How To Factory Reset Airpods 3: Step By Step Guide

By John Adebimitan

So, How to factory reset airpods 3 1. Put your AirPods in their case and open the lid.
2. Press and hold the setup button on the back of the case for at least 15 seconds, until you see an amber light flashing inside the case.
3. Close the lid and wait a few moments until your AirPods appear in Bluetooth settings on your device as “AirPods” with a setup animation next to it.
4. Select “Forget This Device” from within Bluetooth settings on your device, then select “Forget Device” again when prompted to confirm that you want to forget it.
5. Open up Settings > General > Reset > Reset Network Settings on your device, then enter your passcode if prompted to do so before selecting “Reset Network Settings” again when prompted to confirm that you want to reset them..

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How to factory reset airpods 3

The process of factory resetting Airpods 3 is relatively straightforward. First, make sure your device is connected to the same iCloud account that was used to set up the AirPods in the first place. Then, go into Settings and select General > Reset > Reset All Settings. This will erase all settings and content from your AirPods, including any saved audio or music files. Finally, press and hold both the Volume Up button and Volume Down button for five seconds until you see a blinking white light on each earbud. Your AirPods should now be completely reset back to their original factory settings!

How To Factory Reset Airpods 3: Step By Step Guide

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Factors to consider before resetting Airpods 3

Ease of use. The AirPods 3 are designed to be comfortable and easy to use, but if you find yourself struggling with the setup process or having difficulty connecting them to your device, it may be time for a reset. A simple reset can often fix minor connection issues as well as get rid of any old settings that may have been stored from previous devices. It’s important to make sure that you understand how the reset process works before attempting one so that you don’t accidentally delete any data or cause further problems.

Health and hygiene concerns. Resetting your AirPods 3 is also a great way to keep them clean and hygienic. This is especially true if they are being shared between multiple people or used in public environments like gyms or other places where germs can easily spread. By performing regular cleaning and resets, you can help ensure that your Airpods stay healthy and free from bacteria build-up which could lead to health complications down the line.

Battery life. One final thing to consider before resetting your AirPods 3 is battery life. If you notice an unexpected decrease in battery life after using them for a while then it’s possible that something has gone wrong internally with the pods themselves or perhaps there’s an issue with their connection settings causing energy drains over time. A reset should fix this problem if it exists, however it’s best practice not do this too often as regularly wiping all of their settings will impact their long-term performance over time.

  • Resetting your AirPods 3 will erase all saved preferences
  • Make sure you understand how the reset process works beforehand
  • It’s good practice for health & hygiene concerns
How to factory reset airpods 3

How to Factory Reset Airpods 3 using Apple Devices

Step 1: Initiating the Reset Process
To initiate a factory reset of your Airpods 3, you will first need to access the Bluetooth menu on your Apple device. This can typically be found by accessing the Settings app and navigating to the ‘Bluetooth’ section. It is important that you have either an iPhone or iPad with iOS 14 or later installed in order for this process to work correctly. Once you have located the Bluetooth menu, select ‘AirPods’ from within it. Here, you should notice a small icon with 3 dots at its top-right corner – tap this button and select “Forget Device” from within it in order to start initiating a hard reset of your Airpods 3.

Step 2: Removing Pairing Information
Once you have selected “Forget Device” from within Step 1, all pairing information between your Apple device and AirPods will now be removed automatically by iOS 14+. You may receive a warning message indicating that any data stored on these earphones may be lost during this process – however don’t worry as doing so does not affect any music which has already been synced onto them previously via iCloud services such as iTunes Match or Apple Music.

Step 3: Reconnecting & Verifying Your AirPods are Factory Resetted
Now that all pairing information has been successfully removed from both devices – it’s time to reconnect them together again! To do so simply press and hold down both volume buttons on each side of your headphones until their lights flash white rapidly (this indicates they are looking for new connections). Afterward, go back into Settings > Bluetooth > AirPods once more and re-select them when prompted (this should show up automatically). At lastly verify that they are connected correctly by playing some audio through them – if everything is working properly then congratulations! Your Airpods 3 are now completely factory resetted!

How to Factory Reset Airpods 3 using non-Apple devices

Starting the Factory Reset

If you’ve been using your AirPods 3 with a non-Apple device and feel like it’s time for a “fresh start,” a factory reset might be just what you need. Now, if you’re scratching your head wondering how that could even be possible, don’t worry! Just because your AirPods have that shiny Apple logo doesn’t mean they can’t play nice with other tech brands.

First things first, make sure your Airpods are fully charged. Then insert them into their charging case and close the lid – we’ll need them to stay put in there for this process. On the back of the case, find a button; it’s small but definitely not ornamental! This is what kickstarts our journey to resetting those pods.

Performing The Actual Reset

Now comes the fun part – actually performing the reset itself! With lightning-fast reflexes (or at least as much speed as pressing buttons requires) press and hold on to that button mentioned earlier while keeping an eye out on its LED light.

Watch closely – these lights aren’t going anywhere fancy like Times Square or Piccadilly Circus yet they’ll put up quite a show: Initially giving off white flashes before switching dramatically into amber streaks. That’s when you know it’s working; Your beloved airpods are on their way back to being brand new!

  • Note: Be patient during this stage because this process usually takes about fifteen seconds.
  • Extra Tip:The amber flashing means ‘reset mode’ has been activated!

Total success will only be confirmed once pairing is completed anew with any device of choice after opening up Bluetooth settings again.

Hopefully now all questions surrounding factory resets without stepping foot inside Apple territory have been cleared away right?

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