Sync is Currently Experiencing Problems on Gmail & WhatsApp

By John Adebimitan

If you have lost yet-to-backup data while experiencing this sync is currently experiencing problems issue, you would know just how annoying it can be.

Google apps are exciting as long as they are working. When account synchronization starts acting up with the sync is currently experiencing problems error message, it gets frustrating but you don’t have to panic.

We have compiled a list of working fixes for the sync is currently experiencing problems issue across different apps. We will be looking at how to fix this problem for Gmail and WhatsApp. Some of these fixes will work for other apps as well.

What Causes Sync is Currently Experiencing Problems on Apps

All Google apps rely on your Google account to function. Once your Google account won’t synchronize with your device, all related apps will show the “sync is currently experiencing problems” message. Files won’t update, emails get stuck, you won’t see your new Photos, and so on.

Sometimes, when only one app is experiencing this issue, it could be a result of a wrong setting. If you restricted background data on Google Play Services or denied it permission to access certain apps, this error message will pop up when you try to use any of those apps.

Something as simple as turning ON Power Saving could restrict sync.

While most sync issues are temporary and resolve themselves in minutes, some do not. Below is what you can do if you are experiencing this with Gmail and WhatsApp.

How to Fix “Sync Currently Experiencing Problems” on Gmail

Fix 1: Manually Sync Gmail

Try to sync your Gmail manually. Go to phone’s Settings >> Accounts >> click on the account you want to sync >> click on Account sync or Sync account and manually enable Gmail sync if it’s turned OFF.

Fix 2: Check Internet Connection

A poor internet connection can affect account synchronization. Test your internet connection by trying to load a website on Chrome, Firefox, or any other search engine you have on your Android phone. If it loads pretty quickly, there is likely nothing wrong with your internet connection.

Check if you are still getting the same error message. If it still pops up, check for account issues.

Fix 3: Check for Account Issues and Android Updates

Be sure your Gmail account does not have any issues of its own. Do this by signing in to your Google account using another device, maybe your computer’s browser. If you can sign in, your account is fine. So, check for Android updates.

To do that, go to your phone’s Settings >> Software Update or Settings >> System >> System Update to see if there are any available updates. If there is, update your device. This could fix the “sync is currently experiencing problems issue”.

Sync is Currently Experiencing Problems

Fix 4: Restart Device

As simple as this sounds, it has worked for many. Switch OFF your device, wait for one or two minutes, restart it, and check again. The issue might have been fixed.

Fix 5: Remove and Re-add your Gmail Account

To remove an account, go to your phone’s Settings >> Accounts or User & Accounts >> tap the account you want to remove and click Remove account.

To add it back, go back to your phone’s Settings >> Accounts or User & Accounts >> tap Add account at the bottom > tap Google to add your Google account.

Once you sign in with your Google account, everything associated with that account, mail, contacts, calendar, and so on, will automatically sync with your phone.

Follow whatever on-screen instruction that pops up. You may need to input your phone’s password, pattern, or PIN.

Fix 6: Factory Data Reset

This works every time but should be your last resort. Make sure you back up whatever could be lost before you do this.

Another thing you can do is ensure that Gmail sync settings in the Gmail app are turned ON. In the Gmail app, go to Settings >> Select your account and under Data Usage >> make sure Sync Gmail is enabled.

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How to Fix “Sync is Currently Experiencing Problems” on WhatsApp

Fix 1: Install App Updates

WhatsApp may not sync contacts if you haven’t installed its latest update. Sometimes a call to update message pops up on your screen the moment you open WhatsApp.

You can also just go to Google Play Store >> tap on your profile >> tap My apps and games >> Under the Updates tab; you will see apps with available updates. If you find WhatsApp on that list, tap the Update button beside it.

This could fix the WhatsApp “sync currently experiencing problems” issue.

Fix 2: Clear App Cache

Clear WhatsApp’s cache and data, as they could create a WhatsApp sync issue if they are corrupted. Go to Settings >> Apps >> WhatsApp >> Storage >> Clear Cache >> Tap Clear.

Fix 3: Turn Off Power Saving Mode 

Some who experienced this problem noticed that they had power saving turned on. 

If you are experiencing sync is currently experiencing problems on your WhatsApp account, all you might have to do to fix this is enable app permission for Contacts and a couple of other things. Go to Apps >> click WhatsApp >> Permissions >> enable all except call logs, phone, and SMS.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Won’t My Email Sync to My Phone?

This could be because of poor network connection, outdated email app, email sync is turned OFF, or because Android automatic sync data is turned off.

On the Gmail app, go to Settings >> click the account you want to sync and scroll down to data usage >> Under data usage, you’ll see Sync Gmail. Make sure the box is ticked to enable it.

Why is my Google Account Sync Disabled?

This could have happened mistakenly or as a result of a bug. To enable it, go to Settings >> Accounts >> scroll down to the bottom of the page and ensure that auto-sync data is turned ON.

Should Auto-Sync Be ON or OFF?

While turning OFF, auto sync will save your battery; your emails, contacts, photos, and other files won’t have any backup until you manually sync them to your Google account. At that time, you could lose them. With auto sync ON, you eliminate this risk, your data will be backed up to clouds, and you can retrieve them at any time.

How Do I Fix Gmail Sync Error on My Computer?

To fix the Gmail sync error on your computer, check connectivity to your email server, check your security/antivirus software, or remove your account and add it again.

It could also be because your account settings are out of date. Here is what you need to do to resolve this issue on your Windows 10 computer.

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