How to Disable Screen Mirroring on Android, iPhone, Samsung & LG

By John Adebimitan

Apart from displaying the content of a smaller device on a larger screen, screen mirroring also allows users to wirelessly display their phone’s content on another screen, as used in presentations, meetings, or in other situations where you need a large audience to follow through on something important.

However, several users report that this feature is freaking them out because it accidentally turns on at awkward times, hence the need to disable screen mirroring. Are you experiencing that same issue? What if you want to turn off this feature, but you don’t know how to? Read more as we discuss in detail how to disable screen mirroring on various devices.

How To Disable Screen Mirroring on Android

To avoid the embarrassment of streaming your phone’s screen to the TV downstairs or to workmates, you must disable screen mirroring. If you use an Android phone, here’s the trick:

Most Android phones come enabled with either the SCREEN MIRRORING or the SCREEN CASTING feature that lets you display your phone’s content on other devices via a wireless connection. Just pull down the hidden quick links on your phone’s screen by swiping your finger from north to south, and among the quick links, you’ll find the screencasting icon that looks like a box with the Wi-Fi logo in the bottom left corner of the box.

You can also access this feature through your phone’s SETTINGS. It is the same icon you notice on the top of the screen of any YouTube video that looks like a box with the Wi-Fi logo inside.

On locating this icon, tap on it once to start scanning for available devices. Tap it one more time to STOP the search. This will ensure the phone is not connected to any nearby device.

To turn it OFF completely, slide the SCREEN MIRRORING or the SCREEN CASTING slider left to the OFF position. This way, only you can enable it in the future.

How To Disable Screen Mirroring on iPhone (Airplay)

Airplay is used on iPhones to stream or mirror your phone’s screen to other devices. Although the only way to stop Airplay from mirroring your screen on iPhones is turning it OFF, the method is quite different from how to turn off screen mirroring on Android smartphones.

For older IOS versions and devices;

Tap the home screen, click on the ‘Settings icon, and scroll down.  Locate the ‘General’ tab and click on it. When the tab displays its options, scroll down to locate ‘accessibility’. Scroll down and locate the ‘guided access’ tab. On clicking the guided access tab, you will notice the ‘Mirror Display’ option with a slider in front of it. Slide the mirror display to the left to completely turn it off.

For newer IOS versions and devices,

Tap the ‘Settings icon’ on the home screen and scroll down. When you see the ‘General’ tab, click on it and scroll to ‘Airplay and Handoff’. If you click on it, you will see the ‘Automatically Airplay to TVs’ tab. Click on it to see the three options namely: Never, Ask, and Automatic. If you want to turn screen mirroring completely OFF, click on Never.

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How To Disable Screen Mirroring on Samsung TV

Sharing content from your phone to your Smart Samsung TV can be fun using the Samsung SmartThings app. To disable this feature, pick your phone and open the SmartThings app. Since this app is what connects your TV to your Phone and other devices, select the Smart View Option from the homepage. You will see a slider in front of it; simply slide this option left to disable screen sharing between your phone and the TV.

Alternatively, you may also put off ‘Allow Sharing’ between your phone and your Samsung TV. To put it off, select NO when asked to Allow Sharing. Another way to disable screen sharing is to disconnect the network connection between your phone and the TV on the SmartThings app. To do this, open Screen Sharing from the Connection guide and select NO. If you wish, you may also uninstall the SmartThings app.

How To Disable Screen Mirroring on LG TV

The LG ThinQ is the dedicated LG platform for linking and enabling TV sharing with your LG smart TV. With LG TVs, the process is quite straightforward. Open the app and go straight to Screen sharing. From the Screen Sharing tab, select the connected device(s) you want to disable screen sharing from. Select the Disconnect tab to complete the process.

Alternatively, you may uninstall the LG ThinQ app from your phone to cancel any active screen-sharing settings between your phone and any device.

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How To Disable Screen Mirroring on Sony TV

Press HOME on your Sony Smart TV. On the homepage, select APPS. Scroll till you see the SCREEN MIRRORING tab. On this tab, you get the option to either enable or disable this feature. To turn it off, select Disable.

Smart Connect is the Sony platform where every screen-sharing connection is done. For Sony TVs, all you need to do is disable the ‘Screen Mirroring Mode’ from the Smart Connect app. Just as with every other TV mentioned above, you may also uninstall the app to cancel any possibility of screen sharing.

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