How to Become a Carrier for Amazon Relay & Flex

By John Adebimitan

A cool side hustle like the Amazon affiliate program is the Amazon carrier program, and quite a lot of friends who read our blog have reached out to know how to become a carrier for Amazon Relay and Flex, hence this article.

In addition to talking about how to become a carrier for Amazon, we will be talking about the Amazon Carrier Facility and how it affects your working with Amazon as a carrier, either as a DSP or Flex Partner.

How to Become a Carrier for Amazon and Deliver with Amazon Relay & Flex

If you want to join Amazon Flex and become a carrier for Amazon, there are a couple of information that you would have to submit to the company. These include:

  • A driver’s license that shows you’re above 21 years of age
  • Social security number
  • A bank account for direct deposits
  • An Android or iOS smartphone
  • Auto insurance coverage
  • A vehicle with which you can move packages (sedans, trucks with bed tops etc.)

If you have all of the above-stated requirements, you are halfway through joining the Amazon Flex program and becoming a carrier for Amazon. The next step in the enrolment process is going to the Amazon Flex Page and filling out the form.

On the signup page, you would need to confirm that you’re at least 21 years old and have a valid driver’s license >> you would also select the type of smartphone you have, Android or iPhone, and download the Amazon Flex app that carriers use >> accept the delivery partner agreement and the Amazon terms and conditions >> when you have downloaded and opened the app, you will be required to sign into your Amazon account again >> select your region and agree to the terms you’re presented with >> you will be required to enter some personal information like basic information, vehicle information, insurance information, bank information, and tax information >> watch the videos that explain what the Amazon Flex/carrier program is >> verify that your driver’s license is legit >> consent to a background check by Amazon.

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How to Join Amazon Delivery Service Partners

Compared to the Amazon Flex program, the Amazon Delivery Service Partner program focuses on people who want to start and manage a carrier service and are willing to make the last mile of deliveries for Amazon. This program is less like a freelancing kind of program like Amazon Flex and more like being a business partner with Amazon. During peak shopping seasons like Black Fridays, Cyber Mondays, and Amazon Prime days, Amazon uses Flex drivers and their Delivery Service Partners from all parts of the country for making the last mile of deliveries.

To join the Amazon Delivery Service Partner program, visit the Amazon logistics page to sign up >> you will then complete an online application process >> you will also have to pass a screening >> you will be getting an invitation to the future DSP program >> depending on your availability and location, Amazon will send you a rate card and offer >> you will be required to complete the 2-week training if you accept the offer >> you will have to set up your business, including building your team >> from here on, you just have to operate your business in collaboration with Amazon.

If you successfully join the Amazon Delivery Service Partner program, Amazon will be giving you exclusive deals on Amazon-branded vans, you will also be getting insurance on these, handheld devices, and a couple of other services, information, and technologies that will help you get your business off the ground faster and seamlessly.

After joining the program, you will be required to hire your own set of drivers, and you will have to manage between 20 and 40 vans every day, and the demand for deliveries could either go down or up depending on the time of the year and the demand for deliveries from Amazon.

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What’s the Amazon Carrier Facility?

Whether you join the Amazon Flex program or the Amazon delivery service partner program, an Amazon carrier facility is a place you’d be working out of in many cases.

So what is an Amazon carrier facility?

An Amazon carrier facility is a large warehouse that Amazon stores packages ordered by people living in a specific geographical zone. If you’re an Amazon Flex partner or you started your business as part of the Amazon Delivery Service Partner program, most of the deliveries you will be making will be packages picked at an Amazon carrier facility.

Amazon carrier facilities are scattered all around the United States and other countries where Amazon is present, and they basically make making the last mile of deliveries a lot easier for Amazon Flex and the DSP program members.

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How Much Do Amazon Prime Drivers Make?

The minimum wage for Amazon Prime drivers is $18 per hour, the average wage that Amazon Prime drivers make is $31 per hour while the top wages that are being earned by Amazon delivery drivers is $82 per hour.

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