How To Stream Nintendo Switch Without a Capture Card

By John Adebimitan

When the Nintendo Switch was released in early 2017, it took the gaming world by storm. Its versatility is unmatched because this tablet can be used as a home game console, or can be used as a portable gaming device.

However, because Nintendo Switch is currently one of the most popular gaming systems, users have always wanted to share their gaming adventure through interactive live streaming services. Unfortunately, the Nintendo Switch was not made to stream out-of-the-box like the Xbox and PS4. Most gamers use a capture card to stream Nintendo Switch.

Capture cards are expensive and our readers have been asking how to stream Nintendo Switch Without a capture card. This article will explore various ways to stream the Nintendo Switch on PC, Twitch, and YouTube; all without a capture card.

How to stream Nintendo Switch to PC without a capture card

Wondering how to stream Nintendo switch without a capture card? Feel free to use any of these two methods.

Use the Xbox One Console

To use this method, you will need the following:

  • An Xbox One Console
  • A PC or Laptop (Must be at least 8GB of RAM and Intel Core i5 4670 processor)
  • A Nintendo Switch Dock
  • HDMI cable
  • Good Internet
  • Streaming Apps like Xbox Console Companion for the PC

If you have all of these set:

  • Connect the switch to the Dock
  • Plug the HDMI cable with one end in the Dock and the other end in the Xbox console
  • Connect both the PC and console to your Internet. Make sure they are on the same Wi-Fi network so they can connect
  • On the Xbox console, open OneGuide (an App) or download it. It contains a visual tutorial of where to plug each cable.
  • Turn the Nintendo switch on.
  • Launch the Xbox Console Companion on your PC. Toggle the settings to bring your Switch screen on the app.
  • Enable microphone and camera access on the app. You may also customize the screen.
  • Finally, Click Stream on the Xbox Console Companion

Use the Streamlab OBS Software

To use this method, you need a very good internet connection in addition to the following:

  • A mobile phone
  • A tripod
  • The Streamlab OBS

These are the steps to follow:

  • Visit the Play Store from your phone to download and install Streamlabs OBS
  • Open the app and login into your preferred platform (the PC)
  • Allow Microphone and camera access for Streamlab App on your phone
  • Use the settings on the app to customize your layout
  • Go to the broadcast settings of the Streamlab app to set the resolution to 720p at a 2500 bitrate
  • Mount your phone on the tripod and set it to your best angle
  • On the Streamlab app, click start broadcast to start streaming

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How to stream Switch on Twitch without a capture card

Twitch is a live streaming service platform where you can stream just about anything, including games. Although streaming your game on this platform requires a capture card, downloading Streamlab applications remains one of the best alternatives.

  • On your device, download and install a Streamlab application (like Streamlab OBS)
  • Log into Twitch, the platform you’re planning to stream to
  • Allow microphone and camera access for the platform
  • When the Widget section appears on this live stream page, select a widget and if you want, add a customized text. When you are done, click on Next
  • Go to the Home Screen and click on Alert Profile
  • On the Broadcast section, choose the resolution
  • Position your Nintendo switch on a tripod
  • Click the red button below the screen to start streaming

The easiest way is to use an Xbox One console as mentioned above. Follow the same steps outlined above, but remember that on the Xbox Console Companion, Twitch will be the new preferred platform you’re streaming to.

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How to record Nintendo Switch with a PC no capture card

If you wish to share your gameplay on the Nintendo switch with your friends afterward, you need to record the gameplay. The easiest way to do this is to use the game’s built-in capturing tool. While it is free and effortless, it has a defect. You can’t record the gameplay for more than 30 seconds.

When playing your Nintendo Switch,

  • Press and hold the Capture button down. This button is the square button under the directional pad.
  • A long press will start the recording. When the 30 seconds is up, the recording will stop.
  • Go to the Album to view this recording.

If you want a longer recording, you need to buy a capture card.

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How to stream Nintendo Switch on YouTube without a capture card

From the information shared so far, the only two methods are:

  • Using the Xbox Console
  • Using a Streamlab App

Is there any connection option that is different from the ones highlighted above? No. The only thing you should keep in mind is the difference in your destination platform. The new platform you are streaming to in this case is YouTube.

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