance. Besides, the custom Xbox Elite Series 2 controller has excellent comfort tailored to fit all hand sizes.

In addition, it features a wide range of interchangeable product parts that will help you quickly gain a competitive advantage. For example, you can use the Xbox Accessories App to customize the controller’s buttons to your preferences.

Moreover, the controller is compatible with Xbox One, Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, and PC. To make things better, apart from its paddles, the custom Xbox Elite Series 2 controller offers a 40-hour battery life.

Elite Series 2 - Best controller with paddles for XBOX gamers

As a result, with a single charge, you can play your favorite games for up to 40 hours without needing to charge. This makes the custom Xbox Elite Series 2 controller one of the best PS4 controllers with paddles available today.

SCUF Instinct Pro Steel – Best controller with paddles for high-end FPS gamers

In the world of eSports, where professional gamers require the best performance from their controllers, SCUF is arguably the leader in custom controllers. The Instinct Pro was created as a high-performance gaming controller for use with the Xbox.

SCUF Instinct Pro Steel - Best controller with paddles for high-end FPS gamers

The first wireless performance controller was explicitly made for the Xbox Series X|S. Furthermore, it was introduced in the middle of 2021 and included features like a paddle control system.

The controller body has a modified ergonomic form for greater control, yet it is shaped like the normal Xbox controller. Impressively, the controller’s thumbsticks, D-pads, and faceplates are all interchangeable.

The SCUF Instinct Pro also boasts a high-performance grip and adjustable Instant Triggers. As a matter of fact, you can even save profiles for various games and reassign all the buttons and triggers.

The SCUF Instinct Pro retail box is relatively safe and prominently branded. The controller and its features are depicted on the box’s outside.

SCUF Instinct Pro Steel - Best controller with paddles for high-end FPS gamers

The controller may be seen inside the box after removing the outer sleeve and opening the flap. I discovered a gray Instinct Pro when I opened the package.

The two joysticks and the D-pad were covered in foam to help keep them safe. The user guide and the accessories were behind the controller when I pulled it out.

A replacement set of joysticks, a USB-C cable, and a pair of AA batteries were also included with the controller. To be sincere, this controller feels extremely good in the hand.

SCUF Instinct Pro Steel - Best controller with paddles for high-end FPS gamers

Its performance grip is unmistakable, and the weight is comparable to that of the standard Xbox controller, but it feels more balanced.

PowerA FUSION Pro 2 – Best controller with removable back paddles

Consumers benefit greatly from third-party controllers. They can offer a respectable substitute at a reasonable price and force console manufacturers to produce a quality product.

PowerA FUSION Pro 2 - Best controller with removable back paddles

In fact, this controller costs roughly half as much as an official Xbox Elite Series 2 controller and £20 more than the basic Xbox Series wireless controller. However, considering that a wired controller costs roughly £80, I’m sure I’m not the only one who believes that this must provide a good enough product to make the fact that it is wired unimportant.

PowerA FUSION Pro 2 - Best controller with removable back paddles

In this case, what do you get for your money? Unlike the Xbox Elite controller, you can choose between two magnetic faceplates, one black and one white.

These can be modified based on your preferences because they are pretty simple to replace. The thumbsticks on the Power A are removable, just like those on the Xbox Elite controller, and two sets are included in the box.

There are two taller thumbsticks, one of which is convex in shape, and the standard height thumbsticks that feel and look almost exactly like the standard Series controller in terms of grip and color.

It has what it refers to as a mappable pro pack, a square attachment with four programmable paddles that rest in the middle of the controller’s back. Depending on how many paddles you need or want, the paddles themselves can be changed to either two or one.

PowerA FUSION Pro 2 - Best controller with removable back paddles

Each of the triggers has a 3-way trigger lock to regulate how deeply they can be depressed. Besides, the controller’s 3.5mm jack port also has a volume dial that can be used to mute the microphone and change the volume of headphones or a wired headset plugged directly into it.

The Fusion Pro 2 controller has a stylish travel case, much like the Elite, so it can be safely transported when playing on the go or stored away to store all the replacement parts. This easily makes this one of the best PS4 controllers with paddles.

EXknight Leverback FPS Mechanical Paddles Attachment

The EXknight Leverback paddles attachment is expertly made to fit the official standard PS5 DualSense controllers ergonomically. Furthermore, the attachment is made of sturdy and long-lasting materials made of zinc alloy.

The EXknight Leverback attachment’s ideal placement provides easy access to the paddles’ and offers a comfortable feeling. You will experience no delay and have the same sensation as if you press the button directly.

Lastly, if you want to install and remove, the attachment is straightforward and not difficult to set up. Due to how easy it is, there’s no need to disassemble your controller before installing and removing it.

Bionik VULKAN – Best controller with paddles for PC and consoles

Bionik VULKAN somewhat resembles an Xbox Elite controller. Moreover, the layout and shape of the four paddles on its back are similar to those of an Xbox Elite controller.

In addition to the layout, the Bionik VULKAN controller has incredibly smooth action triggers similar to the Xbox One controllers. Also, the analog sticks feel best and function very well.

Moving on, the Bionik VULKAN enhances gamers to make choices for tall and short analog sticks. For that, the design concept is that the analog sticks are screwable into place instead of using magnets.

Meanwhile, the disc-shaped D-pad on the controller is actually quite comfortable. However, unlike the Xbox Elite, it cannot be removed and swapped out for a cross.

That aside, the Bionik VULKAN controller programmable paddles and small buttons at the back are somewhat limited. For instance, the small buttons only map to the front buttons (A, X, Y, and B), while paddles map to the LB, RB, LT, RT, LS, and RS buttons.

As a result, the paddles and triggers can only be programmed using those buttons. So, using some buttons and paddles on the Bionik VULKAN can sometimes be challenging.

The last con of the Bionik VULKAN is that it uses AA batteries to operate. However, you can use the detachable cable included to plug it in directly.

However, you won’t be able to play at any angle in your house, making this one of the best PS4 controllers with paddles.

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Nacon 311608 – Best Custom PS4 Controller with Paddles

If you’re switching to PS4 from an Xbox gaming console, maybe you’d like a controller that wouldn’t be completely different. The Nacon 311608 is one very ergonomic controller; it feels great on the touch and comes with a pretty powerful battery life that runs for close to 9 hours nonstop.

The Nacon 311608 also comes with a couple of different customization options, like 3 sets of weights that can be added to the controller as you see fit. It comes with domed thumbsticks and variable shaft sizes that help to decrease the turn radius. You enjoy a better, more ergonomic grip.

The Nacon 311608 also comes with a couple of different lighting features. You’re also going to get a lot more customization features when you link the controller to the Nacon software. You can change the light settings and the button assignments of all the buttons on the controller, including the back paddles.

Scuf Vantage 2 – Best Scuf PS4 Controller with Paddles

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Scuf Vantage 2 is probably the best Scuf PS4 controller with paddles. Scuf Vantage 2 comes in two different variants; one is wired, and the other is wireless. The controller comes with a USB controller, can be charged with a micro USB cord, and comes in a protective travel case that keeps the controller safe as you move.

The Scuf Vantage 2 is a highly customizable controller, and it’s being used by some of the best eSports gamers. It comes with software that allows you to tailor the controller to your playing style.

The Scuf Vantage 2 comes with over 60 removable magnetic faceplates and interchangeable parts, which you can easily switch between and customize for your setup. The paddle design also helps improve ergonomics, with no pain on your hand as you grip and switch between the different controls.

The design of the gaming controller itself, which looks like that of an Xbox, is another outstanding feature of the Scuf Vantage 2. Its design is solid, lightweight, and very easy to grip, and the surface texture ensures that it doesn’t slip even if you sweat on your palms. The Scuf Vantage 2 easily passes as one of the best PS4 controllers with paddles.

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SCUF INFINITY4PS PRO – Best Cheap Scuf Controller for PS4

SCUF INFINITY4PS PRO – Best Cheap Scuf Controller for PS4

The cheapest Scuf controller for PS4 is the SCUF INFINITY4PS PRO.

But the fact that it’s a cheaper Scuf controller doesn’t make it cheap in any way; in fact, it sports some of the best features you’re looking for in a controller for pro gaming.

The SCUF INFINITY4PS PRO is a PS4 elite controller with paddles. With its paddles, you’re able to keep your thumbs on the thumbsticks while you continue performing advanced moves with the back paddles.

It comes with Quick Shift Trigger stops that allow you to activate the various activation points on the trigger stop. This feature helps to reduce trigger movements that aren’t necessary. This makes it an amazing option for shooter games.

Are Scuf Controllers Cheating?

No, using Scuf controllers isn’t cheating. This is because scuf controllers are still analog controllers, so the only advantage you seem to get from either Scuf or any other high-end controller is maneuverability. This means you can still control your character in-game without lifting your thumbs from the sticks. But outside this, there isn’t much of an advantage over other gamers.

Do Scuf Paddles Work On Regular Controller?

No, Scuf paddles don’t work on regular controllers, so you can’t use them on a normal controller. This is because there isn’t a place to put the Scuf Elite paddles on a regular controller.

Do Paddles Help With Fortnite?

Yes, paddles do and will help with Fortnite gaming. You’ll be able to keep your thumb on the thumbsticks while using essential control options like reloading and jumping.

What Is The Point Of A Scuf Controller?

A Scuf controller is designed to decrease the use of your hands, and it works to reduce latency with ergonomics. A Scuf controller is used to improve comfort; it reduces the movement of your hand and fingers. You’re able to control more of your in-game character while doing less work.

Can You Use Xbox Elite Controller on PS4?

Yes, you can use the Xbox Elite controller on PS4. You just have to plug the Xbox One controller into the first port on the hub. You then connect the PS4 controller to the fourth port. You should now turn the PS4 ON, and it should be working just fine.

Does PS4 Have An Elite Controller?

Yes, Scuf Gaming has some of the best Elite-Like controllers for PS4. The Scuf Vantage 2 we spoke about earlier comes with features like button remapping, side-mount buttons, a faceplate that can be removed and interchanged, and four back paddles for games like Fortnite and COD.

Do paddle controllers make sense?

First-person shooters who require quick reflexes and competitive games like Fortnite benefit greatly from controllers with paddles. Hence, for FPS gamers, paddle controllers make sense.

Why do people use computer controllers?

Although console gaming is where controllers are most frequently utilized, many PC players also have them in their toolbox. Controllers are more portable, especially if you have wireless controllers, which is one of the main reasons they are preferred.

Are controller paddles necessary?

Gaming with controller paddles is good, but only for a certain kind of gaming. For example, when holding a controller in the traditional manner, your thumbs are primarily responsible for controlling the thumbsticks and buttons. However, the paddles at the controller’s back can keep all other fingers busy.

How much time does it take to adjust to using paddles?

First, ignore the front buttons until you feel confident using all of the paddles. So, it can take up to two weeks of consistent use to get used to them.

Meanwhile, with your thumb on the thumbstick, you can jump, crouch/slide, swap weapons, reload, and interact while being prepared for anything that may come your way.

What does claw grip mean on a controller?

When using a controller, the claw grip technique lets users quickly hit the buttons while keeping their thumb on the right stick and middle finger on the trigger(s).

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