Dell C2722DE 27” Video Conferencing Monitor Review

By John Adebimitan

Presently one of the bestselling video conferencing monitors on the market, this 27 inches Dell video conferencing monitor, the Dell C2722DE, remains one product we couldn’t help but try our hands-on, create a Dell C2722DE 27” video conferencing monitor review and recommend to you guys.

Before now, a video conferencing monitor isn’t one of the biggest types of monitors you will find around, but the pandemic of 2020 created a need for monitors with webcams, speakers, and microphones, and here is one of the newest on the market.

Dell C2722DE 27” Video Conferencing Monitor Review – The Release

The Dell C2722DE 27” video conferencing monitor was released at the CES 2021, and while announcing the new monitor, the company touted it as being the first 27 inches QHD video conferencing monitor from them that is certified for Microsoft Teams.

The monitor comes with the Teams button that you can tap and have all your chats and calls pulled up instantly. This is especially perfect for millions of people right now, since many people are still working, schooling, and staying at home in many parts of the world.

Let’s take an even closer look at the monitor as a whole and see just how much of this amazing piece of tech we’d come to love.


One of the best features of the monitor for us is the slim and sleek design that was maintained especially when we consider the range of ports and features it comes with. On the back, you have the monitor stand that supports a full range of adjustments, from tilting to swiveling to adjusting the height to your eye levels. The trapezium base of the stand gets a pass as it was very stable and you shouldn’t experience shaky screens.

It comes in a matte black and silver combination, making it a great fit for workstations. The screen is also free of bezels on three sides, so you get one of the best view ranges when working. At 12.7 pounds, we thought the weight was healthy especially when compared to other monitors in this price and feature range.

The chassis was made out of plastic, and while we noticed it comes with enough reinforcing to ensure that there are no issues like flexing or cracking, we felt the quality of the chassis could have been better, as it didn’t feel really dope on touch.

I also did appreciate the presence and positioning of the On-Screen Display joystick that makes accessing and changing settings and features pretty easy and seamless. And I think that of all the design features, this is one I especially appreciate.

Have I mentioned that the webcam is a popup webcam? Well, yea, and the fact that its pop-up means you can easily move the monitor without having to worry about breaking the camera; in fact, since we have been assisting users to get monitors with webcams, one of the biggest struggles will be suggesting something with a webcam that wouldn’t break quickly, so this is a pass in our books.

In addition to the 5MP IR camera with a 2MP zoom that comes with the Dell C2722DE 27” video conferencing monitor, you also get dual 5W integrated speakers that are clear, and vibrant in any workplace. The monitor also comes with a noise-canceling microphone for your video conferencing meetings on Zoom, Skype, Microsoft Teams, and Google hangout.

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Screen, Display, Refresh Rate, Response Time, and Color

The Dell C2722DE 27” video conferencing monitor comes with a 27 inches screen, a 2560 X 1440 resolution, a 5MS response time, and a 60Hz refresh rate. 27-inch 1440p monitors are some of the most on-demand monitors for people who need a monitor for productivity, and this one passes.

On the quality of the display, the screen doesn’t affect your eyes and it isn’t too sharp to read on. On the lighting, this monitor comes with a 350 cd/2 rated backlight, it comes with a 1000:1 aspect ratio as we find on most IPS panels on the market. One of the biggest downsides for us, though, was the fact that it’s more suited as a business and productivity monitor and less as something for recreation and entertainment, and that is fairly noticeable in the speed and HDR.

When watching videos, and using this monitor for video conferencing meetings on Zoom, Google Hangout, Microsoft Teams, and Skype, colors are some of the things the Dell C2722DE 27” video conferencing monitor gets perfectly. The colors looked realistic, the contrast was great, the photos were sharp, the colors were well-saturated, and you could see every detail, whether you’re in dark or bright areas.

I can’t complete this Dell C2722DE 27” video conferencing monitor review without mentioning that the display covers 100% sRGB color space, it comes with around 140.2% color gamut and an 85% DCI-P3. We didn’t like that the default accuracy was just not that great as the dE was set to around 3.13, hence you’d need to do some color calibration.

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Dell C2722DE 27” video conferencing monitor Ports

Can we even close this Dell C2722DE 27” video conferencing monitor review without a mention of the ports it spots? This is one monitor with a good number of really useful ports, a modern monitor with modern ports if you will. There is an HDMI port, two DisplayPort connectors, and one DisplayPort-out for daisy-chaining additional monitors using the DisplayPort’s Multi-Stream Transport.

There are also two upstream USB-C ports [one is for only data, while the second supports DisplayPort over the USB alternate mode] that supply up to 90 watts of power delivery, so you will be able to charge a laptop that is connected to the monitor, either a MacBook, HP or Dell. This is the Always On Power Delivery feature that lets you charge your laptop with your monitor even when said monitor is turned off.

You’d also be getting four USB 3.2 Type-A ports, one USB-C port with around 15 Watts of power delivery, a 3.5mm Audio-out jack for when you’d like to connect a headset to the monitor. All ports are downward-facing, making it easy to have all your connections and manage your cables seamlessly.

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