6 Free Offline POS Software to Download for Windows 7, 10 PC

By John Adebimitan

The Point of Sale, or POS, is a system that helps businesses or merchants complete business transactions with their customers, usually after purchases have been made. Basically, a POS system or terminal consists of both hardware and software.

While a merchant will be unable to avoid costs in terms of hardware, free POS software exists. You may download and install free online and offline POS software, largely escaping the extra charges that come with paying for regular subscriptions.

There are many Offline POS Software to Download for Windows available, with many of them being open-source. As with many free products, it is not always easy picking out the gems from the chaff, and that’s why we are here to do so for you.

Best Free Offline POS Software to Download for Windows 7, 10 PC for Restaurants and Small Businesses

  1. Squareup
  2. Loyverse
  3. Imonggo
  4. eHopper
  5. Floreant
  6. Chromis

We have extensively tested most of the free online and offline POS software accessible for download to pick and rank the best. This list is based on several metrics such as quality support, ease of set-up and use, software interface, ability to work offline, and, very importantly, the range of features that come with them.

Squareup – Best Restaurant POS Software Free Download Full Version

Squareup tops this list of the best free online and offline POS software because of the array of features it comes with.

Merchants who decide to hop on this software will be allowed to access inventory management, customer management, inventory management, employee management, and analytics.

And it excels at each of these features. Users are also able to integrate their Squareup POS app with a host of eCommerce platforms.


Basically, Squareup is a free POS software. However, it does require that you pay a percentage of each transaction that has been processed through the software. It does offer discounts to businesses handling a large volume of transactions.

Loyverse – Best POS Software Free Download Full Version

Loyverse is short for Loyalty Universe, and as the name implies, it was designed to gain and keep consumer loyalty. It is a software that transforms smartphones or tablets into easy-to-use POS terminals.

Packed filled with several powerful features, it allows free users to use sales reports and analytics, send digital receipts, and accept payments.


Free users can also create multiple POS and stores, use various devices simultaneously with Loyverse on one account, and utilize basic inventory functionality.

Upgrading to the premium version allows access to employee management, advanced inventory actions, and integrations.

Imonggo – Best Free Offline POS Software Download

Imonggo happens to be the first provider ever to offer completely free POS software for businesses. It is a great option for newbies as its software is easy to use and it’s quite intuitive. While it is a web-based software, Imonggo comes with strong offline functionality.

On the free plan, Imonggo allows you to manage an inventory of up to a total of 1,000 items. The transaction limit is set at 1000 a month.


You are offered sales reports and analytics, employee management, customer management, digital receipts, and mobile connectivity. It supports a single merchant and a single store. Another limitation is that credit card payment processing is not allowed.

Upgrading to the premium version unlocks integration for payment processing. You will also be free to manage an unlimited number of inventory products and transactions.

eHopper – Best Free POS Software For Windows, Mac, iOS And Android

eHopper is a cross-platform POS software that is available for Windows, iOS, Android, and Poynt terminals.

It is a solution designed for small businesses and merchants and helps them manage several operations such as order tracking, inventory management, customer management, tip management, assigning taxes to products, and analytics.


eHopper actually comes with a terminal free of charge.

The Freedom plan includes all of the free features, plus preauthorization, directional printing, EBT, and many others.

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Floreant – Best Free Open Source POS Software

Floreant is open-source and cross-platform, working on Windows, Mac, and Linux. It is very flexible and can be customized according to a business’s needs.

It has a user-friendly interface, is very easy to use, and simply requires unzipping after download to run.


There are a host of features on offer, including invoice tax calculations, daily reports, customer, billing, retail and inventory management, barcode scanning, and invoices. It is largely optimized for restaurants.

Chromis – Best Free POS Software for Small Business

Sliding in finally on our list of the best free online and offline POS software is Chromis, an open-source software. It is a relative newcomer to the POS industry scene and is a breakaway from Unicenta. Chromis is completely free of charge.

Features available on Chromis include Inventory management, layaway management, loyalty program, sales tracking, and store tracking. It is a highly customizable POS software but is entirely Windows-based.


Finding the best free online and offline POS software for your business is not an easy task, mostly because free software tends to be severely limited compared to premium options. They may also come with hidden charges involved. This list ranks the best free choices based on a range of factors.

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