Best Ways For Men To Carry Cell Phones

By John Adebimitan

One of the many daily struggles of men everywhere is how to carry their cell phones. Women tend to have it easier, in this case, thanks to their wide collection of purses and bags. However, men are not very big on bags, so what are the best ways for men to carry cell phones since they don’t carry purses?

We’re so glad you asked. While it might be easier for women to carry cell phones, there are also comfortable and stylish ways for men to carry cell phones which will be discussed in this article. To place both genders on the same level for a moment – what about when you don’t have pockets? This can happen to both men and women. Stick around for our solution to this as well.

Best Ways For Men To Carry Cell Phones

One of the best ways for men to carry cell phones is in a cross-body fanny pack. Not only does it look good, but it can come in different shapes, sizes, and designs. It is a creative and convenient addition to your style and it allows you to come up with different ways to wear it – pairing it with different outfits as you see fit. We highly recommend wearing them over the shoulder.

We know men are not typically fashionistas, but we promise this is a fun way to add some spice to your outfits – plus, your phone will be safe and at arm’s length. The fanny pack could also be used to hold other things like a wallet, keys, and sunglasses.

Don’t like this option? Here are some more ways for men to carry cell phones:

Hiking Waist Pack

The hiking waist pack is another fashionable way for men to carry cell phones. It comes with two straps – one that goes around your waist as expected and an extra one that goes around your thigh. These are typically for hiking but are also good for everyday use. Just like the fanny pack, they can carry other things too and come in different colors.

The hiking waist pack is also practical for when you have errands to run and would be moving around a lot. Asides from your phone, it can hold other necessities.


This is a favorite for runners or gym lovers. Armbands are typically used to hold your phones while you run or work out. It comes with an adjustable Velcro strap that secures your phone to your arm. This option is more limited to certain situations.

Phone Holster

The phone holster is one of the best ways for men to carry cell phones. It might be a bit limited in the sense that it does not come in different colors – but it is also not limited because some come with multiple pockets and zips. The phone holster is typically attached to the belt loop on pants or trousers. It is also safe and ideal for when you can’t or don’t want to use your pockets.

Running Belt

A running belt is another sleek way for men to carry cell phones. It is typically used when exercising but it can work for some other activities. The belt like a regular waistband is stretchable to adjust to your size, it comes with pockets to carry phones and other little things. The stretchable material even allows for bigger cell phones. The running belt can either go over or under your shirt.

Cargo Pants

If you are open to making additions to your wardrobe, then you should get cargo pants. This works well for both genders and it has enough pockets to securely hold your phone and several other things. For men, they can be styled just like any other pair of pants, and for women, they can be super fashionable with many different combinations.


Duh! You can always put your phone in your pockets. However, as a man, you might want to avoid putting your phone in the front pocket of your pants right next to your valued organs. It might be uncomfortable depending on your activities for the day, but it might also have a negative impact on your reproductive health.

It can also harm your heart, so it is advised to not put a phone in your shirt pocket too often. The alternative is side pockets in cargo pants, back pockets, or inner jacket or coat pockets. We don’t recommend back pockets because the phone can easily be stolen or damaged by being sat on.

How To Carry Cell Phone When Walking

Asides from holding it in your hand, some of the best ways to carry cell phones when walking include:

  1. Fanny pack
  2. Wrist strap
  3. Phone holster
  4. Lanyard
  5. Shoulder bag
  6. Waist pack
  7. Running belt
  8. Inner pockets
  9. Money belt

How To Carry Cell Phones When You Have No Pockets

Here are some ways to carry cell phones when you have no pockets:

  1. Armbands
  2. Shoulder holster
  3. Bra with side pockets (JoeyBra)
  4. Underwear with pockets
  5. Bracelet phone
  6. Phone wallet
  7. Drawstring backpack
  8. Garter purse
  9. Yoga pants with pockets
  10. Doc shoes or other boots
  11. Leg band holder
  12. Magnetic phone pouch (RooSport)
  13. Handheld running case
  14. Bra clip (Koala clip)
  15. Fanny pack
  16. Wrist strap
  17. Phone holster
  18. Lanyard
  19. Shoulder bag
  20. Vests
  21. Waist pack
  22. Running belt
  23. Inner pockets
  24. Money belt

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How To Carry Large Smartphones

The best way to safely and securely carry a large smartphone is by carrying a small bag. You can carry either a fanny pack, drawstring backpack, shoulder bag, or waist pack. You can also use a phone holster, shoulder holster, or running belt. Other ways to carry large smartphones include a lanyard, inner pockets, vests, leg band holder, garter purse, and phone wallet.


This article enumerates the best ways for men to carry cell phones without a bag and look super stylish. We personally like the fanny pack and cargo pants – they work for both men and women and look incredibly cool when worn right. If you’re a fan of the ‘alte look’, then you should add these to your wardrobe.

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