How to Remove a Hacker from My Phone – Block Hackers on Android and iPhone

By John Adebimitan

Everyone has either an android or an iPhone. This phone is inextricably linked to who we are. Everything we do leaves a trace on these devices, our location, what we do, watch or search online, or our plans.

Basically, our phone is like a digital summary of who we are, containing different juicy details. The downside to this is that such information can become dangerous if it falls into the wrong hands.

Phone hacking entails the unintentional download of malware that transmits real-time information about your activities. This data can be your login details, bank statements, and details, contact, etc. The simplest way to infect a phone is through malware.

In the article, I’ll be sharing tips on how to remove a hacker from my phone

How to Remove a Hacker from My Phone

To remove a hacker from your phone thoroughly check your phone for any malware and uninstall it. The hackers in your phone have unrestricted access to all your details. Uninstalling any malware you find will cut short their access to your phone. This will include files and applications you didn’t install or download and that looks suspicious.

App Permissions

Check all the app permissions on your phone. This will enable you to determine if any app is spying on you and anyone that needs modification. Any app that has access to your calls, messages, and camera but don’t have these as part of their core configuration are culprits to look out for.

Uninstall recently installed apps

Uninstall any dubious applications that you may have installed recently. One of those apps can be the means the hackers used to access your phone. Also, if you do a deep sweep of your phone, you may notice certain programs you did not install. Immediately remove them, as it might be the work of a hacker.

Get an antivirus app

Next, download and install good anti-virus software on your phone. This is a great way to remove a hacker from your phone. The application eliminates any suspicious activity and protects your phone from further threats.

Scan your phone for malware

Run a security scan. You can make use of the anti-virus software you installed. It is equipped with the ability to scan your device at intervals.

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Do a factory reset

Another method to remove a hacker from your phone is through a factory reset. You can do this if all other options fail.

How to Block Hackers from My Phone

Here are ways to block hackers from gaining access to your phone:

Protect your personal information

To protect your personal information, you can start with a minor step, hide your private data. Ensure your pictures and bank account details are tightly secured. Disable location services to ensure that no possible hacker can trace you.

Control your App Permissions

Most times, we do not manage the apps we permit on our phones. We are unaware of the repercussions of the functionality.

This makes the hacker’s accessibility to your phone easier as you’ve given all the apps you downloaded easy access to your contact, camera, location, etc.

We recommend reducing the apps you grant permission to your most frequently used and keep all others private. It’s straightforward yet critical.

Only Download Your Apps on Google Play Store and Apple App store

One of the most generic ways a hacker can access your phone is through a malicious third-party app download website, notably when a user creates an account using their email address.

To prevent any other attacks, only download apps from the Google play store and the Apple app store. While it is not entirely secure, it does have a significantly greater security requirement than other platforms.

Also, check the app’s reviews before downloading.

Use Passwords Wisely

Choose a password that is so unusual that even the best hacker will struggle to decode it. Do not use generic passwords like 1234, or your date of birth, or your name.

All this makes it easier for hackers to hack into your phone. Additionally, we recommend creating unique passwords for each app and using secure password managers to further protect your data privacy.

Remove any Unwanted Applications

We sometimes see some apps on the Google Play Store that we download. Although we don’t use them, they continue to occupy space on our phones.

Because the majority of these third-party apps are regarded as easy access to our private information, it’s critical to check your phone for unused apps once in a while. Once in a while, go through your phone and delete apps that you no longer use.

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How to Remove a Hacker from My iPhone – Top Tips

iPhones work differently from Androids. Sometimes it might seem like your phone is hacked when it isn’t. So unless your iPhone is jailbroken, it has not been compromised. However, one of your accounts or your iCloud may be compromised. This is possible if your login details are the same for several websites and you did not enable two-factor authentication.

  • Having recognized this, you can resolve the issue by changing your phone’s passwords. If by any chance your phone is jailbroken, use iTunes to reset it to factory settings and try not to jailbreak it again.
  • Once you’ve changed your passwords, check each account’s security settings and then enable the two-factor authentication.

Note: use a different password for each account.

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How to Know If Your Phone Is Being Hacked

One of the following is a clear sign that your phone is being hacked:

  • You see that your logs have been updated with new calls or messages: Hackers could be intercepting your SMS messages via an SMS Trojan. They can also be impersonating you to obtain personal information about your family and friends.
  • Your online records contain some abnormalities: When hackers have access to your phone, they will endeavor to gain access to important records.
  • Your phone operates at a slow rate: A compromised phone may cede complete control of its handling to the hacker’s hidden programs.
  • Your phone’s battery runs down easily: a phone having malware will generally deplete its charge rapidly.


Removing a hacker from my phone was a tricky process. However, keeping your phone safe is paramount. Adhere to these guidelines and change your password regularly.

If you’re sending your phone in for repair, turn OFF any apps that contain critical information. This will help you keep your phone secure from hackers.

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