Can I Switch SIM Cards between Phones on Verizon?

By John Adebimitan

Can I switch SIM cards between phones on Verizon? That is the million-dollar question we will be talking about in this article, as it has become a thing for many people to have sudden needs to swap SIM cards between phones. In many parts of the world, the answer to this question would be a simple “Yes,” as mobile devices are not locked to certain carriers like internet modems are.

But for Verizon Wireless in the United States, things could get pretty tricky, and the answer to the question would surely now be based on a few factors. But let’s see if it’s possible to do this and if there are any workarounds for anyone looking to switch Verizon SIM cards between phones seamlessly.

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Can I Switch SIM Cards Between Phones on Verizon?

Yes, you can switch SIM cards between phones on Verizon as long as both phones are Verizon smartphones and you have an active Verizon plan. But if the new device is locked to another carrier, no, you won’t be able to switch SIM cards between phones.

That’s the short answer to the question, “Can I switch SIM cards between phones on Verizon?” let’s try to share something even more detailed, as that will help you decide what your next actions will be.

Mobile carriers in the United States have a system where the smartphones you buy on the market are locked to their networks, at least for some time.

SIM cards are locked to each network’s internet router, your phones are locked to your carrier, and SIM cards from other carriers won’t be working on them.

So you would want to confirm that the phone you’re switching the SIM to can find and serve Verizon network services; if not, then you would have to buy a SIM card and get a plan with the company that that phone’s network is locked to.

If you are yet to buy the phone you’d like to swap to and you’re wondering if it’s possible to switch your SIM card between phones without having to register with a new carrier, then there is one way to go around this. You’d need to get an unlocked phone. With a quick Amazon search, I was able to find these unlocked smartphones, and that’s what you’ll need if you want to be able to switch your SIM card to a phone not locked to the Verizon network and be able to continue using your Verizon plan.

How to Switch Phones on Verizon

  1. Start: Log into your Verizon account and find the ‘Swap Numbers‘ page.
  2. Choose Phones: Pick the two phones you want to switch. Press ‘Next’. (Make sure your phones can be switched.)
  3. Check Plan: You might have to update your plan. If so, update and then hit ‘Confirm’.
  4. Backup Data: Save your contacts and photos. You can:
    • Use your computer (like with iTunes).
    • Use Verizon Cloud.
  5. Begin Activation: Click on ‘Complete Activation’.
  6. Turn Off Phones: Shut down both phones.
  7. Start the Swap: Click on ‘Swap Devices’.
  8. Are They Off? Click ‘Yes’ to confirm.
  9. Activate Phones: Follow the steps to activate Phone #1, then do the same for Phone #2.
  10. Get a Code for Safety: Click “Text Me the Code” on one phone. It’s a security step.
  11. Finish Up: Follow any last steps to finish activating your phones.

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