How to Record Audio with Your AirPods: A Step-by-Step Guide

By John Adebimitan

Are you wondering if your AirPods can record audio? You’re not alone. With the rise of podcasting and streaming, more and more people are looking for ways to capture their voice in high-quality sound without having to purchase expensive recording equipment. Well, I’m here to tell you that it’s absolutely possible!

In this article, I’ll explain what AirPods are capable of in terms of recording audio. We’ll cover how the audio is recorded through your device, whether different models have various capabilities, and any additional hardware or software that might be needed to get the job done. After reading this piece, you will have a better understanding of how recordings are made with AirPods and exactly what’s required for decent quality output. So let’s get started on our journey into the world of recording with AirPods!
So, can airpods record audio? Yes, AirPods can record audio.

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can airpods record audio?

No, AirPods are not designed to record audio. They are wireless earbuds that connect with your device and allow you to listen to music or take calls wirelessly.

How to Record Audio with Your AirPods: A Step-by-Step Guide

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Recording Audio Using Voice Memos on iOS Devices with AirPods

Recording audio using Voice Memos on iOS devices with AirPods is so easy that anyone, regardless of their technical proficiency, can quickly be up and running. All that is required to get started is an iOS device with the latest version of the Voice Memos app installed and a pair of Apple’s wireless headphones, AirPods.

To begin recording, simply open your Voice Memos app and select ‘Record’ from the top right hand corner. A red record button will appear in the centre of your screen – this indicates that you are now recording audio through your AirPods onto your iOS device. Once you are finished recording simply press theStopbutton in order to stop capturing sound. It really is as simple as that!

Not only does recording with AirPods provide superior sound quality compared to built-in microphones but it also frees up movement when capturing audio because there no wires attached to restrict you. Moreover, since all recordings done using Voice Memo are automatically stored directly into iCloud storage they exist across multiple platforms allowing for easy editing and sharing capabilities wherever you may be located around the world without having to worry about manually transferring large files between devices or relying on unreliable internet connections like wifi or cellular data. Recording audio has never been easier!

can airpods record audio?

Third-Party Apps for Recording Audio with AirPods on iPhones and iPads

The Basics
Most of us are familiar with Apple’s AirPods, the popular Bluetooth headphones that offer great sound quality and have become a must-have device for many iPhone and iPad users. But did you know that there are actually third-party apps available to help you record audio with your AirPods? These apps can be used to capture conversations, podcasts, interviews, lectures – any kind of audio – right from your device.

Understanding How it Works
To use one of these apps for recording audio on an iPhone or iPad with AirPods requires connecting the two devices via Bluetooth in order for them to talk to each other. Once connected, the app will recognize the AirPods as an input source and allow you to start recording right away. You’ll be able to adjust settings like gain levels and monitor your recordings if needed.

Some Popular Apps Available

  • Voice Recorder & Audio Editor by Rev
  • Just Press Record
  • Microphone by Wondershare
  • Easy Voice Recorder Pro

These are just some of the more popular apps available that make it easy to record audio using your AirPods on iPhones or iPads. Each one offers slightly different features so do some research before downloading one and see which suits your needs best!

Audio Quality of Recorded Sounds Using Airpods: Pros and Cons

The Pros:

When it comes to audio quality, AirPods are considered one of the top products on the market. They feature a high-quality sound that is far superior to most other headphones or earbuds. The sound quality provided by AirPods is quite impressive, as they have a great range and clarity when listening to music or podcasts. Additionally, their noise cancellation helps reduce distracting background noises so you can hear only what you want clearly without any interference. AirPods also come with built-in features like voice control and auto pause which allows users to easily switch between different audio tracks with just a few taps or swipes of their fingers.

The Cons:

As wonderful as AirPods may be for providing excellent audio quality while recording sounds, there are some drawbacks that need to be taken into consideration. For starters, due to their small size they may not provide enough ambient sound when recording in noisy environments such as concerts or outdoors settings. This could lead to an overall poorer sound quality than larger headphones may provide in certain situations. Additionally, although more expensive than average earbuds or headphones, Airpods still won’t compare in terms of audio fidelity compared to studio headphones which are often used professionally for recordings.


Overall, if you’re looking for an affordable way of improving your recorded sounds without spending too much money then investing in a pair of AirPods will give you an immediate upgrade from cheaper alternatives found at most stores. Being able to take advantage of all the features that come with them such as noise cancellation and voice control makes them incredibly useful when using them during recordings both indoors and out. However keeping in mind that they won’t offer the same level of accuracy and fidelity found in studio grade equipment means consumers should make sure they understand exactly what kind results they’re expecting before making any purchases decisions related specifically towards enhancing recorded Sounds using airpods

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