12 Best Free Games Like Stardew Valley for Mobile

By John Adebimitan

Stardew Valley is one of the best relaxing games ever. Its exciting features keeps it at the top of the table.

However, you may need to try your hands on a few varieties, you know, so you don’t get tired of constantly playing one game.

You know I’ll always have your back, so I’ve compiled a list of free games like Stardew Valley for Mobiles using Android and iOS.

Best Free and Paid Games Like Stardew Valley for Android and iOS

  • Hayday
  • Harvest Town
  • The Island Castaway: Lost World
  • Dream Farm: Harvest Moon
  • Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp
  • Township
  • Town Village: Farm, Build, Trade, Harvest City

1. Hayday – Best Android, iOS, and Switch Games for Stardew Valley Fans

Hayday is one amazing game that combines farming and socialization in the best way possible. As a player, your uncle can no longer take care of his farm so he put you in charge of it.

The game begins with you getting a tutorial from a scarecrow.

As you begin farming, you can sell crops to acquire coins which can help you purchase pets, buildings, items for decoration, and even level up by gaining experience. As you progress, you get to meet and socialize with a few characters.

2. Harvest Town – Best Free Mobile Games Like Stardew Valley       

In this game, you get to live a realistic and interesting country life. Many gamers would say that Harvest Town is the carbon copy of Stardew Valley.

It involves breeding varieties of animals and planting crops. You can also explore the village as much as you want and you get to make friends with special characters in the game.

Unlike most of the games on this list, the player regrets his decision to migrate to the city instead of staying on a farm. He sleeps and wakes up on an underdeveloped farm which he must bring back to life.

3. The Island Castaway: Lost World — Best Games Like Graveyard Keeper and Stardew Valley

Your major goal in this game is to strive to survive after a shipwreck. You also get to be the leader of the group. Hence you must ensure everyone’s safety and well-being.

In a bid to survive, you’ll also have to catch shellfish and eels and cultivate poultry by building a crab farm, a fish farm, and a quail farm, respectively. You also get to collect items, solve mysteries, and fight monsters.

On this list of free and paid games like Stardew Valley for Android and iOS users, I find this one very intriguing. So if you seek excitement, you better give it a try.

4. Dream Farm: Harvest Moon – Best Free Farming Games Like Stardew Valley

As the name implies, you get to build your dream farm. Harvesting crops, raising cows, and producing other agricultural products are the basic activities the player gets to perform.

If you’re feeling creative, you can explore the land, make discoveries, and invent new products. You can invite your friends to your farm, and if you find any foreign animal on your farm, you can capture them to earn more coins.

5. Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp – Best Free iOS And Android Games like Stardew Valley

This one’s another game in Nintendo’s Animal Crossing series but this one’s free to play. You get to build and design your character’s habitat, which is a campsite. You can even trade items such as cotton and wood for furniture.

In terms of socialization, you can receive visitors, both animal and human visitors. Your character is even allowed to travel to many locations.

So if you’re looking for free and paid games like Stardew Valley for Android and iOS users, Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp is free, so you can always check it out.

6. Township — Best Multiplayer Games Like Stardew Valley

Developed by Playrix, Township is another free game but this one combines farming and city building. In case you’re confused about the gameplay, there’s a tutorial at the beginning of the game.

Your job is to develop your town by planting and harvesting crops and selling your produce. You also earn coins by performing special activities, and these coins can be used to purchase buildings, decorations, factories, and experience points to help you level up.

Its awesome graphics coupled with its super-engaging gameplay, makes Township a terrific game.

7. Town Village: Farm, Build, Trade, Harvest City – Best Games Like Stardew Valley With Romance

This game uniquely combines farming and city building. You get to build your dream town while farming. Mind you, your town will contain farms, houses, trading houses, community facilities, and factories. You must sell goods to expand your farm, you can even earn experience points and coins by making deliveries on request for neighbors and citizens.

Your main goal is to transform your underdeveloped farm village into a unique city. Apparently, what makes this game unique is its trading features, asides from selling your crops, you can also receive exotic crops from other farm villages.

Although it’s the last on my list of free and paid games like Stardew Valley for Android and iOS, it’s definitely a bomb!

With this awesome list of games, you’re sure to stay engaged for hours. From building to the looting of items to socializing with the habitats of your new town and other loads of exciting activities are available on these games.

So, when you’re looking for free and paid games like Stardew Valley for Android and iOS, I’m pretty sure you know where to go.

8. MY TIME AT PORTIA – Best Upcoming Stardew Valley Like Games

For those who love soap operas, you must have encountered stories where the lead actor has to leave everything behind and start a new life. If you have, you’ll surely enjoy this game.

This game is centered on the player starting a new life in the town of Portia. Your major task is to refurbish your father’s old workshop and make it the best in the town! You achieve this by raising animals, planting crops, and befriending the residents of the town.

Don’t worry, you’ll have your Pa’s handbook and workbench to help you out. Plus, you also get to gather treasures and precious items from the past, but you’ll have to equip yourself with weapons because there’ll be monsters and dangerous bosses trying to restrict your access to the valuables.

9. STORY OF SEASONS: FRIENDS OF MINERAL TOWN – Best Relaxing Games Online That’s like Stardew Valley

In this game, you have two mines, Spring Mine and Lake Mine, with 255 flours each. Spring Mine is available throughout the year, while Lake Mine is only accessible during winter. Both mines are quite similar, they both contain ladders and rocks.

But you must be equipped with a hoe for digging and a hammer for breaking rocks. You’ll also have to find valuable ores and gems, these can help upgrade your tools. 

Once you have used a tool enough to be upgraded, simply present it to the blacksmith along with an ore and some gold.

10. WORLDS DAWN – Best Gamdewes Like Stardew Valley with Romance

You know that feeling you get when you move to a new neighborhood; you feel like there’s a whole lot of new people to meet and awesome places to discover. Well, in this game you get to relive that experience.

The story line is quite straightforward, you’re a farmer moving into a new town, you have a new place to stay, and you have to get familiar with the inhabitants of the town.

On this list of relaxing games like to Stardew Valley, this one seems to be the closest to Stardew valley. This is simply because you can start relationships and even get married. To get your intended spouse to fall for you, you just have to talk to them daily and give them their favorite item frequently.

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11. A SHORT HIKE – Best Games like Stardew Valley but Not Farming

This game is an open world exploration game designed and published by Adam Robinson-Yu, a Canadian programmer popularly known as Adamgyru.

The players’ major task is to seek cell phone reception at the peak of a mountain. There are tons of fun activities that you can engage in while trekking to the top.

You can go fishing, help other visitors find misplaced items, search for hidden treasures, and even play games pretty similar to volleyball. These activities come with rewards, such as compass and running shoes.

12. RUNE FACTORY FOR SPECIAL – Best Games Like Stardew Valley on Nintendo Switch

This is one of the games in the Rune factory series. You are to start a new life in a village called Selphia governed by the Native Dragon Venuswill. You don’t have to stress yourself too much, just have fun and live your life as you choose.

You get to grow crops, go fishing, prepare delicious dishes, raise monsters, and acquire powerful equipment.

You also get to do awesome stuff, like make friends with residents of the village; you can even organize festivals and competitions.

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