Can You See Who Redeemed an Amazon Gift Card?

By John Adebimitan

Did you buy an Amazon gift card and it seems someone else has redeemed it? Or does it seem like you’ve been scammed, say by scammers who ask victims to send them Amazon gift cards and you’re unsure if it’s possible to trace the scammer by digging into who might have redeemed an Amazon gift card? Well, let’s see if you can see who redeemed an Amazon gift card and other related queries.

Can You See Who Redeemed an Amazon Gift Card?

No, you can’t see who redeemed an Amazon gift card, and even contacting Amazon for an identity of who might have used a gift card probably won’t turn up with any valuable information because Amazon is big on privacy, and the identity or address of their customers won’t be something they’ll share easily. The best you could do is contacting a representative to check if the Amazon gift card you have has been redeemed.

If you suspect that your Amazon gift card has been redeemed, we encourage asking close family or friends who might have had access to it, either the card or the digits of the card that was sent to your email. If you were gifted an Amazon gift card, you might check with the purchaser who might be able to investigate what could be wrong with the card.

If you bought the Amazon gift card straight from the Amazon website, reaching the Amazon customer support to complain that “the card was redeemed” would require that they investigate what could be wrong, and even though chances of they sharing who used the card are slim, they’ll be able to share more information with you on how to proceed.

If the card was bought from a store, say Walmart or GameStop, you would need to reach the merchant (according to Amazon) to complain that the gift card was already redeemed.

There are cases when people buy Amazon gift cards, they scratch these themselves and are told that the gift cards have been used. In this case, there could be a variety of explanations, one being that the gift card has expired.

Generally, when people get told that a gift card that they bought at a store has been used, or redeemed, chances are that the gift card has expired. By law, a gift card shouldn’t expire until after five years of purchase, but if the gift card isn’t used in 12 months, fees for inactivity or dormancy can be charged to the card each month, and if all the funds on the card have been charged, chances are that it will return as used.

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How to check Amazon gift card balance

You should be able to check an Amazon gift card balance after redeeming, though; you can go to Your Account >> select Gift Cards and then check the balance on any of the gift cards you have redeemed either for an order you’re making or in future purchases.

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How to Transfer Amazon Gift Card Balance to Bank Account or PayPal

When you redeem Amazon gift cards to your Amazon account balance, it is saved as shopping funds in your Amazon account, and you will be able to transfer these funds to a verified bank account anytime.

To transfer Amazon gift card balance to bank account, go to Amazon Pay >> click Shoppers >> you will be able to sign in using your Amazon account details >> click Withdraw Funds >> select the Bank Account you’d like to transfer the balance to >> click Continue. You’ll generally receive the funds in your account in 5 to 7 business days, so it’s a waiting game from here on.

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How to Deal With a Lost Amazon Gift Card

If it’s a hard copy gift card, and you have the receipt from purchasing the card, you might be able to reach Amazon with the details of the gift card and they can cancel the gift card to make it unusable while crediting you with the equivalent. But outside this, when you lose your gift card, and someone has redeemed it somewhere, chances are that you won’t be able to get it back.

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Can I Check An Amazon Gift Card Balance Without Redeeming?

No, you won’t be able to check an Amazon gift card balance without redeeming it. Before redeeming your Amazon gift card, your best chances of knowing how much the card is worth is by checking the front or backside of the card for physical cards, and the email you received for digital cards.

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