How to Move Unmovable Apps to SD Cards

By John Adebimitan

Have you ever tried deleting some apps or movies from your phone or trying to back up your data to cloud services so that you can free up some space? Well, I certainly know I have. Smartphones these days come with internal storage of varying capacity.  

The good news is that many Android devices support microSD cards so that you can increase your storage capacity. This allows you to move apps and any other data from your phone to your SD card. Some apps can’t/ won’t be, though. So how do you move unmovable apps to SD cards?

Well, we’ve written this full guide to help you move unmovable apps to SD cards.

How to Move Unmovable Apps to SD Cards

To move unmovable apps to SD cards on your phone, you need to root your smartphone.

First, you’re going to need to download two free apps, but most importantly, your phone needs to be rooted. If your Android device isn’t rooted.

Here are five apps to root your device: Towel root, KingoRoot, iRoot, King Root, and FramaRoot. They are widely used and safe.

If you’ve rooted your phone, you can try the following:

  • Download and install AParted on Google Play store
  • Once that’s done, go to your app store and search for link2SD. Unmount and format your SD card as well.
  • Open AParted when you’re done. This app generates SD card partitions, and you’ll need two of them: one for your photographs, videos, and music, and the other for the apps you’ll be using with the SD card.
  • Add a new partition by tapping on the Add button at the top and selecting ‘fat32.’ Your usual data will be stored on this partition instead
  • Move the blue bar to the right to get the SD space you want. For example, leave your SD card at 30 GB if it’s a 32GB card.
  • Next, click the Add button and change this to ‘ext2’ instead of leaving it at fat32

This will be your app partition, and it will grow or shrink in size according to how many apps you link to your SD card. Use roughly 2GB if you don’t have any significant programs such as mobile games or social media like Snapchat. Then click Apply and OK. You’ll get a message that says “processing partition” in a pop-up window.

  • You will be prompted to select the file system for the second partition of your SD card once link2SD has finished partitioning your SD card
  • Select ext2 from the File Extension drop-down menu
  • Press OK, but before doing that, tick ‘don’t ask again
  • Then click on “Reboot device
  • Open Link2SD once more when your device has restarted.

Simply seek the programs you wish to move to your SD card and choose them. Next, see if you can find where it says the app is stored in the phone’s internal memory because moving apps isn’t possible on your phone. Finally, select ‘Link to SD card‘ and press OK. Afterward, the app(s) will be moved to the SD card.

After that, you’ll get a notification saying that the application has “linked and relocated files to the second partition of your SD card”. With this method, a small portion of a program will be copied to your SD card. About 60% of the time, this happens.

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Move unmovable Apps to SD Card on a Non-Rooted Phone

Some apps can’t be moved to your SD card because they’re too large. When attempting to move these apps to your SD card, the ‘move to SD‘ button is always unclickable. There are a few stages involved in moving unmovable apps to SD cards without rooting your phone.

  • Download and install APK editor
  • Open APK editor, click on ‘Select APK from app
  • Then, pick the app that you would like to move to the SD card from the list
  • Press Common edit
  • Choose your install location to be Prefer external
  • Just be patient, as this will take some time. You’ll know it’s finished when you get a notification that says “succeed
  • Next, delete the previous version of those apps
  • Then reinstall the newer version by selecting Install at the bottom of the APK editor
  • Check the settings to see if the app has been relocated to the SD card.

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Best Apps for Moving Apps to SD Card on Android

One thing every android user struggles with is storage. Unfortunately, it doesn’t matter how much space is on your phone; you’ll still find yourself needing more space later on. So here are some apps you can use to move apps to SD cards.

Apps 2 SD

With the free Android app Apps 2 SD (Move app 2 SD), you can easily move your apps to your SD card. There are numerous options available in this program for managing all of the apps currently installed on the phone.

Its biggest feature is that it asks you if you want to transfer an app to your SD card while installing it, saving you the trouble of doing so afterward.

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Move app to SD card

You can quickly move apps to your SD card by using the Move app to SD card, another top-rated Android app for this purpose. It allows you to move many apps to your SD card all at once.

AppMgr III (App 2 SD)

This app also allows you to move your apps to an SD card. Compared to other apps, AppMgr III has a cache cleaner, an incredible feature.

This program allows you to clear the app’s cache when it’s finished operating, which helps increase the app’s productivity.


Apart from allowing you to move numerous programs to your SD card at once, Link2SD also lets you clear the cache on those apps.

An innovative feature of this app allows you to move apps that are tough to move, using the “forceful app move” feature.

DS Super App2SD Lite

This is another great app that you can use to move apps to SD cards. It’s possible to uninstall, look at app details, mark something as “Do Not Move,” and more with this app. It appears that this program also allows you to move numerous apps at the same time. If necessary, the app’s settings can be accessed through the menu.

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How to Move Apps to SD Card on Huawei Phones

  • If your programs are using a lot of data, you will need a larger SD card. Insert it into your phone
  • Go to Settings >> then Apps >> Permissions >> and lastly Storage. This is where you’ll find a list of all the applications that have access to your storage space
  • Look for an app that’s using up a lot of space on your phone. Large games or productivity apps are more likely to fall into this category
  • Select Move to SD card

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