Dropped AirPods in Water? – How to GET WATER OUT

By John Adebimitan

Have you recently dropped AirPods in water by mistake, and you don’t know what to do? The thought of losing your favorite AirPods can be especially painful when you remember how much it cost you to purchase them.

Or let me guess, you’re here because your AirPods have already taken an unwanted dive, and they are now wet. Well, I feel your pain! However, you are in the right place. Let’s help you bring your AirPods back to “life.”

Before we proceed, here is a word of caution: resist the urge to shake your AirPods immediately after taking them out in a bid to force the water out. This can damage them because some soft parts can easily peel off from the glue this way.

Dropped AirPods in Water? Here Are Things to Do If AirPods Get Wets

The first time it happened to me, I was temporarily dumbfounded. The shock was from a brief thought that I’d have you buy another expensive pair. But I was able to salvage the situation, and so can you.

Method One: If You Managed to Get It Out Within Minutes

Don’t try to connect the AirPods to any device, nor should you try to use them immediately just because it looks dry. Written on Apple’s website under maintenance of AirPods, using a microfiber cloth or any other clean, dry cloth to dry the AirPods thoroughly is recommended. After that, place them upside down to air out. This should be done immediately after you manage to get the AirPods out.

Do not air them out in the charging case because water may leak out and damage the case. You should dry them out in an open place so they will dry out properly.

To be safe, air dry for at least an hour. You can then connect and use it. If it works fine, congratulations.

Method Two: Dry Using Desiccants

Dropped your AirPods in water, and you have tried the first method but still with no success? It means there is still water hiding somewhere inside the pods. Get yourself a container and some desiccant packets. If you are wondering what desiccants are, they are the small packets that are always labeled with “do not eat” that always come with electronics, shoes, or other packaged products.

The particles inside the packets are designed to absorb moisture. Get some packets in the container drop your AirPods in the same container and seal up for some hours. When you take the AirPods out after some hours, you can be sure that any remaining water in them will have been out. Connect your AirPods and start using them.

Oh! Are you thinking of using uncooked rice in place of desiccants? Although this can soak any remaining moisture out of devices like phones, it can be a little tricky with AirPods because grains of rice may find their way into the AirPods.

If none of these methods works for you, the third method is the only way out.

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Method Three: Replace your AirPods

If you accidentally dropped AirPods in water and the two above-mentioned methods cannot fix them, it means there has been permanent damage to your AirPods; consider buying another pair.

What to do when AirPods get wet – A checklist

  • Dry with a microfibre cloth.
  • Place upside down on a microfiber cloth and let dry for 4 hours or more, depending on how long they were submerged.
  • Use the Water Eject on your iPhone.
  • Try to sundry them for a few hours.

Sounds to get water out of AirPods – Where to find these?

You can find sounds to eject water from your AirPods on YouTube better. Consider this, for example. The sounds are designed with deep tones and medium to high pitches to create vibrations to remove water from the AirPods.

Do AirPods Have Water Damage Indicators?

No, AirPods don’t have a water damage indicator. Almost every product from Apple comes with a liquid damage indicator that alerts you when there has been water damage, but unfortunately, that isn’t the case with Apple AirPods.

So, how will you know if there has been water damage? Basically, if after you unintentionally dropped AirPods in water, you try to connect it to your laptop or iPhone, and it is not connecting after doing all you reasonably can, that is an indication of permanent water damage. Other indications of permanent water damage might be an inability to charge the AirPods or the AirPods not coming ON.

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Can You Use the Water Eject on AirPods?

Yes, you can use the water eject on AirPods. And your AirPods should be as good as new afterward. However, if you will be successful in using the app, much depends on the timing. Just after you accidentally dropped AirPods in water, you must use the app immediately if you will ever save the AirPods this way.

The Water Eject app was designed to offer valuable shortcuts to Apple users after their device accidentally comes in contact with water. To use it,

  • Download the app on your iPhone
  • Pair your AirPods with your iPhone
  • On the Home Page, locate the Water Eject tab and click on it
  • Once the water starts dripping out of the AirPods, get a clean and dry cloth to wipe the Aipods dry
  • Repeat the process a couple of times
  • Connect the AirPods to see if it works

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