HBO Max Not Working? Best Fixes for Samsung TV, Roku, Fire Stick, Apple TV

By John Adebimitan

Apart from its ease of use (can be accessed on any web browser or through if official app), HBO Max offers a cheaper alternative to most popular movie streaming networks. From time to time, subscribers experience and report technical issues with the app, prompting an “HBO Max not working” issue for many customers.

Have you ever fallen victim to this annoying and frustrating error message? In this article, you’ll find out why your HBO Max is not working. I’ll also show you simple troubleshooting methods to fix this error.

Why is my HBO Max not working?

Although, a general reason for HBO Max not working is outdated HBO software installed on your device. All you may need to do is to update your software. However, there are few other reasons apart from this why HBO Max may not run smoothly.

Using unsupported devices or browsers

Not every mobile device can install and run the HBO Max official app. To find out if your device or browser is compatible with HBO Max, simply go to HBO’s help center and search for your device in the list. Microsoft Edge is one browser that many users have reported glitches on when used to stream movies on HBO Max.

HBO is not supported in your region

Another reason HBO Max may not work is that you’re are trying to stream from a region not yet approved for HBO services. As exciting as HBO Max is, not every country has access to it at the moment. ‘Sorry, HBO MAX isn’t available in your region yet’ will be the welcome message you’ll get if you try accessing the platform from any browser in a location not yet approved.

Poor or No Internet

Internet strength must be considerably good for HBO Max to work without any glitch. If for some reason your internet connection is weak, HBO Max may not work smoothly. Users are advised to restart network connections to fix this or wait until the internet strength is strong enough to continue streaming online.

Active VPN

If VPN is active on your device, it will reduce your internet speed. Although VPNs protect your data from hackers by masking your real IP address, it doesn’t come without a price. Your internet speed sometimes pays for it. It is advisable to disable your VPN before launching HBO Max to see if it works.

HBO server Issues

If all the points above aren’t the reason for the error message, it may be that the HBO server is experiencing some issues. If the server is down, all you can do is wait until it is restored. If you experience this for a longer time, feel free to report the issue to the help center.

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How to fix HBO Max not working on Samsung TV

Check your internet connection. Since your ‘HBO Max not working’ issue might be because of poor internet, ensure that the TV is connected to the internet. On your remote control, press MENU >> NETWORK >> NETWORK STATUS. If your TV is not connected to the internet, select the network you want to connect to in the options and press CONNECT. If this does not fix the issue, try the next fix.

Reset Internet Connections

Disconnect your router, switch off the router, wait for 30 seconds and then power on the router. Reconnect the internet to your TV then launch HBO Max to see if it’s working fine.

Power reset your Samsung TV

For a power reset, unplug your TV from the power source and wait for 30 seconds before plugging it back in. Switch it ON and try to restart HBO Max.

Update HBO Max

As earlier mentioned, if the current HBO Max app is outdated, update it and launch HBO Max. It should be working just fine after the update.

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How to fix “HBO Max not working” on Roku

Restart Roku. To restart your Roku, simply unplug the device from the power source and wait for a few seconds. Plug it back to the power source and wait for 30 seconds before switching it back ON. This should reset your device and solve any network issue/bug on it.

Restart Internet Connection

Disconnect Roku from the router, switch off the router, and unplug it. After few seconds, reconnect the router to the socket, switch it on and re-establish the connection.

Remove HBO Max channel and Re-add it

On your Roku remote, press HOME >> CHANNEL STREAMING >> CHANNEL STORE >> Search for HBO Max channel on the list and press OK >> Select REMOVE to complete the removal >> to re-add the HBO Max channel, press HOME on the Roku remote >> in the search bar, type HBO MAX >> add the channel to complete the process. HBO Max should be working fine after this.

Update Roku

After trying every recommended fix and none seem to be working, check if Roku is updated. Update it to get your HBO Max running again.

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How to fix HBO not working on Fire Stick

You may not need to completely follow each step as outlined. When you try one method and it does not work out, move on to the next. If one method works, you don’t need to proceed any further.

  • Sign out of the app (HBO MAX) and sign in once again as this should fix any bug holding it down
  • Restart and reconnect internet connection
  • Restart Fire stick by accessing the Amazon Fire stick settings. Navigate to the Device and Software option then press Reset
  • Uninstall and reinstall HBO Max
  • Contact Fire stick Support for more assistance

How to fix HBO not working on Apple TV

  • Reset your internet connection and reconnect Apple TV
  • Sign out of the app (HBO MAX) and sign in once again. This should fix any bug
  • Restart Apple TV
  • Update HBO Max app
  • Update your Apple TV
  • Contact HBO Max support center to report the problem

As a reminder, you don’t need to completely follow each step as outlined. When you try one method and it does not work out, move on to the next. If one method works, you don’t need to proceed any further.

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