MSI Dragon Center User Scenario Not Working [FIXED]

By John Adebimitan

The MSI Dragon Center is an application that comes with your MSI Dragon laptop. It is designed to help you easily optimize and monitor the system’s activities, change the settings of your battery, and work on your game mode.

The MSI Dragon Center typically makes using your laptop easier, and as such, when it stops working, the best thing is to find the cause and then fix it. This article will discuss the reasons for the MSI Dragon center user scenario not working and the best fixes.

MSI Dragon Center User Scenario Not Working: Causes

  1. Corrupted Files and Outdated Drivers

A reason for your MSI Dragon Centre user scenario not working issue could be corrupted files. For example, if your laptop has a bug that has infected the software, the app will not open or malfunction.

Having outdated drivers could also affect your MSI Dragon center performance. The dragon center relies on the drivers to regulate RGB and clock speed. If the drivers are not up-to-date, the center might not open or work properly.

2. Waiting For SDK Initialization

A common problem with the MSI Dragon Center is waiting for the SDK Initialization message that keeps popping up.

This means the app is not processing correctly, and you’ll need to provide some app permissions to allow it to function properly. For example, for the MSI Dragon Center to work correctly, you need to give the MSI central service permissions.

The MSI central service should be enabled and allowed to open, and to stop this problem; you’ll have to update your permission settings in Windows.

Also, you’ll need to ensure you have the correct and updated SDK files installed to fix this problem.

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3. Outdated or Incorrect Software Version

If your MSI Dragon Center software suddenly stops working or doesn’t open properly, you might be experiencing this problem due to an outdated software version. This problem can be further compounded if your computer has just updated Windows to the latest version.

If you’ve not updated your software in a long time and it starts malfunctioning, you need to update your MSI Dragon software to the latest version and ensure you have the correct software files.

4. Compatibility Issues

Your MSI Dragon Center might have problems opening if it is not compatible with your laptop specs or the Windows package you are currently using. Ensure your Dragon Center is consistent with the required technical specifications so it performs seamlessly.

MSI Dragon Center User Scenario Not Working? Best Fixes

Fix 1: Waiting for SDK Initialization Fix

  • Close your MSI Dragon Center if it’s currently open, then press Control + S and search for Services
  • Open services and search for MSI Central Service on your PC
  • Locate MSI Central Service and right-click on it to see its Properties
  • Open the General tab and click on Startup type.
  • Set the Startup type to Automatic, then apply it by clicking OK
  • Go back to MSI Central Service, right-click, and click on Start.
  • Copy everything inside the MSI Dragon Center folder
  • Paste the copied files in C:\ProgramFiles(x86)\MSI\One Dragon Center.
  • Reopen the MSI Dragon Center, and it should be working properly

Fix 2: Download the Offline Version

Using the offline version of the MSI Dragon Center solves most of the problems encountered by users of the software, and it is more stable. Download the offline version with the following easy steps:

  • Download the latest MSI Dragon Center offline package
  • Uninstall the previous MSI Dragon Centre application from your PC
  • Search your programs and locate MSI Services
  • Delete the Dragon Center and One Dragon Center from the Services folder
  • Go to Downloads and Extract the downloaded package
  • Open the MSI Dragon center setup file and set it as an Administrator
  • Install the app following the instructions on your screen
  • Restart your laptop and Open the app
  • The MSI Dragon should be running just fine.

Fix 3: Make the MSI Dragon Center An Administrator

You can fix the “MSI dragon center not opening” problem by making the app an administrator, as it might advance permissions to enable it to work properly. To do this:

  • On your Desktop or Start menu, right-click the MSI Dragon Center to change its properties
  • Once you open Properties, Click on the Compatibility icon and check the ‘Run This Program as an Administrator option
  • Ensure you accept all confirmations to give MSI Dragon Center admin privileges
  • Relaunch the program to check if it’s opening correctly.

Fix 4: Update All Drivers

Ensure you always have your drivers updated, as outdated drivers can easily affect your MSI Dragon Center functioning capabilities.

  • To update your PC drivers, visit your laptop’s manufacturer’s websites.
  • Locate the correct installer for your laptop model
  • Follow the step-by-step instructions to install the driver
  • Reboot your PC
  • Launch the MSI Dragon Center to check if the problem has been solved.

Fix 5: Clean Install MSI Dragon Centre

If you suspect that your MSI Dragon files have been corrupted, then the best fix is to clean and install the app.

  • Close the MSI Dragon Center app
  • Download the latest MSI dragon package for your laptop model from the MSI website.
  • Uninstall the Dragon Center from your Apps
  • Open your Program files and Click on Hidden Items on the Show/Hide tab
  • Search for Program Data on the Hidden items
  • Open the Program Data file and locate the MSI file
  • Click on the MSI file to download the MSI Dragon center
  • Extract the file and install it on your laptop following the instructions
  • Restart your PC after installation
  • Launch the app to see if it’s running fine.

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