How Long Does Apple Take to Process an Order for Pickup?

By John Adebimitan

If you want a new Apple accessory or device that comes with a more consumer-centric shopping experience, an A+ choice would be to get it directly from Apple, but how long does it take Apple to process an order for pickup? 

With Apple, you can simply walk into their physical store or place an online order to make your purchase. It is, of course, more convenient for most to do the latter. 

This article would give you a fresh look at how long it takes Apple to process an order. 

How Long Does Apple Take to Process an Order for Pickup?

45 minutes, at least that’s what it says on the Apple website. 

The reality of Apple orders is that the 45-minute processing time does not apply to every order. Some orders may take way more than 45 minutes to be processed. Here’s how it works.

When an order is placed on the Apple website, Apple gives you a roughly calculated ship date; this date indicates when the item is likely to be shipped to the buyer. If the item you ordered is available or in stock, it should be processed and shipped to you in about 2 days. 

These dynamic changes when the item is custom-made or not available (common with popular items and new releases). It can take up to or more than three weeks for your item to be shipped to you. On account of this, the order status will keep showing ‘processing’ for most of your wait time.

If your item is being shipped from China, the order status would probably show ‘processing’ for most of this period, and then 3-5 days before the delivery date, it would change to ‘preparing to ship’ and finally, ‘shipped’. 

Why is my Apple order still being processed?

When the order status for your item is still showing processing over a lengthy period, no need to fret; things will fall in place. 

This is pretty much normal with Apple orders. When you place an order with Apple, it is common for the order status to remain ‘processing’ till just a few days before the estimated ship date.

A few days before the ship date, the order status would change to ‘preparing to ship’ and then ‘shipped.’ When your item has been shipped, you will receive an email from Apple containing tracking information and a more accurate and updated delivery date.

How long does Apple take to ship from China?

It can take a week for your Apple item to get to you from China. Apple items that are being shipped from China are usually newly released or customized; this means that the parts might not be readily available, hence the extra time.

For most of your wait time, the status of your order will show processing. When you see this, you have nothing to worry about. The status will change a few days before the item arrives. You’d see ‘preparing to ship’ and then ‘shipped.’ What follows this is an email containing tracking details and an updated arrival date.

Does Apple charge your card right away?

No, Apple does not charge your card right away. If it is a shipping order, Apple will not charge your card until your order has been shipped. On the other hand, for pickup orders, your card will not be charged till your item is ready for pickup.

If you placed multiple orders, you may receive simultaneous charges on your card as each of the items has been shipped or is ready to be picked up. 

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Do you have to pay taxes on Apple Pay?

Before 2022, no.

As of January 1, 2022, Apple Pay is required to report all annual business transactions that exceed $600 to the IRS. The bottom line is any annual commercial transactions exceeding $600 on Apple Pay are now taxable. 

Does Apple take cash?

Yes, Apple takes cash. 

You can make an Apple purchase with cash at their walk-in store. 

Some countries place a limit on the quantity of cash in a cash transaction. This means that depending on where you live, cash payments are limited to a certain amount. If a cash transaction is greater than the criterion amount, the payment would then have to be made using a bank card or wire transfer.

This is done to reduce money laundering and tax evasion.

In the US, cash transactions have a set limit of $10,000.

If you attempt to buy Apple products worth over $10,000, your purchase would require completing a Currency Transaction Report

The store may not want to indulge the paperwork associated with this report because it is usually a lot. At the end of the day, you may be required to pay by other means. 

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