Does AppleCare Cover Scratches and Dents?

By John Adebimitan

Keeping your Apple products safe is a priority after you purchase them. You would want your Airpods, iPhones, MacBooks, or iWatches to look very sleek and not too worn out as you use them, but this is not what usually happens. 

You might end up with a scratch on the display of your iWatch or, worse yet, a cracked phone screen. This is where AppleCare comes in. So does AppleCare cover Scratches and dents on Airpods, iPhones, MacBooks, and iWatches? This article explores the options you have available if your Apple products ever have physical damage.

Does AppleCare Cover Scratches and Dents on AirPods, iPhones, MacBooks, and iWatches?

No, AppleCare does not cover scratches and dents on Airpods, iPhones, Macbooks, and iWatches. This is because, according to their terms and conditions, AppleCare is the regular one-year warranty that is used to cover problems caused by the manufacturer and other defects in hardware. It is, therefore, not responsible for cosmetic damages.  

Does AppleCare Cover Scratches and Dents?

Simply put, minor scratches will not be covered by AppleCare. However, if you’re looking for more insurance for your Apple products, you can choose to opt for AppleCare+, which covers accidental damages as well as theft and loss, depending on which plan you choose.

What Does AppleCare Cover – A-List?

Since AppleCare is a limited warranty for one year, it does not cover much in terms of secondary damage on Apple products. It just covers 90 days of complimentary tech support; this is a list of what that entails:

  • Hardware failures
  • Defects that come from the manufacturer.
  • An available support team from Apple that is accessible by phone or chat for 90 days.

Does AppleCare Plus Cover Cosmetic Damage?

No, AppleCare Plus does not cover cosmetic damage; even though it is an upgrade from the limited warranty that all Apple products come with, it does not cover damage that does not affect the functioning of the phone.

Does AppleCare Cover Scratches and Dents?

However, it covers accidental damage, such as drops and dents that might affect the phone screen and other normal functions of the iPhone. 

Does AppleCare Plus Cover Scratches?

No, AppleCare Plus does not cover scratches as well as other cosmetic damages. However, in some cases, when the scratches result in damage to the phone, then it is covered by AppleCare Plus. It also offers other insurance options for your Apple products that make it worth the extra expense over the normal warranty.

What Does AppleCare Plus Cover – A-List

This is a list of what AppleCare+ covers 

  • Around-the-clock priority access to technical support (24/7)
  • Extend the limited warranty to two years
  • Covers two (2) incidents of accidental damage every 12 months.
  • Replacement delivery by express, i.e., when they work on your phone, a replacement would be given to you; it is also delivered by express.

There is also a second package tagged AppleCare+ with theft and loss; this one covers the same things as AppleCare+; in addition, it covers two (2) instances of theft and loss that occur every 12 months. This second package is limited to only iPhones.

AppleCare+ also covers MacBooks, iWatches, and AirPods, offering the same extension of two years on the limited warranty coupled with the same added benefits.

Does AppleCare Cover Body Damage?

No, AppleCare does not cover body damage, it is restricted to defects caused by the manufacturer, and you’ll have to pay a sum if you bring it in for repairs. The costs the repairs would generate would be reduced if you opted for AppleCare+.

Does AppleCare Plus Cover Body Damage?

Yes, AppleCare+ covers body damage, but it is not an unlimited offer; you can only use it twice a year. It covers anything ranging from a cracked/broken screen, dents that affect the display, damage caused by water, etc.

Does AppleCare Cover Scratches and Dents?

The theft and loss package goes further to offer a replacement when your iPhone gets stolen or lost. 

When to Purchase AppleCare Plus

AppleCare Plus can be purchased immediately after you get your Apple product, and as the regular AppleCare does not cover scratches or damages of any kind except if it was made by the manufacturer, getting AppleCare Plus would be the better option, especially if you are particularly clumsy with your devices. 

If you still need time to think and you didn’t get AppleCare Plus immediately after you bought your product and you still want to get it after, it is still possible to do so. Apple allows the purchase of AppleCare Plus for 60 days starting from the day you bought your device. 

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What Is Apple Care Plus Pricing for Apple Products?

AppleCare Plus pricing varies for different Apple products 

For iPhone SE

  • AppleCare plus – $79
  • AppleCare plus (with theft and loss) – $149

For iPhone Xs, 11Pro, 11ProMax, 12Pro, 12ProMax

  • AppleCare plus – $199
  • AppleCare plus (with theft and loss) – $269
  • For the full list of iPhone products and pricing, check here

For MacBooks

  • Mac mini: $99
  • MacBook Air: $199
  • MacBook: $249. 
  • For the full list of MacBook products and pricing, check here.

For iWatches

  • Series SE: $49
  • Apple Watch Nike: $69
  • Apple Watch Hermes: $79
  • For the full list of Apple watch products and pricing, check here.

For Airpods

  • Airpods: $29
  • For the full list of Airpods products and pricing, check here

Can My Apple Care Plus Plans Be Canceled?

Yes, your AppleCare Plus plans can be canceled, but it should be done within 30 days after the purchase so that you can get your complete refund.


So does AppleCare cover Scratches on Airpods, iPhones, MacBooks, and iWatches? Now you have the answer.

Since AppleCare only covers the bare minimum, you can go for the AppleCare Plus package to ensure that your devices last as long as you want them to, but before you go ahead to purchase a plan, it helps to check if it would offer value to you.

With that considered, your decision on what to stick with would be so much easier.

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