How to Fix the Google Play Services Requires an Action

By John Adebimitan

The “Google Play Services requires an action” notification you get on your android devices can be frustrating, as it seems like there is no proven way to have it solved or to clear the error on your phone. From having issues operating important apps on your phone to being unable to play games on your mobile phones, not clearing and fixing the “Google Play Services requires an action” notification can have an impact on the operation of your smartphone.

In this article, I try to show detailed ways to fix the “Google Play Services requires an action” notification, clear it and be able to use your phone seamlessly.

What is the “Google Play Services Requires an Action” notification?

The Google Play Services is responsible for the smooth operation of your smartphone, including ensuring that apps are up-to-date. If for some reason, you get the “Google Play Services Requires an Action” notification, chances are that the Google Play Services are outdated and need an update.

You’d also get this if there are issues with an app you are trying to install. In some cases, it’s either because the app wouldn’t work with your phone, the app doesn’t detect enough storage on the phone, the app continues failing installation, or the said app needs some information to completely install.

Inability to Sync

The most common cause and reason for the “Google Play Services Requires an Action” notification is an inability to access or sync your Gmail account with your Google Play Services. Every android phone needs to have an email attached to it to be able to access Google apps and services on the phone, and if you have deleted your Google account on the phone, you’d probably be seeing the “Google Play Services Requires an Action” notification.

Wrong Password

Another reason for this could be that the password attached to the Google account was recently changed, and it hasn’t been updated in the phone settings, resulting in the error notification. You also want to be sure of the last time the Gmail account synced with your phone, as this could cause issues with Google services.

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How to fix the “Google Play Services Requires an Action” notification?

There are a couple different ways to fix this issue. And mostly, we will be focusing on the Google Play Services app and the phone since these are the culprits when we have to deal with this issue most times. Here is how to fix this “Google Play Services Requires an Action” notification:

Restart the phone

This is the first thing we always recommend when people have to deal with this issue. Restarting your phone should be the first thing you do should your phone start misbehaving as it fixes most issues. Turn your phone OFF, leave it for around 5 minutes, and have it restarted, then see if the notification stops showing up.

Click to see recommended action

You should do this and follow the command prompt. The only time you should feel bothered by this notification is if it repeatedly shows up, but for many users, following the prompt and completing the recommended actions fix things and clears the error message. In some cases, we set our devices to not automatically update apps, in which case, the “Google Play Services Requires an Action” notification might be showing up just request us to complete the update of the Google Play Services or any other apps.

Check Google account

Check to ensure that your Google account is working properly. This will include logging in to the Gmail app on your phone to see if your Google account is accessible. It will also mean checking the accounts page on your phone settings app to be sure your Google account is still listed (you can delete and re-add the Google account). Since the Google account is mostly the cause, ensuring that its working fine is another thing we recommend.

Update the Google Play Services

Updating the Google Play Services is something you should try in an attempt to have this issue fixed. To do this, go to Settings >> select Apps & Notifications >> tap See All Apps >> scroll through and select Google Play Services >> scroll down and select App Details >> if there is either Update or Install, tap any of these.

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Clear app cache

You would also want to clear the app catch and data for the Google Play Services. To do this go to Settings >> select Apps & Notifications >> tap See All Apps >> scroll through and select Google Play Services >> select Storage >> tap on Clear Cache >> select Manage Space >> tap on Clear all Data >> turn your phone OFF for 5 minutes and restart

Changing the Google account

People can have more than one Google account. So try deleting the one in the phone now, add an entirely different one, and see if that works. If the new account works with the Google Play Services without issues, then chances are that the old Google account was the culprit.

Factory reset said phone

The next thing you would do if none of these works is a complete factory reset of your phone. This returns your phone to the state it was when you newly purchased it and should remove this and any glitches on the phone. To do this, go to Settings >> tap on System >> scroll down and select Reset >> tap on Reset Phone for a complete reset of all data and accounts on the phone.

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