Cheap Gas Mopeds for Sale under $300 for Adults

By John Adebimitan

We’d be talking about mopeds in today’s article, and specifically cheap gas mopeds for sale under $300 for adults. These bike/bicycles are a rare sight on the market these days, but I thought it nice to create this really short piece for those of you on the lookout for used cheap gas mopeds for sale under $300 for adults. These are very rare as they are now out of active production and circulation since we now have really good scooters and bicycles, and the demand is relatively small.

This article, rather than focusing on individual mopeds, focuses on social media groups and communities of people looking to put their own mopeds up for sale, and you’re sure to find a few deals that would be worth it for you.

Cheap Gas Mopeds for Sale under $300 for Adults – Best Places to Find Good Used Ones

  • Moped Subreddit
  • NYC Mopeds
  • Moped marketplace
  • Leicester Mopeds
  • Moped, NoPed

Moped Subreddit

The subreddit named r/moped is probably the first place to look in your search for used mopeds for sale.

Since you’d rarely find these at any retailers, your best bet will be communities of moped enthusiasts where we’ve seen people put up their mopeds for sale.

Cheap Gas Mopeds for Sale under $300 for Adults

You will surely be able to get high-quality moped builds from users who have mostly taken good care of their mopeds.

For the price, we have seen people put up mopeds for sale under $300, while we have seen some really expensive moped deals pulled off on the platform.

NYC Mopeds

If you live in the New York area, the NYC mopeds is a group you could check out for sales of mopeds by owners near you. On a quick look, we found a couple of mopeds on sale, and these range from gas to electric mopeds.

For those looking to repair their own mopeds, you can easily buy moped parts from other users or sellers in the NYC area.

Moped marketplace

While you might not find plenty of mopeds on sale here compared to NYC mopeds, this marketplace deals more in the trading and sales of moped parts. We occasionally see users putting mopeds on sales, some being under $300, with others going as high as $1000.

Cheap Gas Mopeds for Sale under $300 for Adults

Most of the sellers are based in the United States, so purchasing either used mopeds or moped spare parts isn’t too much of a hassle.

I should mention that if you choose to use any of these communities, rather than just waiting until mopeds are posted, you can make requests for mopeds, clearly stating your budget.

Leicester Mopeds

One of the interesting things about this community is that you have a lot more people posting things for sale than actual buyers.

Cheap Gas Mopeds for Sale under $300 for Adults

The Leicester mopeds is a community, and users generally post bikes, mopeds, parts, and safety equipment for sale. If you are in the UK, and wouldn’t mind getting somewhere close to look for a cheap moped, then you can give this a look.

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Moped, NoPed

Another very large community where you can easily buy and put mopeds up for sale without stress. The community has a stronger base here in the United States, hence many of the mopeds being put on sale are actually by users here in the United States.

Cheap Gas Mopeds for Sale under $300 for Adults

Depending on your distance from the seller, you might be able to personally check the mopeds and see if you’d like to close the deal.

The Mopeds on sale are in different price ranges, but you will find a good number of them that are either under $300 or within that range.

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