Can AirPods Be Tracked By Serial Number? Here’s What You Need to Know

By John Adebimitan

Have you lost your AirPods and are now wondering if they can be tracked by serial number? Are you worried that tracking them is impossible because there’s no GPS in the device? I’ve been there too! With any small portable device, losing it can be an incredibly frustrating experience.

In this article, I’ll answer the key question: Can AirPods be tracked using a serial number? Together we’ll explore all the ways to track a lost pair of AirPods, from using Find My app on your iPhone or iPad to unlocking their full potential with various third-party apps. We’ll also look at which methods work best for different scenarios, such as outdoors vs indoors. By the end of this article, you will know exactly how to find and recover your precious Airpods even if you don’t have access to a GPS signal! So let’s get started!
So, can airpods be tracked by serial number? Yes, AirPods can be tracked by their serial number.

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can airpods be tracked by serial number?

Yes, AirPods can be tracked by serial number. Each set of AirPods comes with a unique serial number that is printed on the charging case. You can use this serial number to register your AirPods and track them if they are ever lost or stolen.

Can AirPods Be Tracked By Serial Number? Here's What You Need to Know

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How to Locate the Serial Number on AirPods and Their Charging Case

AirPods Serial Number
With the widespread adoption of wireless headphones, it can be tricky to locate your AirPods serial number. The identifying numbers on your AirPods are printed on the inside of the charging case and also in different locations on each pod. Knowing how to find this number can come in handy if you need to file an insurance claim, exchange a faulty product or simply for reference should you ever need it.

When looking for your AirPod serial number, start by opening up their Charging Case lid and look at the bottom surface of each individual earphone – it should be printed there along with other information like model numbers and part identification codes. If that doesn’t work out then just check within their Charging Case itself; a white label is placed at one end of its interior which contains all these details including that elusive serial number.

Serial Number on Charging Case

But what about if you want to only know what’s written on the Charging Case? Well, fortunately there’s another way; after flipping open your box lid just turn over its underside. There’s usually some extra text printed here including all relevant data including the serial code (it could also be under some adhesive tape). On iPhones this info is even easier accessible as it has been conveniently placed both outside (on its exterior) and inside right next to where the Lightning connector is located.

Part Identification Codes & Model Numbers

Aside from locating that precious 6-digit serial code don’t forget about other important information found among those letters and digits such as:

  • Part Identification Code.
  • Model Number.

. These two pieces of data will ultimately help when claiming warranty or exchanging faulty products so make sure they’re jotted down alongside that main airpod identifier!

can airpods be tracked by serial number?

Registering Your AirPods Using Their Serial Number for Warranty Purposes

Discovering Your AirPods’ Serial Number: If you own a pair of AirPods and want to register them for warranty purposes, you’ll need the serial number. The serial number is printed on the inside of the charging case lid. To access it, open the lid and look at its base – there will be a small text that reads something like “*AP/N1*****” (where * denotes a letter or number). This is your AirPods’ serial number. You can use this for registration or warranty purposes.

Registering Your AirPods Using Their Serial Number: Now that you’ve found your AirPods’ serial number, you can begin registering it with Apple in order to protect your purchase under their standard one-year limited warranty period. To start this process, simply go to Apple’s website and click on “registration” (or search for it in their search bar). From there, fill out all of the necessary information regarding your product purchase and include the serial number when prompted. Once completed, your product should now be protected by Apple’s one-year limited warranty!

Keeping Track Of Your Registration Details: It’s important to keep track of all details pertaining to your product registration so that if needed in future cases involving repair or replacement services from Apple Support Services then things will be smoother running without any hiccups along the way due to incorrect information being provided etcetera. You can do this easily either by keeping screenshots of all related pages from when registering online; saving PDF documents generated during said process; or writing down physical notes onto paper regarding pertinent info used while registering – e.g.: date registered; type/model purchased; contact details included within said form entry etcetera,.

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