How to Join 2b2t Priority Queue on Minecraft

By John Adebimitan

2b2t or 2builders2tools is a Minecraft server that encourages PvP vanilla survival gameplay. The server also promises a never-ending world and no rules. It is the oldest anarchy server in Minecraft, and one of the longest-running Minecraft servers. Their IP is

The first time I was faced with how to join 2b2t priority queue on Minecraft was when I got the “ connection time out: no further information” error when I was trying to connect to a server. This happened even when I have been connecting to the server regularly.

How to Join 2b2t Priority Queue on Minecraft

To join 2b2t priority queue on Minecraft:

Visit the Minecraft website by clicking here >> click Get Minecraft >> select the Java Edition >> Pay and progress through downloading and installing of the application >> after you have completed installation, you can now open the Launcher >> click on Installations >> select Version 1.12.2 >> click Play >> when the home screen comes up, select Multiplayer >> click Add Server >> type into the server address bar >> click Search >> select 2b2t from the list of servers (if you don’t find 2b2t, click refresh and see if it will come up on the list) >> wait on the queue. (often takes around 10 hours before you’re let in, but you can donate to 2b2t, and you’d be able to join the server faster  >> as soon as you get to the top of the queue, you should be let into the 2b2t server.

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Is the 2b2t Priority Queue worth it?

While the normal 2b2t queue could take hours upon hours to be able to join for most people, the company has created a way for anyone who doesn’t want to wait for up to 12 hours to join the server faster.

If you want to be able to join the server faster, you can donate to 2b2t, and you will get a priority queue status on your account. They require that you write your account name while checking that it’s free of errors.

From experience, I have friends who have been able to join in around 2 hours rather than 12 hours, so yes, the 2b2t Priority Queue is worth every penny. You’ll also be able to gift a priority queue to someone; you just need to enter their account name instead of yours when making a donation.

How to Survive On 2b2t?

2b2t is one of the most competitive Minecraft servers, so survival is one of the hardest for gamers. Many people on the server make use of hacked clients, which seems to be allowed and fairly common on the server. With a crazy Kill Aura, top Regeneration, X-Ray, Fly, and Autoclicker, you are ahead of many of the other players on the server. The only problem with this route is that after some time, the game starts to get really boring.

If you’d like to deal with the competition, though, 2b2t while being very competitive, can be fun to play without any backdoor tools.

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Why Do So Many People Play 2b2t?

Having to wait for 12 hours to join any server is far from what many of us expect, but many love the 2b2t server for being a zero-rules server. Basically, anything goes, people are rarely banned, and quite a lot of people have talked about getting hacked.

Another reason why there are so many people playing 2b2t is that some just love the anarchist gameplay, that of destroying other people’s hard work.

Others simply love the idea of building civilizations and monuments in a very unsettled world, and one of the most popular reasons is just the fact that 2b2t is a place of Minecraft history, politics, and culture.

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