HDMI to DisplayPort Not Working? Causes and Best Fixes

By John Adebimitan

An HDMI to DisplayPort adapter is used to connect HDMI devices like laptops, PS3, Xbox, DVD player, etc. to DisplayPort monitors directly. You might do this when gaming, working, or watching a movie, usually for the bigger screen, increased productivity, and better graphics.

There are probably different reasons why you want to make this conversion and when it doesn’t work, the frustration that follows is understandable. Converting HDMI signal to DisplayPort signal requires the use of an active adapter, an HDMI to DisplayPort adapter, or cable.

The HDMI to DisplayPort cable connects from the “HDMI out” port to the “DisplayPort in” port. One common mistake people make is mixing up the ports, and this is one of the most common causes of the “HDMI to DisplayPort not working” issue.

HDMI to DisplayPort Not Working? Causes and Best Fixes

Why Is Your “Hdmi To Displayport Not Working”?

Your “HDMI to DisplayPort not working” issue could be caused by mixing up the ports. As earlier stated, the HDMI to DisplayPort adapter connects from the ‘HDMI out’ to ‘DisplayPort in’. Connecting the adapter otherwise will cause it to not display images.

Here are other reasons why you might be facing the “HDMI to DisplayPort not working” issue:

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Unidirectional Cables

Another common cause for the “HDMI to DisplayPort not working” issue is that people make the mistake of thinking that these cables are bidirectional. NOTE: HDMI to DisplayPort adapters are unidirectional unless it says otherwise. This means that the cables can only connect and work properly in one direction and connecting them in another direction will not work (For example, using an HDMI to DisplayPort adapter as a DisplayPort to HDMI adapter).

HDMI to DisplayPort Not Working? Causes and Best Fixes

Damaged Adapter or Port

Your HDMI to DisplayPort not working could also be a result of a damaged adapter or port. The adapter or port might become damaged and then stop working. This damage could be caused by a variety of things, from water damage to manhandling, and wear and tear, especially when you are a mobile user and the adapter is disconnected and reconnected frequently.

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How to Fix HDMI to DisplayPort Not Working

To fix the “HDMI to DisplayPort not working” issue, you should start by checking the connections. Ensure that the adapter is firmly connected to the systems you are using. Then confirm that it is connected from the ‘HDMI out’ to ‘DisplayPort in’ ports.

You might also want to confirm that you bought the correct adapter for the correct purpose. If you want to connect your HDMI device to a DisplayPort monitor then you should buy an HDMI to DisplayPort adapter, otherwise, you should buy a DisplayPort to HDMI adapter because these adapters are usually unidirectional.


One other fix you might try for the “HDMI to DisplayPort not working” issue is troubleshooting the adapter. Try plugging the adapter into another device – if you have access to one.

Ensure it is properly connected and not loose, if it works then you might be dealing with a faulty port. Otherwise, you should check the adapter. Some adapters are not compatible with some devices.

So it could be that the adapter is not compatible or that it is damaged. Either way, you would need to get a new adapter, one that works properly and is compatible with your devices.

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Power Cycle

Another thing you should try to fix the “HDMI to DisplayPort not working” issue is disconnecting all connections and reconnecting them. This can also be seen as a reset, sometimes just turning it OFF and ON again might do the trick. To do this:

HDMI to DisplayPort Not Working? Causes and Best Fixes
  1. Turn OFF your PC and monitor and unplug both power cords
  2. Unplug the adapter and all input sources connected to both devices
  3. Let them stay idle for some minutes
  4. Then, reconnect the power cords and the input sources
  5. Reconnect the adapter
  6. Finally, turn your devices back ON

Remove Other Cables

You could also try to free up your device when dealing with the “HDMI to DisplayPort not working” issue. Do this by disconnecting all other cables that you aren’t using that are connected to the USB ports on your device. The problem could be that the device is getting too many input signals.


In this article, we’ve talked about some of the causes and best fixes for the “HDMI to DisplayPort not working” issue. If you are facing this issue, and you have tried out the fixes highlighted, then you might’ve solved the issue already. If you haven’t, then you might be dealing with a more complex issue. Getting a technician to check out your ports or getting a replacement adapter might help you out.

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