Can You Trade In AirPods For AirPods Pro? Here’s What You Need To Know

By John Adebimitan

Are you ready to take your listening experience to the next level? With Apple’s AirPods Pro, you can enjoy a whole new range of features and immersive sound quality. But if you already have AirPods, is it possible to trade them in for the Pro version? The answer may surprise you! Read on to find out more about trading in your original AirPods for an upgrade.

Can You Trade In AirPods For AirPods Pro?

The answer to this question depends on a few factors. Firstly, it is not possible to trade in AirPods for AirPods Pro without purchasing the latter. Apple does not offer any kind of exchange program for their products in this way and you will have to purchase the new model separately. However, if you are looking to upgrade your current pair of AirPods then there are some options available.

Apple currently offers an ‘AirPods Upgrade Program’. If you have purchased either the first-generation or second-generation Airpods (with charging case) within the last year then they can be traded in towards a new set of Airpods Pro at a discounted price. The discount is applied once your old earbuds have been validated by Apple and you’ll receive an online voucher code which can be used during checkout when buying the new model from or an Apple Store location.

It’s worth noting that trading in your old headphones may also incur additional fees depending on their condition when assessed by Apple’s evaluation department; these fees include shipping costs as well as applicable taxes and charges related to returning the device back to them once approved for trade-in value credit. Additionally, if your current earbuds are no longer eligible under Apple’s Trade In program then unfortunately there is no other option than purchasing them outright at full RRP cost – with no discounts being offered whatsoever

How To Trade In Your AirPods For AirPods Pro

The excellence of sound and comfort that come with AirPods Pro make them a great investment, if you have the money. To get these premium earphones, you might want to swap out your old pair for something new. That’s why Apple offers an easy Trade-In Program where you can sell your current AirPods in exchange for a credit towards the purchase of brand new AirPods Pro.

Before trading in or selling your existing set of Airpods, it is important to remember that not all models are eligible for trade-in. Only those with 2nd Generation or later versions qualify; check your model before heading over to Apple’s website or store location. Additionally, bear in mind that only one device can be traded in at a time and credit will only apply to devices purchased from Apple itself – no third party purchases accepted! Be sure to include any charging cases with the original charger and cable when exchanging your previous generation model as well as follow their online instructions carefully so everything goes smoothly.

Once all necessary paperwork is complete and submitted correctly via mail or through the store’s drop off system, Apple will review it within 7 days and provide you with an estimate on how much they are willing to offer as trade-in value – but this is just an estimate; once they receive and inspect your device(s), they may revise this number up or down depending on its condition (dents/scratches/damage). If approved by Apple after inspection then a gift card loaded with Store Credit should arrive soon after which can then be used towards purchasing new airpods pro at authorized retailers such as Walmart or Best Buy!

Advantages and Disadvantages Of Upgrading To AirPods Pro

The prospect of upgrading to a newer version of AirPods can be quite appealing. Although the features and design of the latest iteration – AirPods Pro – may seem tempting, there are both advantages and disadvantages that must be considered before taking the plunge.

One advantage is improved sound quality. The Pro model provides listeners with a deeper bass response and an immersive listening experience, thanks to its active noise cancellation technology. The system also offers transparency mode which allows users to switch between blocking outside noise while still being able to listen in on conversations around them. These features make AirPods Pro perfect for commuters or those who work in noisy environments.

However, one disadvantage is their higher price tag when compared to standard versions of Apple’s wireless headphones. Despite boasting improved sound quality, many potential customers may hesitate due to this significant cost increase as well as the fact that existing models from other brands offer similar capabilities at a much lower price point than Apple’s earbuds. Additionally, some users might find active noise cancellation too powerful for their needs or even uncomfortable due to high levels of pressure over time within their ears; this might create difficulty when using other audio devices such as home theater systems where ambient noise should be heard clearly without interference from ANC components found in the AirPods Pro devices themselves.

Overall good battery life is another benefit that comes with upgrading but it’s important to note that certain features consume more power such as active noise canceling so if you plan on using these regularly then expect charging times between uses will become more frequent than they would otherwise be with traditional Earpods designs/models lacking such advanced functionality altogether

How To Prepare Your AirPods For Trade-In

When looking to swap out your AirPods in exchange for a newer model, it is important to take the necessary steps to ensure that you will get top dollar when you trade them in. To make sure they are in their best possible condition prior to trading them, there are several things you should do before handing over your beloved ear buds.

First and foremost, thoroughly clean your AirPods with a soft microfiber cloth and gentle cleaning solution such as rubbing alcohol or soap and water. Make sure that all crevices of both the case and headphones are free from dirt, dust, lint or residue by scrubbing gently with the cloth. Ensure that each AirPod is completely dried off after cleaning so no moisture remains on any of its components including the charging port hole.

Next up, check for any cosmetic damage that may have occurred throughout use; if there’s visible scratches or dents present on either side of either component then it must be addressed before trading-in as this could result in deductions from final value offered upon exchange. If minor damages can not be contentiously rectified through light buffing then attempt using an airbrush spray paint which has been specially formulated for plastic materials – used sparingly this should restore original color tone while covering existing marks adequately without compromising overall quality or performance capability factors involved with usage experience post transaction completion!

Finally look into resetting all settings back to factory defaults – this includes powering down device completely so it totally shuts off (not just entering sleep mode) before removing connection between connected accounts via Bluetooth menu within phone itself plus deleting existing pairing details memory stored directly within actual headset itself too. Once done go ahead enable ‘Find My’ feature also found under ‘Settings’ tab inside iPhone/iPad app which will help potential buyers quickly locate device if ever lost at some point later date after purchase made already!

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