Dial these Codes to Check If Phone Is Hacked [Numbers for Checking a Tapped Phone]

By John Adebimitan

Hacking and tweaking apps and software are increasing in popularity these days, and we have increasingly noticed people see their privacy violated because a love interest or some scammer taps into their devices.

The need for useful ways for people to regain control of their privacy has led us to create this article on codes to check if phone is hacked. We will be seeing an uncomprehensive list of numbers that you can dial to see if your phone is tapped, we’d be sharing tips on how to find out who hacked your phone, and lastly, how to unhack your phone.

Codes to Check If Phone Is Hacked [Numbers for Checking a Tapped Phone]

There are a couple different things hackers could do to your phone that would normally fall in the category of what we will call a hacked phone; these will include intentionally forwarding calls or copies of text messages you receive to another phone number, and installing apps that are designed either to track your locations or to log the strokes as you type on your devices. Here are just a few.

Code to check if phone calls are redirected

Someone might have set your phone calls to redirect to a third party, in which case they’ll likely be able to access who is calling you when they choose. This is often used by people spying on others. The code to check if phone is hacked with phone call redirecting is *#62*.

If you dial this code, you will be getting a concise list of numbers that are receiving your voice calls and other data redirections. For most people, this list should be empty, but if for any reason you notice any numbers on the list, then your calls are being redirected, and someone is likely tapping your phone. Removing all numbers from the list solves this issue.

Code to check if phone is hacked with call diverting

The code to check if phone is hacked is *#21#. This one is a call diversion kind of hack, an advanced type of call redirection hack. When your calls are being diverted, the calls are intercepted before reaching your phone and are forwarding to a recipient phone. While you technically wouldn’t be getting calls on your phone, a call diversion always leaves records of calls on your phone. So if you keep seeing new calls in your call history, chances are that your calls have been diverted to another number.

This code shows you a list of numbers that are receiving your calls, so investigating the recipients’ number should be pretty easy.

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Code to check if phone is hacked with call forwarding

The code to check if someone is having your calls forwarded is *#61# & *#67#. Whether you’re using an Android or iPhone, these codes have proven to work, and in many cases, resolving this issue is seamless.

How to Unhack Your Hacked Phone

If you think someone has hacked or tapped your phone, the code to undo all these hacks is ##002#. With this code, you will be able to unhack your device, and all forwarding and diversions will be canceled. We tested this code on Android and iOS devices, but if it doesn’t work for your phone or carrier, you might need to contact your carrier for assistance in detecting or canceling any tapings on your phone. Having talked about numbers to dial to see if your phone is tapped, and how to unhack a tapped phone, let’s talk about how to find out who hacked your phone.

How to Find Out Who Hacked Your Phone

If you discovered that your calls are being forwarded, diverted, or redirected, a quick way to find out who hacked your phone is to look at the list of numbers that the call is either being redirected, forwarded, or diverted to. Since these numbers sometimes belong to the recipient who hacked your phone and is tapping your calls, you shouldn’t have issues tracing who the person is as it’s often someone closer than you think.

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Will Factory Reset Remove Hackers?

Yes, a factory data reset completely removes hackers and stops them from tapping your phone. If the hack wasn’t done via a code but through an app on your phone that has access to information that it doesn’t need to be operational, a factory reset removes all of these and makes your phone clean again.

How to Report a Phone Hacker

Whether you live in the United Kingdom, Canada, the United States, or other parts of the world, the process of reporting a hacker is mostly similar.

If the hack was through an app, you can always report the app to the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store and these will take action against the app creator. While for some phone hacks, including call or message diverting hacks, you can always report said individual to the police as they are infringing on your constitutional right to privacy.

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