Do Airpods Work With iPhone 6? Everything You Need To Know

By John Adebimitan

Do you have an iPhone 6, but are unsure if it is compatible with AirPods? If so, you’re in luck! Today we’ll be discussing how to make sure your AirPods work perfectly with your iPhone 6. Keep reading to find out how easy and straightforward the process can be.

Do Airpods Work With iPhone 6?

The Apple AirPod wireless headphones have been the talk of the town since their release in 2016. Not only are they ultra-stylish and compact, but their features make them a must-have for anyone looking for quality audio experiences. But do Airpods work with all devices? Many people want to know if these popular earbuds will be compatible with an iPhone 6 – and fortunately, the answer is yes!

You can easily pair your iPhone 6 with your AirPods via Bluetooth. All you have to do is open up Settings on your device, tap Bluetooth, then select “AirPods” when they appear as an option. Once this has been done successfully, you should now see that your AirPods are connected to your phone’s audio output – which means you’re now free to listen away!

Additionally, those who own an iPhone 6 can take advantage of some special additional features when using their Airpods such as Siri integration and access to advanced sound settings through EQ adjustments. To activate Siri integration simply double tap one of the pods whilst wearing them – this action will bring up a voice command menu where users can pick from various options like changing songs or adjusting volume levels without ever having to reach for their phone! Furthermore, thanks again to its Bluetooth connection capabilities accessing custom equalizer settings is also possible within Music Settings by tapping on ‘EQ’ under ‘Playback’ section – allowing users fine tune sounds according frequency preferences from depths of bass through highs treble frequencies .

Pairing Your AirPods With An iPhone 6

Pairing a set of AirPods with an iPhone 6 is a relatively simple process, but there are several steps that must be taken to ensure everything goes smoothly. The first step when pairing AirPods and your iPhone 6 is to make sure your phone is updated with the latest iOS version available. This can easily be done by going into settings, clicking on “general”, then “software update”, and finally downloading the latest version posted there. Once this has been completed it’s time to move on to the next step in connecting your AirPods.

The second part of successfully setting up your AirPod connection involves turning off Bluetooth on other devices you may have near you such as laptops or computers so they don’t interfere with the connection being established between your phone and headphones. If possible make sure these other devices are kept at least 5 feet away while attempting this task since any closer could create interference issues. Finally once Bluetooth has been disabled on all other devices it’s time for the actual pairing process itself which should take no more than 2-3 minutes depending on how organized you are with regards to where each device needs its information inputted from.

When performing the actual setup procedure for joining both sets together turn one of them (the left or right) upside down and press its power button until a white light appears indicating that it’s ready for connectivity mode; then open up settings page in your iPhone 6 App Store section select “Bluetooth” from list given choose “AirPods Pro” option confirm code displayed matches what shows up after pressing button located under earpiece; lastly wait few seconds for confirmation message pops saying connected successfully! After taking these steps correctly it should now be easy to start streaming music through those sweet sounding speakers without any further hassle!

Setting Up Audio Sharing With AirPods On An iPhone 6

The ability to share audio with AirPods on an iPhone 6 isn’t always intuitive. But the good news is that it doesn’t need to be complicated either. With a few simple steps, you can easily set up your AirPods for audio sharing with other compatible devices or a group of people.

First and foremost, make sure you have Bluetooth enabled on your phone and that your AirPods are in range of the device. Then open Settings on your phone, locate Bluetooth settings and connect the AirPods (or any other compatible audio device) by tapping “Connect” next to its name in the list of available devices. Once connected, tap “Sharing & Connectivity” towards bottom of page then enable Audio Sharing feature by clicking switch icon next to it. Now tap ‘Add Person’ button under Audio Sharing section which will bring up contacts list where you can select any person from contacts who also has enabled their own audio sharing feature from their end as well. You should see them added into group once selected confirming successful connection between both phones for sound sharing through wireless mode over airpods headset.

Going further if you want more than one person to join in same group then simply click ‘+’ sign again and repeat same procedure for all additional members till everyone has been added successfully into collective session which now allows multiple users at same time listen music streamed through single source wirelessly across entire network without having each user manually controlling streaming setup individually – thus verifying complete setup ready use!

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