How Many Devices Can AirPods Pro Pair With? A Comprehensive Guide

By John Adebimitan

Are you wondering how many devices your AirPods Pro can pair with? Have you been researching the answer but just end up more confused than when you started? I definitely understand- there’s so much information about tech available online, and it can be hard to sift through.

Well, fear not! In this article I will provide a comprehensive guide answering all of your questions about connecting multiple Apple devices to one set of Airpods Pro. We’ll explore the setup process, compatibility issues, and other common concerns. With my expertise in technology after years of research and personal experience using tech tools like AirPods Pro myself, we’ll get to the bottom of this together! By the end of this post, you’ll be equipped with enough knowledge to confidently connect multiple devices to one set of AirPods Pro. Ready? Let’s dig in!
So, How Many Devices Can AirPods Pro Pair With? AirPods Pro can pair with up to 10 devices at once.

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How Many Devices Can AirPods Pro Pair With?

AirPods Pro can be paired with up to 10 devices at once. This makes them extremely versatile and allows you to easily switch between different Apple devices like your iPhone, iPad, Macbook or even an Apple TV. You can also pair AirPods Pro with other non-Apple Bluetooth enabled devices like Android phones and tablets. To connect multiple devices, simply go into the Bluetooth settings on each device and select “Connect” for the AirPods Pro. Once connected, you’ll have access to all of their features no matter which device you’re using.

How Many Devices Can AirPods Pro Pair With? A Comprehensive Guide

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How to Connect Your AirPods Pro to Multiple Devices

Sure, let’s dive right in. Here’s a simple walk-through on how to connect your AirPods Pro to multiple devices. Initially, you need to make sure that your listening device is compatible with the AirPods Pro – this could be an iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch or Mac. Turn on Bluetooth and bring the AirPods close to the device. Open up the lid of your charging case and then press and hold down the setup button located at the back until you see a flashing white light – voila! Your AirPods should appear in your device’s Bluetooth settings menu; tap it and pair them.

Now let’s move onto connecting with another gadget.
You do not have to repeat all those steps again for each separate machine because Apple syncs across platforms if you use one iCloud account. But what if we’re dealing with a non-Apple device? Not an issue! Here are three easy steps:

  • Open up the Bluetooth settings menu on your second (non-Apple) device.
  • Press & hold down the pair button on your charging case until that white light flashes.
  • Select ‘AirPods Pro’ from available devices in bluetooth list of second phone or laptop.

You can switch between these paired gadgets seamlessly without having re-pair every time — isn’t technology grand?Note: Only one audio source will play at a time through AirPods so pause one before starting another playback.

How Many Devices Can AirPods Pro Pair With?

Simultaneous Connections: Can multiple devices use an Airpod Pro at once?

Simultaneous Connections: One might wonder if it’s feasible to link more than one device to the Airpod Pro simultaneously. After all, in this era of multi-tasking and multi-device living, such a feature would certainly be handy. However, the answer is both yes and no. The Airpods Pro has a distinctive characteristic known as automatic device switching. This means that your AirPods can connect seamlessly to whichever Apple device you are currently using without having to manually disconnect or reconnect each time.

You could be listening to music on your iPad then receive a call on your iPhone – your AirPods will intuitively connect with the iPhone for the duration of the call, then switch back once it ends. A couple points worth highlighting about this auto-switching feature:

  • Your devices need to have iOS 14 or later installed.
  • The devices must also be signed into iCloud with the same Apple ID.

But let’s say you wanted two separate audio streams playing into each individual airpod from different devices at exactly the same time; unfortunately, that’s not something they’re designed for – yet! Despite their advanced capabilities and features like noise cancellation and immersive sound quality,
the technology for them acting as independent units hasn’t been incorporated so far.
So while we live in hope of future innovation bringing us even more flexibility with our beloved tech gadgets, currently an Airpod Pro cannot support multiple devices sending audio at exactly identical moments.

Common Issues with Pairing Multiple Devices on the Same Set of AirPods Pros and Their Solutions

Pairing multiple devices on the same set of AirPods Pros can sometimes lead to a bit of tech stress. You’ve probably had that moment where you’re relaxing, ready to switch from your iPhone tunes to catching up with your favourite podcast on your iPad. But then…the dread sets in as you realize the audio isn’t syncing correctly or worse, it’s not connecting at all! Despite their cutting-edge technology and sleek design, even AirPods Pro aren’t immune from some common issues when attempting multi-device pairing.

The first step is identifying what exactly is going wrong.

  • Maybe your sound keeps cutting out,
  • Your devices are taking turns playing instead of being in perfect harmony,
  • Your connection repeatedly drops,
  • You find yourself unable to connect more than one device at a time,

. Whatever the issue may be, don’t sweat it too much – most problems have simple solutions! For instance, if Bluetooth struggles with recognizing both devices simultaneously, try disconnecting and reconnecting them. If you’re still having trouble maintaining a stable connection on both ends after this reboot tactic, consider resetting your AirPods completely by holding down the setup button until they flash amber. It might seem like a hassle but remember: every piece of technology has its quirks!

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